Julius C. King and Aileen Hartley Family





Julius C. and Aileen Hartley King

George Leroy and Mary Elizabeth Varner Hartley Family
Back: Samuel Richard, George Benjamin, Edward Lee, Alma Lee, Leila Mae
Front: George H. , George Leroy and Mary Elizabeth
Photo about 1902


Julius C. and Aileen Hartley Family

Aileen Hartley was born November 26, 1914, to George Leroy and Mary Elizabeth Varner Hartley in Flora, MS. Her siblings included, Alma Lee, George Benjamin, Edward Lee, Leila Mae, Samuel Richard, Margie Louise, James Russell, Marvin Ashley and Rudolf (still born). She married Juliu C. "JC" King in 1933. JC was 25 and Aileen was 19. JC was born on March 27, 1908. They had a daughter, Helen Christine "Pete". JC died in 1987 at the age of 79. Aileen died in 1984 at the age of 69.

Julius C. served in the CBs during WWII. Click here to read an account of his service. Julius C. King.


Julius C. and Aileen Hartley King Family Gallery

Back: Mary Elizabeth Varner Hartley, Margie Louise (Oakes), James Russell "Buddy", and Marvin Ashley "Cootze"
Front: Aileen (King), George Leroy Hartley,. Parents and siblings of Aileen Hartley.
Picture taken in Clinton, MS, about 1916 .

Samuel Richard 9 (1896), George Benjamin 10 (1995), Edward Lee 7 (1898), George L. 41 (1863), Unknown girl 6 (1899), Unknown child 1 1/2 (1903), Mary Elizabeth “Betty” 28 (1876), maybe Mary Caroline Hartley Talley in back,
ca 1905. The two children in white dresses are a mystery. Their ages appear to match being young siblings of the boys, however the other children in the family does not match their ages. Maybe they are neices and nephews. Ages don't match grandchildren. Mary Caroline never had children.

Robert Benjamin Varner, maternal grandfather of Aileen Hartley
George L.Hartley, father of Aileen Hartley
Mary Elizabeth Varner Hartley, mother of Aileen Hartley
George L.Hartley, father of Aileen Hartley
Aileen, Jake, Helen King
J. C. and Aileen King
Margie & J. C. King
J. C. King, 12 or 13, Telegraph Boy supporting widowed mother
William and J. C. King
J. C. King, CBs
J. C. King,-WWII CBs
Aileen & J. C.King
James Hartley and sister Aileen & J. C. King
Aileen Hartley King (1914-84)
Aileen-King in front of Toggery Men’s store, Vicksburg, MS.
Aileen King. where is she?
Aileen King, probably a photo booth picture.
Aileen King
Aileen King. Where and When?
Aunt Aileen at Walgreens, how many of us remember her.
Aileen Hartley King
Pensive Aileen Hartley King
Aileen Hartley King
Aileen King, Belmont St
Helen King Young Girl
Helen King- Bridge
Helen King, which bridge?
Helen King,-boots & jeans
Helen King (teenager)
J. C. and- Helen King
Helen (Pete) King.
Aileen & Helen King
Aileen & Helen King
Mt. Olympus, Flora, MS, maybe school outing,
Leila Mae Hartley (1894-1953), photo from Mary Agnes Conrad
Sister of Aileen Hartley .
Leila Mae Hartley, about 1914
(1894-1953) (Restored by Mel Oakes)
Leila Mae Hartley (1894-1953), sister of Aileen Hartley
Leila Mae & Agnes Conrad at All Saints College, Vicksburg, MS, Leila however looks too young for this to be Agnes, maybe Leila
Rufus and Leila Mae Hartley Conrad, sister of Aileen Hartley
Rufus and Leila Mae Hartley Conrad
From Left: Ninnie, Rufus, Ada & Heber Conrad, (Brothers & Sisters)
Rufus Conrad, Ninnie Conrad Hartley, Heber Conrad, Ada Conrad Graham, (Brothers and Sisters), Ninnie was married to Aileen's brother Edward Lee Hartley.
Emily Ophelia Conrad-(Little-Grannie)-(1863-?). Rufus Conrad's mother. Namesake for Ninnie Ophelia Conrad Hartley.
Back:Mary Graham Hawkins & Ada Graham
Frt: Laura Hawkins & Emily Ophelia Jackson Conrad

Ninnie and Edward Lee Hartley, brother of Aileen Hartley.

Jones Conrad, Edward Lee Hartley(1898-1948)
& John Stegall

Ninnie & Edward. Lee Hartley
Ninnie Conrad Hartley & Ada Conrad Graham, sisters
Ninnie Ophelia Conrad Hartley
Odie and Ted Hartley, ca. 1939
Frances, Ninnie, Genevive, & Talmarie Hartley and Minnie Thornton Hartley
Minnie, E. L., Ninnie Ophelia Hartley/with George Leroy Mullins, & Frances Hartley Mullins,
(E. L. & Frances are brother & sister.)
2008 Conrad-Hartley Reunion
Alma Lee Hartley, (1892-1954). married Grady Matthews. Older sister of Aileen Hartly.
Alma Lee Hartley, Jean Matthews, her daughter said she made this graduation dress. ca 1910
Henry Grady Matthews, brother-in-law to Aileen Hartley
Henry Grady Matthews & and brother Charles G.
Henry Grady Matthews & Hill Store, Flora, MS
Henry was the store manager. ca 1920s
Mary Elizabeth Hartley & Aileen Hartley at Green Hall, All Saints College, Vicksburg. Mother and daughter..
Henry & Jean Matthews, Flora 1932
House in background is their overseer home on plantation
Oakes Auto Parts 1931, Chris Oakes, Marvin Hartley, Willaim Reed, James Hartley, (Dr), James C. Deason, Fred Oakes. Aileen Hartley's two brothers, James and Marvin are in this picture, along with her brother-in-law, Fred Oakes, husband of her sister, Margie Louise.
Bennie Hartley & Leona Bowman. Bennie was brother of Aileen Hartley.
Margie (3), James (2) Hartley. Sister and brother of Aileen Hartley.
Margie (3) & Jame s(2) Hartley, sister and brother of AileenHartley, gift from Frances Cronin, granddaughter of Ora Lee Hartley Hill who was a sister of George L. Hartley.
Alma Lee Hartley Matthews (1892-1954), sister of Aileen Hartley.

Margie Louise Hartley, age 21, All Saints College, Vicksburg, 1927
Sister of Aileen Hartley

Alma Lee Hartley Matthews and son William (Tete) Matthews
Sister of Aileen Hartley

George Benjamin Hartley, brother of Aileen Hartley
George Benjamin Hartley
Petrified Forest, Flora, MS. G. L. Hartley family lived in sight of the forest.
Marvin Ashley Hartley, brother of Aileen Hartley
Catherine Elizabeth Jones (1917-86), 2nd wife of Marvin Hartley
Downtown Flora, Mississippi, three years after Margie Louise Hartley Oakes was born.
Mary Elizabeth Varner Hartley Death Certificate. She was living with son, James Russell Hartley.