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This Yearbook was made available by Scott Erlandson, whose father, Paul Erlandson, worked for the Bureau during WWII and later became an outstanding industrial and academic physicist, obtaining many patents. The book was kindly scanned and the captions OCRed by the University of Texas Library to make names searchable. Special thanks to Colleen Lyon & Molly White for their help. A significant amount of work, however, is required to correct the OCR results, a task that I received the capable assistance of Lois Mallory. The exact yearbook can be downloaded in a searchable pdf format at the University of Texas link listed below. (ocr corrections are not in that version.) This version here, which contains corrections, is searchable in your browser. (Command+F on a Mac and Control+F on PC). As time permits I am also enhancing the photos.

There is an index of names at the end of the yearbook prepared with the invaluable help of Lois Holt Mallory. Index of Names



One remarkable aspect of the yearbook, which prompted me to make it available in searchable form, was the extraordinary number of African-American employees pictured. All group photos included identifications. Rarely have I seen this in other documents. It is my hope that families of these contributors to the war effort will find their parents, grandparents, relatives and friends. If you find this useful, I would very much appreciate your letting me know at the email below. In most cases only the given name initials are included, and I have discovered errors in their order in some entries. I would very much like to have full first names. The first names will greatly improve the ability to search the document on the web. I will add them as they come available. I am still seeking a personnel directory. If anyone is aware of one please contact me. The U.S. Census records can be of some use, but very time consuming. If you would like to help with this effort, please contact me.

Also please email corrections, questions and additions to: Mel Oakes: 

The pdf file is located at:

Acknowledgements: Many thanks to Scott Erlandson, Molly White (UT Physics Librarian), Collen E. Lyon (UT Scholarly Communications Librarian) and Lois Mallory for their invaluable help with this project. Sigurd Østrem was the first to find a relative, his great grandfather, Charles Edward Clutts. He kindly provided the first names.

Two additional physicist I discovered while creating the captions were Lyman Spitzer and Edward Gerjuoy. Spitzer was a celebrated astrophysicist at Princeton and was the director of Project Matterhorn, the first controlled fusion program in the U.S. Professor Edward Gerjuoy was a professor at Harvard University. He is a celebrated atomic physicist. He provided me the following comments,

" I spent WWII working on the physics of underwater sound, mainly in connection with submarine and anti-submarine warfare. Most of that WWII work was done while I was a member of the Sonar Analysis Group (SAG), which was located in the Empire State Building and was a subdivision of the Columbia University Division of War Research. The SAG was headed by Lyman Spitzer. My duties frequently took me to the Navy Dept. in D.C., however; indeed I spent the last year of the war fully located in D.C., with an office in the Navy submarine warfare division (whose formal designation I have forgotten). Thus, although you found the photo in a Bureau of Ships yearbook, I suspect that many of the people in the photo were associated with the U.S. Navy; certainly the photo's caption identifies a number of commissioned officers, and it well may be that other persons in the picture either were non-commissioned or worked with the named officers. The only officer in the photo whom I recall knowing is Roger Revelle, who was the Navy's liaison to the SAG; thus we spent many many hours together. I presume you know how to locate his family, but just in case that seemingly quite sound presumption is erroneous I'll remind you that Roger married into the Scripps family and, as such, exerted the major political pressure for founding the branch of the University of California at La Jolla. Indeed portions of the La Jolla UC branch bear his name and--if I am not mistaken--he was the first Chancellor of the La Jolla branch."—Edward Gerjuoy

The photo including Spitzer, Gerjuoy and Revelle is here.

History of Bureau of Ships

The United States Navy's Bureau of Ships (BuShips) was established by Congress on 20 June 1940, by a law which consolidated the functions of the Bureau of Construction and Repair (BuC&R) and the Bureau of Engineering (BuEng). The new bureau was to be headed by a chief and deputy-chief, one selected from the Engineering Corps (Marine Engineer) and the other from the Construction Corps (Naval Architect). The chief of the former Bureau of Engineering, Rear Admiral Samuel M. "Mike" Robinson, was named BuShips' first chief, while the former chief of the Bureau of Construction & Repair, Rear Admiral Alexander H. Van Keuren, was named as BuShips' first Deputy-Chief. The bureau's responsibilities included supervising the design, construction, conversion, procurement, maintenance, and repair of ships and other craft for the Navy; managing shipyards, repair facilities, laboratories, and shore stations; developing specifications for fuels and lubricants; and conducting salvage operations.




This Pictorial History is dedicated to the Military and Civilian Personnel of the Bureau of Ships who made possible the accomplishments of the United States fleet in World War II.

Six years have passed since that summer's day in June, 1940, when the Congress of the United States officially created the Navy's Bureau of Ships--six of the most fabulous, the most significant, the most incredible years, perhaps, in the history of the world.

Six years ago, the United States hoped to be able to stay out of war. Even with the fall of France, the evacuation from Dunkirk, and the devastating air blitz on England, the people of America continued to remain at peace, secured by two mighty ocean ramparts.

Five years later—by 1945—these same people of America had built military and naval forces bewildering in array, crushing in power, and mobile beyond the limits of earlier imagination. With an organization that came into being in June 1940, a fleet of 104,000 vessels and craft was produced. A navy that cast its weight over five oceans was brought into being during those five years at a cost of more than $30,000,000,000, involving the efforts of 1,000,000 workers and close to 6,000 Bureau of Ships’ personnel. Had anyone predicted the vast scope of this accomplishment back in 1940, he would have been considered insane. Today the achievement is still almost unbelievable to those who played major roles in the spectacular drama of American shipbuilding through five years of war.

This yearbook represents a pictorial record of part of the story of those years in terms of the great behind-the-lines battle for production that went on day after day and night after night in the Bureau of Ships, home office of the Navy's marine architects and engineers, production men and technicians, researchers and radio specialists. The story of the Bureau is the story of the drawing together, into one extraordinary production team, shipbuilders and industrialists, scientists and statisticians, administrators and artisans to the end that America would have a navy to strike fear in the hearts of any possible combination of enemies.

This epic of unparalleled naval expansion will long live in the minds of the American people as a tribute to the nation's capacity for production and cooperation. Never before has a nation so graphically demonstrated its ability to put its heart and soul into the forging of weapons for its own protection and for the establishment of order throughout the whole world.

We commend to you this story, to be kept in the background of your mind as you look at these pictures of people, of activities, and of the fleet.

7 December 1941






Vice Admiral, E. L. Cochrane USN, Chief of the Bureau of Ships

The umpire throws out the first ball.



Rear Admiral E. W. Mills, USN,
Assistant Chief, Bureau of Ships

Top: Admiral Mills takes Iwo Jima (with friends)*
*R. Adm. L. Denfeld, CoL. V. V. Whitney, Sec. Navy James V. Forrestal, R. Adm. Mills, Lt. Gen. Holland Smith

Bottom:The Assistant Chief takes a cut.


CHIEF OF THE BUREAU'S STAFF-(1. to r.) Commodore J. B. Dow, Capt. Lauman, Adm. Broshek, R. Adm. Brand, Capt. Roth, R. Adm. Kennedy, R. Adm. Wille, R. Adm. Mills, V. Adm. Cochrane.

Rear Admiral I. E. Bass, USN, Chairman Settlement Review Board


CODES 110, 130, 211, 212, 106, 120, 131, 100, 101, 105
First Row (L. to R.)-F. B. Melson, Lt. A. P. Brugge, Lt. J. S. Thomas, Lt. F. N. Pilling, Lt. J. K. Frazier, Capt. R. C. Williams, R. Adm. I. E. Bass, Capt. E. G. Kintner, Capt. H. G. Donald, Lt. C. D. Long, Lt. P. J. Strayer, Lt. J. K. Gill, Lt. W. B. Horstman. Second Row (L. to R.)-Lt. W. Blum Jr., B. Harrison, D. Fisher, Lt. (jg) J. E. Ruane, Ens. B. P. Johnston, M. A. Abucewicz, N. O. Carter, Ens. R. Keynton, M. McCorkel Y3-c, F. Cassidy, J. L. Pogue Yl-c. Third Row (L. to R.)-E. Daggett Y3-c, M. Knuth, D. M. Peterson Yl-c, K. Cooper Y2-c, S. Donaldson, R. V. Krebs Y2-c, F. Jamula Y3-c.

CODES 141, 142, 202, 203S, 204
Front Row (L. to R.)-Lt. Cdr. Wm. Hays, Ens. Wm. Randolph, Lt. P. Vanness, Lt. (jg) G. Graze, Lt. W. S. Thompson, R. K. Friedman, Lt. J. Carson, Lt. Wm. Barton. Second Row (L. to R.)-Lt. R. Bares Jr., Lt. J. T. Mathews, Lt. (jg) R. Potter, Lt. D. Dega, Lt. (jg) E. W. Tomlinson, P. Weiss, Lt. (jg) R. R. Mortimer. Third Row (L. to R.)-J. Archer, E. G. Long, Ens. E.McGonagle, L. R. Rocher Y3-c, I. Graves Y2·c, Lt. (jg) M. Farrell, Lt. Cdr. A. K. Ledig, L. Repp Y3-c, B. Kohler, M. O. Rouke, R. Wrsemrller, J. Hisey.


CODES 150, 151, 152, 152H, 154, 155, 156, 157, 159, 160, 161, 170 First Row (L. to R.)-Lt. G. Horn, Lt. E. Ross, Lt. R. Dixon, Lt. R. Thomas, Lt. Cdr. H. C. Westin, Lt. Cdr. L. T. Phelan, J, W. Wright, W. W Foshay, C. H. Stockton, Lt. Cdr. M. O. Damon, Lt. Cdr. F. Currie, Lt. (jg) F. Newman, Lt. V. Munroe. Second Row (L. to R)-F. B. Allen, D. Lowery, A. Stein, V. P. Brasier SI-c, G. E. Frost, E. L. Miller, Lt. D. A. Bennett, J. Whitbred, Lt. (jg) C. Porter, Lt. F. Floberg, E. W. Brennan, Lt. Cdr. E. Lee, Lt. H Howard, Lt. Cdr. E. Lora, C. S. Hyer, M. M. Grieser SI-c, Lt. P. M. Haynie, M. McMillan, Lt. R. Gammon~, A. Faulkner. Third Row (L. toR.) -A. Bresk Y3-c H. Snodgrass Y2-c, L. Carr, E. McMagony Y3-c, F. E. Cavin, P. Powell, A. Rach, O. Hoyt, M. H. Doty Y3-c, J. Lovering, N. Thydean SI-c, R. J. Kelley YI-c. Kneeling (L to R) -G. L. Gibbs SI-c, A. C. Swenson SI-c, S. J. Ashbee Sp (x)2-c, H. E. Boyd S1-c, E. Norwig YI-c.


CODE 244
First Row (L. to R.)-G. E. Parker (George E. Parker, born Boston, MA, 1899, married Addie E. Sobers, June 9, 1941), Wm. Mitchell, A. G. Hawkins, H. S. Scott, W. Black, T. D. Barnes, D. M. Carter, R. Jordan, J. Willis. Second Row (L. to R)-E. Wyer, V. Monteith, G. Silverstein, M. Heichelbech, Lt. J. W. Ruff, L. Smith, A. Abendschein, L. Cockerham, B. Putnam.



Top: Capt. E. E. Roth, USN.
Former Director of Administration
Lower right: Capt. L. T. Haugen, USN
Present Director of Administration

First Row (L to R.)-Cdr. C. H. Campbell, Capt. R. F. Yager, Capt. E. E. Roth, Lt. Cdr. Charles Edward Clutts. Second Row (L to R.) Lt. C. A. Howe, Lt. Cdr. T. W. Taylor, Lt. E. Stanton, Lt. J. S. Thomas, Lt. Kenneth Shaftan.

CODES 217, 220, 221, 222, 223, 224 First Row ( R.)-Lt. (jg) F. Terzo, Lt. A. J. Hofmann, Lt. J. E. Spellman, Lt. J. E. Rush, Cdr. C. H. Campbell, Lt. Cdr. J. W Appleton, Lt. R. E. Williams, Lt. G. Broussard, Lt. J. S. Rands, Ens. J. H. Ussery. Second Row (L. to R.)--C. Olsen Y3·c, Lt. (jg) A. K. Hobbs, Lt. I. H. Strauss, Lt. Cdr. K. Shaftan, Lt. R. S. Gammons, Lt. (jg) R. H. Ames, Lt. N. E. Carlson, Lt. R. E. Wright, Lt. J. C. Colfelder, D. Peeler, J. Lichtenstein Y2·c. Third Row (L to R)-F. S. Klem Y3·c, Ens. M. L. Eimers, Lt. (jg) M.A. Green, R. Elchynski, M. J. Hunt Y2·c, C. Bismark, R. M. Matthews SK3-c, S. Lloyd, Zara Bybee, Lt. (jg) D. Sulds, H. Marshall, D. Bambrick Y3-c. 20U

ADMINISTRATIVE DIVISION First Row ( R.)-Lt. E. Gorham, Lt. Cdr. A. K. Ledig, Lt. (jg) M. Farrell. Second Row(L. to R.)-Capt. E. E. Roth, Lt. (jg) Mullinax, Lt. (jg) F. Broughton, Ens. Walker, Lt. C. Howe

CODES 200, 200C, 201, 205, 247
First Row (L. to R.)-H. O'Neill YJ-c, Lt. J. Bunnell, L. C. Zarrelli YJ-c, A. B. Biggers, Capt. E. Roth, V. Golightly, M. P. Hare Y3-c, Lt. (jg) G. Mullinax, Lt. M. O. Poultney, Second Row (L. to R.)-M. Ransanici, F. Macierowski, C. E. Martin, Ens. L. F. Hanley, J. Hanson, Lt. (jg) F. C. Huhn, R. Newman, H. Vrabel, Lt. (jg) F. L. Broughton.

CODES 230, 235, 241, 246
First Row (L. to R.)-R. Feit, S. Dahlen, L. Patterson, J. Reskovac, Lt. E. Stanton, G. Hanna, G. Mason, D. Wilson, I. Parr, C. Somers. Second Row (L. to R.)-A. Mordhorst, B. Wilson, L. Dowe, E. Bardouche, E. Harmon, H. Westbrook, L. Robertson, R. Richardson, H. Keenan, F. Chite, S. Eklund, G. Davi.i. Third Row (L. to R.)-E. Spencer, M. Van Chieri, H. O'Bryan, V. Fague, L. Risdon, S. Christman, E. Harris, C. Harris, E. Erickson, O. Williams, J. Heine. Fourth Row (L. to R)-G. Frix, R. Seal, E. Ogden, D. Box, B. Updike, B. Williamson, C. Simpson, I. M. Simmons.

CODES 230, 235, 241, 246
Front Row (L. to R)-M. Terrill, H. Thompson, J. Schoenfeld, B. Templeton, R. Swiggard, B. McNally, Lt. E. Stanton, Lt. A. Frager, D. Berndt, M. Milbradt Y2-c, V. Eason, M. Weaver, D. Hamilton, L. Culver. Second Row (L. to R)-J. Warren, M. King, N. Small, M. Wilkerson, L. Lucas, M. Beverly, S. Sherman, M. Roeser, K. Cline, E. Moffitt, E. Rercy, E. Turner, S. Mack, Lt. (jg) D. Sterling. Third Row (L. to R)-A. Thomas, E. Noble, L. Thompson, C. Collins, L. Washington, B. McPherson, C. Johnson, D. Thomas, E. Toady, B. Younger.


CODES 231, 232 First Row (L. to R.)--J. Reynolds (maybe George J. Reynolds), M. Anderson, N. Thomas, V. Johnson, j. D. Pettis, J. E. Fisher, F. Porter, L. J. Syphax, D Parker, P. Scott, J. Foster, J. White. Second Row (L. to R.)--D. Robinson, E. White, E. C. Jenifer, J. M. Cooper, I. Reese, P Pleasant, L. B. Johnson, M. Ford, G. Williams, H. Shepherd, O. Kenney, I. G. Tyler (maybe Annie G. Tyler), M. V. Lee (Viola M. Lee), S. Ward, B. Hawkins, R. Lytle, M. Henderson, M. L. Fulwood. Third Row (L. to R.)--J. Goldie, E. Pettyjohn, A. Rollins, G. Evans, A. Turner, T. Freeman, E. Gibson, Nellie M. Odellas, C. Morris, M. Sawyer, E. Flemmings, E. Carpenter, M. Simon, D. Berger, Edna L. Conway, L. Whiting Fourth Row (L. to R.)-L. Evans, Z. O’Neal, V. G. R. Wilson, L. Clark, G. Cherry, M. Weaver, D. Kelly, B. Simmons, I. Ford. D Jeffries, A. Good, E. Jones, I. Robinson, M. Culberson, A. Snowden (maybe Martha A. Snowden Wilson), Lizzie Mae Diuguid (born 1920, married James Wesly Jones on January 17, 1946 in Lynchburg, VA, father: Walter Diuguid, mother: Nettie K. Harvey). Fifth Row (L. to R.)-F. Dent, E. Hayes, F. Ficklin, M. E. Sullivan, B. Timberlake, L. Young, A. Dalton, S. Russell, C. Bradley.

CODES 233, 234, 242, 245
Front Row (L. to R)-1. J, Mahan, R. Jennings, E. J. Connolly, H. R. Pennifi11, Sarah V, Higgs, Lt. E. Stanton, E. Erkkila, M. L. Moore, E. McDorman, Ens. J. C. Lingebach, M. C. Kilmer. Second Row (L to R.)-A. S. Cohen, E. M. Turner, N.C. Jetty, M. Downer, W. F. Banks, M. E. Lewis, D. B. Jordan, R. McRae, I. M. Brent, D. L. Brooks, G. E. Willis, O. M. Easterling. Third Row (L to R)~ Frances E. Hunter, R. Shaeffer, H. H. O'Krogly, A. L. Rice, I. P. Sobolewski, B. M. Ferguson, M. E. Ratliff, A. M. McCall, B. L. Tims, B. T. Jenkins, M. E. Ford.

CODE 243
Front Row (L to R)-M. Lassery, W Watson, L. W. Powell, L. Branch, J.D. Pettis, T E. Howse, J. E. Fisher, T. E. Lee, E. Whitted, C. Thomas, A. Wells, H. Wynn, M. Cosby. Second ~ow (L. to R)-E. Taylor, M. Reed, G. Gregory, D. Darden, B. Washington, A. Davis, R. Bailey, L. Wade, L. Benbow, D. Grant, C. Wilson, R. Crump, C. Thornton, M. Anderson. Third Row (L to R)-H. Russell, A. Herring, H. Parker, E. Meeds, B. Lindsay, J. Alston, V. Gill, A. Sutton, A. V. Hough, S. Friend, I. Tolson, L. White, E. Reid, E. Hosely, L. J. Smith. Fourth Row (LtoR)-M. Bundy, W. Jones, C. Glover, V. Greenfield, E. Beale, P. Smith, J. G. Johnson, H. Bullock.

CODES 248, 249
Front Row (L. to R.)-K. Arnell, M. Miller, M. A. Kalchik, M. Peter, L. Limpert, F. Morse, Lt. (jg) R. Brown, Lt. B. Smith, Lt. Edgar Stanton, Lt. (jg) M. Lutz, Lt. (jg) M. Withey, M. Thatcher, P. Hokanson, M. Duli, W. Spencer, B. Styles, M. Stoyanoff. Second Row (L. to R.)-B. Thurston, G. Gasiorek, C. Miller, E. Decko, D. Heiner, D. Shott, M. Moe, M. Allen, A. Franczak, B. Miller, R. Bernard, A. Pisanella. M. Morasch, N. Wertz, I. Hussey. Third Row (L. to R.)-B. Haddow, E. Francione, P. Kelso, H. Hicks, E. Bloom, I. Miller, J. Patterson, E. Radtke, M. Mayberry, A. Gray, L. Cooper.


CODE 250 First Row (L. to R.)-S. K. Meer SK3-c, M. M. Trumble, Lt. C. A. Kroch, Lt. Cdr. O. E. Fang, Lt. Cdr. Charles Edward Clutts, Lt. C. C. Crookshank, J. H. Clark, R. J Jones. Second Row ( R.)-H. Hyatt, S. Cohen, E. R. Twedt SK3-c, M. Brown, M. Benoy, D. E. Word Y3-c, L. J. Ketdel Y3·c, P. J. Folz Y3-c, A. C. Daubert Sl-c, M. Hodge Y3-c, Ens. S. H. Atkinson, M. M. Knipp Y3-c. Third Row (L. to R.)-G. Woodward, N. Woodley, M. S. McCormack Sl-c, Ens. C. R. Close, B. E. Yizell Y3-c, J. C. Humansky Y3-c, M. V. Shaw Y3-c, L. King, F. Wemhoff, M. Stombock, H Retterath, M. Allers.

CODE 243
Front Row (L. to R.)-L. White, C. Nicholson, F. Miller, J.D. Pettis, T. E. Howse, J. E. Fisher, W. Ross, C. Leak, W. Watkins, B. Short, C. W. Jackson. Second Row (L to R.)-R. M. Johnson, R. Kinney, Y. Sealey, C. Moore, M. Brown, M. Samuels, E. Warren, H. Berry, S. Jones, L. Witherspoon. Third Row (L, to R.)-R. Green, C. Coates, E. Dark, E. Moran, L. Dodson, H. Thompson, A. Anderson, G. M. Pringle, C. L. Weldon, M. Granville, J. Beatty, L. Baskerville, C. Lewis. Fourth Row (L. to R.)-D. Jones, O. Hazelwood, T. Moore, C. Proctor, F. Patterson, D. Grahzm, C. Estep, L. O'Neal, V. Clark, M, Benoit, D. Saunders, U. Alexander.

CODE 256
Front Row (L. to R.)-D. Duffy, A. M. Blatcher, J. Klie, Lt. Gorham, M. F. Krause, M. E. Gaffney, E. E. Horner, M. Dav1s. Second Row (L. to R.)-N. Arant, P. R. Gomberg, M. Young, M. Ham, D. Hurst, L. Bryce, E. Dagaett, B. Altman, L. Grant, C. Ellison, S. Hathaway. Third Row (L. to R.)-M. L. Jolivet, R. Linderoth, S. Callahan, B. Cox, H. Isaksen, M. Johnson, A. Bultemeyer.

CODE 256
Front Row (L. to R.)-R. Jewell, H. Kandt, B. Senter, M.S. McCormack, Lt. Gorham, Ens. Salisburr, L. C. Rosenthal, L. Withers, L. Josephkovitz, L. C. Zarrelli. Second Row (L. to R.)-H. O'Neill, M. Suth, M. Ober, J. Miller, N. TeSelle, M. Marr, H. Trimmer, B. J. Brown. Third Row (L. to R.)-D. Smith, D. Rossi, R. Spivey, D. Stafford, G. F. Maloney, A. Svehla, R. Martin, K. M. Montagu

CODES 255, 257, 258, 259
Front Row (L. to R.)-Lt. A. H; Aronson, Lt. Cdr. H. B. O'Neill, Lt. (jg) E. M. Cassidy, Lt. J. W. Purcell, Lt. C. F. Watkins, Cdr. L. W. Morrow, Cap. R. F. Yager, Lt. Cdr. W. T. Simmons, Lt. W. L. Browne, Lt. (jg) A. E. Vaurio, Lt. J. J. Brown, Lt. (jg) M. E. Childs, Lt. (jg) A. KnolL. Second Row (L. to R.)-Lt. (jg) M. W. Grenander, Lt. (jg) M. K. Hendrix, Ens. M. Blevins, H B. Thayer, M. lnzeo Y3-c, C. Stinebiser Y3-c, M. B. Vaughn, M. Parker ¥3-c, K. Koch Y2·c, J. Sullivan, J. Meade, V. Wilson, F. Supplee, N. Fellows, M. Cleland, G. Huff, M. Hetrick. Third Row (L. to R.)-Lt. Cdr. J, Blogg, F. L. Murphy, J. Clark, O. Tiner Y2-c, S. Wiggers, M. Dunn, K. Rouse, M. Dalecki SI-c, M. Gindorff, M. Baier Y2-c, W. Remski Yl-c, M. Wall Y 3-c.


Front Row (L. to R.)-S. Straus, P. Meyer, M. Pringle, A. Eikelberg, A. Wagner, R. Newman, A. Kleiter, L. Mitchell, J. Senger, S. Rye, W. Brundage, B. Wamsley, O. Dye, A. Taylor, L. Neuman. Second Row (L. to R.)-F. Ramirez, M. Wise, E. Richmond, M. Statti, M. Ransanici, R. Robinson, V. Welch, F. Macierowski, M. Rowan, M. Perkins, L. Phillips, B. Simms, D. Maloney, H. Pokomo, D. Gaines. Third Row (L. to R.)-W. Tyler, B. Mack, H. Stacey, M. Hunt, D. Rand, V. Catts, H. Pfister, A. Ptdgeon, E. Tasman, I. Pfister, N Prudhomme, B. L. Smith, C. Schonhoff, J. Quinley.

CODE 265S Front Row (L. to R.)-L. Boswell, A. Jackson, E. McNeill, A. Gambini, G. Davenport, W. Fletcher, L. Michell, L. Danford, A. Lillie, A. Kleiter, A. Foster, M. Bushrod, J. Kirby, V. Welch. Second Row (L. to R.)-J. Bloedell, C. Cenmello, F. Loftin, C. Golding, V. Golightly, D. Harris, R. Gosey, M. Joyner, A. Corriveau, S. Lamb, J. Anderson, A. DemonJa. Thtrd Row (L. to R.)-E. Larra­bee, J. Davis, H. Lawson, J Hanson, V. Granville, T. Barzottini, B. J. Goss, E. Barrus, L. Holub, J. Carr, C. Cato.


CODE 265
Front Row (L. to R.)-H. Werthmann, M. Davey, E. Hill, D. LaBonte, D. Bain, E. Crouch, A. Whearty, L. Mitchell, A. Carton, A. Kleiter, J. Mosher, R. McLaughlin, M. Sever, G. Snyder, E. Wolcott, H. Wendt. Second Row (L. to R.)-R. Kaminski, H. Vrabel, A. M. Bratt, M. Baney, D. Nordberg, M. Cantwell, M. Angelides, B. Potts, M. Campbell, A. Stone, M. Lord, L. Branch, E. Eagles, L. Beaver, M. Midyett. Third Row (L. to R.)-M. Bartolomeo, W. Smith, A. Schrock, M. Matsick, A. Leverette, P. Sloan, B. Peters, J. Symanski, J. Thomas, E. Chermack, M. Brandimarte, V. Welch, A. Tate, R. Proctor. Fourth Row (L. to R.)-M. Brown, G. Hurt, V. Meyer, M. Smothers, B. Jackson, C. M. Ables, Q. Johnson, B. McKellar. L. Copeland, P. Irvine, C. Hudson, E. Kenner, M. Murray. Fifth Row (L. to R.)-E. Shellman, L. R. Leggett, C. Davis, N. Langley, L. Doan, H. Garvin, V. Adams.

CODES 260, 261, 261A, 261B, 261C, 261F, 262, 263, 264, 266, 267, 268
Front Row (L. to R)-A. Warfel Y2·c, L. Mo, E. White, L. Schilling, Lt. L. D. Mc(:ord, B. N. Hastings, J.Fordyce, Elmer Seger, T. W. Taylor (Lr. Cdr.), Lt. C. Paris, Lt. C. Gilfix, J. T. Oliver, Lt. D. W. Hall, Lt. W. J. Schofield, D. Johnson, V. Perrygo, H. Strohkarch, V. Bowden. Second Row (L. to R)-M. Stephens, L. Olson, B. Eddy, A. Honabach, D. Johnson, S. Martin, B. J. Read, F. Owens, M. T. Russ, M. B. Rornem, A. Elavsky, B. Beam, B. Adams. Third Row (L to R)-S. Besant, C. Sperduto, S. Harris, J. Williams, L. Reinmuth, M. Dues, M. Mink, G. Beach, P. Harris, B. Robert, C. Akin, H. Walker, E. Salo, R. Burnham, D. Masters, A. Duff, R. Parkin, M. Felton, M. ShulL. Fourth Row (L. to R.)- O. Maddox, J. Harper, R. Cloud, F. Richards, M. Dorsey, C. Braun, C. Barr, V. Slatton, H. Doerr, L. LaFave, M. Nichols, M.A. Wright, F. Shepherd, J. Bell, F. Ballard, V. Milhon, P. Lepley, S. Coder. Fifth Row (L. to R)-G. Kron, B. Fowier, L. Moller, G. Dowdy, M. Alter, L. Diekmeier, J. Kirchoff, M. J. Carter.


Codes 252, 251C
Lt. (jg) M. E. Ziegnhagen, M. T. Fries L2-c, A. F. Rodocker, D. O’Neil, Lt. D. H. Ihrig

Code 200
First Row (l. to R.)-M. Hare Y2-c, S. Crumb, Lt. (jg) G. Mollinax, Second Row (L. to R. ) -Capt. E. E. Roth, I. Fabing Y3-c, Lt (jg) F. Broughton, Ens. B. Walker, Lt. C. A. Howe


Top: Capt. P. G. Lauman, USN,
Former Fiscal Director

Bottom right: Capt. P. G. Lauman, USN,
Former Fiscal Director

(L. to R.)-Capt. Aldridge, Capt. Lauman, Cdr. MacKay.

CODES 272, 274, 275, 275A, 275B, 275C
Front Row (L. to R.)-M. Salerno, H. Taltavull, L. Butts, R. Cross, Cap. E. T. Aldridge, Cap. P. G. Lauman, Lt. V. V. Peters, P. Gleason, W. Devine, A. J. G. Babel, Second Row (L. to R.)-E. Odell, R. Feldman, E. Rhame, L. Tmcher, M. Lancaster, E. Gorman, E. McLain, L. Debiasi, G. Hughes, M. Foster, M. Kelley, M. Johnson. Third Row (L. t.o R.)-M. VanLoon, R. Mulany, A. Steffen, K. Dawson, M. Woodruff, E. Devine, H. Lawson, V. Bennett, D. Halverson, F. Dandridge, N. Soger.

CODES 270, 271, 273, 277, 279, 281, 282
Front Row (L. to R.)-F. Back, D. O Gable, D. C. Beale, Lt. Cdr. H. M. Packard, Cdr. H. Mackay, Cap. P. G. Lauman, Lt. Cdr. W. C. Baber, J. L. Brown, H. B. Felker, E. Storts. Second Row (L. to R.)-L. Hungate, M. J. Arsenault SK3-c, M. J. Coveny, V. Edmunds, F. Riggins, E. Hill, A. Januszewski, E. Job, V. Chaput, E. Grawey, H. Fairs, E. Garrison, L. Shea. Third Row (L, to R.)­R. Burnham, V. Granville, A. Evans, A. Haar, S. Locke, M. Smalley, M. Theiss, H. Strange, F. Vaillancourt, L. McClain, H. Wendt Y3-c. Fourth Row (L. to R.)--C. C. Cabot, R. P. Crabbe, B. S. Merelman, E. Larabee, G. Lloyd, J. Mundy, M. McGlynn, F. Burdette, H W. Boteler, J. E. Steadman.



R. Adm. C. L. Brand, USN. Assistant Chief of Bureau for Ships Design and Shipbuilding.



Top:R.Adm. T. A. Solberg, USN,
Director of Research

Bottom: SHIPBUILDING DIVISION STAFF-(1st row L. to R.) R. Adm. Solberg, R. Adm. Brand, Capt. Lee; (2nd row L. to R.) Capt. Sylvester, Capt. Kniskern, Capt. McKee, Capt. Dalton.

CODES 330B, 335
First Row (L. to R)-T. M. Hemphill, E. H. Westerfield, A. B. Czachurski, J. J. Doherty, Lt. Cdr. P. S. Johnson, Capt. W. C. Wagner, Lt. Cdr. W. R. Fuller, Lt. Cdr. J. W. McCloskey, S. E. McCrary, Lt. J. A. Lyon, Lt. (jg) D. M. Fleming, G. C. Harding. Second Row (L. toR. )-A. Cuervo, B. Mitchell, F. Robinson, L. Qutermous, L. Teller, D. Sterling, L. Lowther, M. Harris, T. Rubenstein, M. Gangelhoff, W. Turner, E. Fones, M. B. Corrick, M. McGarry, L. Jackson. Third Row (L. to R.)-Lt. R. G. Mueller, Lt. (jg) V. F. Saitta, M. Henoch, M. A. Ford, P. M. Terlizzi, Lt. H. C. Roberts, Lt. S. F. Wilbur, J. B. Alfers, L. E. Sieffert, P. A. Klinkert, A. L. VanEmden, E. F. Seaman.

CODES 330, 337, 339, 350A, 330C

First Row (L. to R.)-M. Heflin, N. S. Benton, J B. Lunsford, Cdr. V. E Mallory, Cdr. J. C. Radford, Cdr. R. B. Jones, Lt. O. Otteson. Lt. (jg) K. M. O'Fallon, A. Mater. Second Row (L to R.)-P. Kinney, C. Dennis, T. Bernfeld, K. Brunswick Y2-c, L. Dittmann, Ens. M. J Bloom, J. MacGregor, F. M. Green, Lt. N. B. Long. Third Row (L. to R.)-M. E. Vance Y2-c, M. L. Houghten, R. Engel, T. Davis, I. M. Miller, N. H Heathcote, M. Feece, Ens. J. L. Keen, B. Wright.


CODES 334, 338
First Row (L. to R)-Ens. R. C. Madden, Lt. A. H. Schilling, Lt. R. L. Adams, Lt. Cdr. A. T. Scott, Capt. R. V. Kleinschmidt, Lt. Cdr. E. G. Touceda, Lt. L. H. Travis, Lt. J. E. Day, Lt. Cdr. W. H. Bitner. Second Row (L. to R)-1. W. Windom, Lt. (jg) B. A. Lepper, M. Hann. M. L. Gnam, A. MacQuarrie, G. G. Walker, F. L. Garnett ¥2-c, A. Cooley, M. C. High, M. Y. Chavez Y3-c, W. H. Bailey, J. W. Jenkins. Third Row (L. to R)-V. V. Hurley, S. A. Shimer, Lt. A. London, F. W. Fisher, R. E. Wiley, F . L. Benscoter, Lt. B. O. Brouk, J. L. Strandell, Lt. F. R. Steckel, H. J. Toner, Lt. L. B. Sykes, G. A. Pleam, Lt. C.. L. Renker, Lt. R. T. Gross, J. W. Talley, VV. N. MacGowan, A. A. Amorosi.


CODE 357
First Row (L. to R)-J. Grisby, E. Olson, L. Wright, M. O'Dom, F. M. Gantt, Cdr. R. L DeGroff, Lt. M.S. Higham, H. Kmezich, N. Atkinson, E. Holzinger Y3-c, P. Jackson. Second Row (L. to R)-R. Devere Sl-c, H Arthur Y3-c, E. Mundell, C. Bollman, R. Carlson, M. McGeehan, B. Gleason, H. Hausmann, R. Hooton, M. Waller. Third Row (L. to R)-M. Williams Y3-c, P. Valenti Y3-c, A. VanBriggle, A. Johnson, A. Rutledge, J. Pino, A. Warwick Y3-c, E. Bassett, B. Benzow, E. Soltis, M. Dye, P. Davis, E. Footen, L. Goldenberg. Fourth Row (L to R)-M. Haskin, L. Hubbell, J. McCormick, A. Danaghev, D. Lakata, M. Logan, M. Walker, Mary E. Nickens, B. Sanders, S. Livesay Sl-c, R. Cohen Y3-c.

CODES 330, 330A, 331, 336, 341
Front Row (L. to R)-Lt. S. Hough, A. K. Ramsey, E. K. Tyler, Lt. Cdr. A. E. Lee, Capt. W. C. Latrobe, Cdr. A. E. MacGee, Maj. R. C. Crone, Lt. Cdr. H F. Galindo, Lt. R. H. Pruitt. Second Row (L. to R.)-Lt. W. P. Whitlock III, M. Venglosky, M. L. Stacy, O. Woghmuth, L. Dierkoph, A. M. Essetf, B. Briggs, R. Johnson, A. Rice, B. Taylor, V. R. Caperton, C. Kasp, D. Seger. Third Row (L. to R)-Lt. A. Lewis, Lt. F. A.Christiansen, E. A. Bukzin, L. Mishler, J. P. Costello, E. M. Lynch, J. H Chilcote, W. M. Lawall, Lt. C. Hamilton, Lt. P. L. LaTour. Fourth Row (L. to R)-Harry Fleisher, R. W. Webster, Lt. ,H L. Bottemiller, J. G. Kuenzel, R. E. Harmon, D.P. Graham, T. A. Werkenthin.

CODES 332, 333
First Row (L. to R)-Lt. Cdr. J. H. Christoph, ~Lt. D. R. Embody, E. Rassman, Lt. Cdr. R. M. Langer, Lt. Cdr. E. W. Cannon, Capt. A. W. Colledge, Cdr. W. H. Cre1ghton, K. C. R1pley, J. D. Mayer, Lt. C. M. N1cholson, Lt. R. Winch, Lt. H. L. Hamilton. Second Row (L. to R.)-M. M. Bunch, M. Ferguson, E. Poteet, M. Robinson, D. Cone, G. Lazear, C. Rhoder M Mohler E Frey L Cerenzia, Lt. (jg) M. G. DuVal, M. R. Landers, R. Saunders, M. Ho!lins. Third Row (L. to R)-Lt. C. 'M. Mottley, H. W. Boehly, E. Hansen, D. Albr1ght, C. Flynn, E. Angle, A. Chandler, H. O. O'Ne1ll, D. Allcock, R. B. Henderson, Lt. W. C. Jacob

CODE 342
First Row (L to R.)-Lt. H. Hotz Jr., Cdr. C. Bittinger, V. O'Brien Y2-c, S. Disston Sp(X)2-c.
Second Row (L to R)-William F. Walter, A. E. Schmalz, T. M. Clark Sp(X)3-c, S. Kagy Sp(X) 1-c.


Capt. L. A. Kniskern, USN,
Director of Ship Design


CODES 400, 401, 402, 403, 420, 440

First Row (L. to R.)-Lt. Cdr. D. B. Rives, Cdr. C. H. Gerlach, Cdr. R. L. Evans, Cdr. E. C. Holtzworth, Capt. L. A. Kniskern, Capt. L. McKee, Cdr. G. A. Andrews, Cdr. J. J. Fee, Cdr. E. R. Tilburne, Lt. Cdr. B. M. Wolf. Second Row (L. to R.)-G. A. Dankers, Z. M. Cradduck, M. J. Brown Y3·c, J. Carr, Lt. (jg) C. L. Kirsch, Ens. E. F. Carrigan, R. DiMartino, A. G. Barricklow, N. Reeveley Y3-c, L. J. Day, M. Coile, K. R. Lovell, D. J. Andrich. Third Row (L. to R.)-Lt. C. W. Olds, W. Mostow, E. I. Mohle, W. J. Armstrong, O. H. Oakley, Lt. R. A. Danse, Lt. E. F. Gardner, T. H. Sarchin, C. Stuelsken, Lt. P. I. Brown. Fourth Row (L. to R.) J. C. Niedermair, C. C. Gager, Lt. R. B. Wyatt, P. K. Thurston, H. P. Cochrane, C. F. Ksanda.

CODES 445, 447G, 447H, 4471, 447J, 447K
First Row (L. to R.)-J. S. Mears, C. Heyward, H. Talbott, H. C. Roberts, A. P. Cameron Jr., Lt. Cdr. J. G. Miller, Capt. C. M. Dalton, Cdr. L. Hausmann, M. R. Hawchildt, A. Lehrer, W. B. Newton, C. H. Chevallaz. Second Row (L. to R.)-I. Plotkin, C. H. Reuwer, H. H. Dow, F. S. Snow, T. F. Jones, E. E. Steinert, E. T. Mallyck, E. S. Cigledy, W. V. Nalls, W. A. Adams. ·Third Row ( R.)-S. K. Zasada, E. A. Kerr, H. G. Phillips, B. L. Price, Z. B. Griffin, E. J. Haag, W. E. Reines, V. M. Lisowski, M. D. Duplinsky, H. M. Minchew, W. H. McGuire, P. Lesser. Fourth Row (L. to R.)-J. R. McGown, J. D. Gutmann, V. E. Galloway, H. A. Reid, E. Levi, R. M. Rosenberg, R. V. Vittucci, C. S. Moore, W. J. Evans, M. C. Merfa.

CODES 456, 459
First Row (L. to R.)-A. J. Easter· Sr., W. E. Stoutamyer, A. W. Fischer, L. K. Losee, Lt. A. Shreeves, Lt. Cdr. L. R. Glosten, Cdr. C. J. Palmer, Lt. W. A. Koch, W. M. Heise~, B. Adler, L. M. DeLand, J. Valentino, L. R. Blair. Second Row (L. to R.)-L. A. Fried, T. Soo-Hoo, P. M. Stephenson, U. Spadetti, V. J. lmpellitteri, F. Allen, C. S. Moore, C. L. Wright Jr., A. B. Chen, S. Shapiro, D. H. Fisher, G. M. Boatwright, S. B. Crosby, R. L. Hutchings. Third Row (L. to R.)--S. R. Major, R. S. Welch, M. E. Swan SI-c, L. Gracely, D. M. Younkers, E. K. C. Fellows, F. R. Dowling, D. L. Peery, L. Dimpfl, W. D. Rummig, E. Johnson, H. Hitchcock. Fourth Row (L. to R.)-P. Pokodner, K. H. Christensen, C. D. Anderson, R. Yaw, F. B. Miller, B. B. Madsen, I. E. Strobel, M. N. McKnight.

CODE 451
First Row (L. to R.)-A. L. Parks, B. Smith, T. Steinhilber, Clarence Springer, A. K. Heimer, R. B. Woltf, L. W. Klopfer, C. B. Hober, J. L. Coon, W. W. Kinsinger, H. M. Dixon Jr. Second Row (L. to R.)-H. G. Marshall, A. J. Horn, H. J. SchlaikJer, M. Palko, C. Yantis, E. Cadwallader, A. Scott, M. Bateman, W. Dietrich, W. B. Koons, J. R. Koemg, W. Stearman, R. J. LeSage, J. Carrte, N. V. Coyle.

CODES 447A, 447B, 447C, 447D, 447E, 447F
First Row (L. to R.)-D. E. Hare, B. Kay, L. C. Glenn, T. R. Hagner, W. E. French, M. St. Denis, F. G. Corkum, M. T. Watson, G. E. Sieker, L. W. Ferris, D. J. Barry, W. A. Campbell, A. A. Smith, S, J. Street, M.A. Fisher. Second Row (L. to R.)-P. J. Hanlon, George E. Sullivan, E. T. Tomasik, R. W. Venable, L. G. Cyr, H . E. Zieg, J. R. ,Harrison Jr., M.S. Noe, B. Metelak, P. S. Bowers, W. G. Houck, L. P. Winnemore, Y. G. Yee, J. McVay, R. R. Aluise, N.H. Leavitt. Third Row (L. to R.)-J. I. Breickner, J.D. Perry, J. A. VanDoren, R. T. Moore, A. Scheiner, I. Klein, Sol Saul Cooper, A.M. Johnson, E. Schroeder, H. Endelman.

CODES 448, 449
First Row (L. to R.)-J. E. Crux, M. Ratowsky, G. F. Fonger, W. L. Harrison, T. E. Cassey, F. L. Richardson, C. O. Vermillion, B. G. Brann, W. L. Born, G. A. Hoover. Second Row (L. to R.)-H. B. Smith, L. B. Fernstrom, P.M. Allwine, M. A. Cook, M. Eddingfield, V. L. Buckelew, R. B. Holmes, L. M, Clough, P. A. Callahan, B. A. Bruce, C. A. French, L. L. Pruitt. Third Row (L. toR.)­F. C. Castagna, S. D'Elicio, P. F. Farler, H. A. Prescher, G. E. Todd, J. M. Allwine, R. J. Hanrahan, C. E. Murphy, M. F. Drain, M. Fontaine. Fourth Row (L. to R.)-F. S. Tannenbaum, J. A. Sanguinetti, F. D. Kirchoff, A. B. Mesny, S. O. Carroll, D. A. Long, R. M. Goodenow.





Top: R.Adm. J. J. Broshek, USN,
S.Former Assistant Chief of
Bureau for Ship Maintenance

Bottom right: R.Adm. S. S. Kennedy, USN,
Present Assistant Chief of
Bureau for Ship Maintenance

Seated-R. Adm. J. J. Broshek. Standing ( P. F. Lee, Capt. W. R. Dowd, Capt. H. H. Smith, Capt. H. G. Donald, Capt. R. W. Bruser, Capt. B. E. Manseau.


CODES 800, 300, 3800A, 801, 806, 807, 880, 881, 882, 883, 884
Front Row (L. to R.)--C. G. Emmett, Lt. B. Koteen, Cdr. H. V. Briner, Capt. C. C. Anderson, Capt. H. H. Smith, Capt. H. G. Donald, R. Adm. J. J. Broshek, Capt. R. W. Bruner, Capt. B. E. Manseau, Lt. Cdr. C. M. Hart, M. J. Foran, H. Krapp, Lt. I. C. Kimball, Lt. A. W. Mott. Second Row (L. to R.)-Lt. D. G. Anstett, T. Moore, B. Manpir, L. Pfeifle, Lt. (jg) R. Talvan, A. G. Williams. Third Row (L. to R.)-L. Ricucci, M. Howard, M. Laycock, M. L. Thomas, H. Mikelsen, J. Hudgins Y3-c, Lt. (jg) K. Olson, B. Buchanan, W. L. Stevens, M. Greenwald, Lt. H. Nellans

Materials Branch

Capt. R. A. Dowd, USN
Head of Materials Branch


CODES 1800, 1825, 1932, 1933
First Row (L. to R.)-Lt. O'Brien, Lt. Irwin, Lt. Cdr. Rogg, Lt. Cdr. Shapiro, Capt. Bowers, Capt. VonKieeck, Lt. Smith, Lt. Egge, Lt. Butler, Lt. Cook. Second Row (L. to R.)-H. Buckles, L. Saarikoski, B. Stanton, J. Morrison, R. Monreal, L. Kreitzburger. L. Thomas, F. Mulcahy, B. Bawolek, M. Davis, A. Kirke. Third Row (L. to R.)-Lt. Carter, Lt. Duncan, Lt. Bonsall, Lt. Hunt, Lt. Ball, Lt. Cdr. Spigel, Lt. Davisson.


CODES 1826, 1827
First Row (L. to R.)-Ens. H. Horne, Lt. L. K. Grulee, Lt. H. A. Kaiser, Lt. (jg) M. Rubey. Second Row (L. to R.)-H. Lancaster, G. Jarchow, M. Zett Y2-c, M. Cook Y3-c, J. Senger, J. M. Coleman, M. Taylor, O. Anstutz Y3-c, F. Ferguson Y2-c, L. Schotts, M. J. Forney, D. Bein Y3-c~ Third Row (L. to R.)-E. Sloan, H. J. Fadden, L. Rempel Y3-c, M. Boswell, B. Trapp Y2-c, M. Reily, C. Stewart, W. Coltrane, T. Peck, O. Brimmer, F. Crisp YI-c, F. Grier.

CODE 1828 First Row (L. to R.)-M. Paris, B. L. Scacewater, W. T Liesegang, E. C. Walker, W. C. Mcintosh, A. L. Pfaff, F. L. Warren. Second Row (L. to R.)-G. B. Nuerenberg, A. D. Hurst, E. A. Ashby, H. Roberts, C. Stuckenschneider, J. E. Miller, J. Probst, B. J. Goss, L. E. Bushinski, J. T. Brown, B. Blevins, M. Miller, C. McLaughlin, L. BlackwelL. Third Row (L. to R)-F. Dieleman, W. E. Graham, J. W. Swanton, I. R. Kanatzar, F. C. Franz, R. R. Grauman, M. J. Walsh, J. D. Cobb, D. R. Buchanan, A. N. Kremer, H. C. Litchfield, M. Patchan.


CODES 1831, 1834, 1835, 1836
First Row (L. to R.)-Lt. J. A. Sheeham Lt T H Tudor. Cdr. R. M. Boaz, Capt. R. Keith, Capt. F. B. Avery, Capt. G. L. Shane Lt. M. R. Feinberg, Lt. H. B. Reid. Second Row (L. to R.)-Lt. (jg) R. B. McIntosh, L. I. Christian, F. Houghtby SK 3-c, M. Steele Y1c, G. W. Luessenhop, P. Broughton Y2c, E. S. Bardeen, C. Magyar, E A. Tolson, L. D. Boone, Lt. R. L. Gastineau, Third Row (L. to R.)-L. A. Nathan, C. B. Hudgins, A. G. Williams Jr., H. M. Neuhasu, H. P. Steele, H. T. Thirkell.

CODES 1840 thru 1847
First Row (L. to R.)-Lt. (jg) J. L. Noyes, Lt. Cdr. M. C. Mundell, Lt. W. B. Hoddinott, Jr., Lt. (jg) V. S. Muti, Lt. F. Fencl, Lt. Cdr. W. Kennedy, Lt. Cdr. A. L. Lundy Jr., Lt. G. H. Payne, Lt. B. P. Pearse, Lt. (jg) J. Babin, Lt. T. H. Murray, Lt. (jg) G. S. Ford, Lt.
S. G. Burritt. Second Row (L. to R.)-M. A. Oltmanns Y2-c, L. Campbell, M. Servey Y2-c, A. Jung Y3-c, E. Reilly SK2-c, K. Bibus, M. Byrnes SK2-c, M. Carson, B. Stanton Y1-c, P. Broughton Y2-c, H. Barker Y1-c, E. Toner Yl-c, H. Kozimor Y2-c, M. Owings CY, A. O' Brien, D. Riddle. Third Row (L. to R.)-H. Herr, G. Miles, M. Owen, F. Makowiecki Y2-c, B. Butler, R. Andognini, G. Trout,
A. Snipes, M. Lucas, J. Beeton, S. Marshall, E. Mark. Fourth Row (L. to R.)-W. W. Whaley, W. H. Franklin, E, Gaffield, M. Campbell, E. Harrison, G. Starks, V. Mize, E. Watters, J. Deligans, G. Kvapil.

CODES 1850, 1852, 1853, 1854
First R~w (L. to R.)-L. Pierce, G. Turpin, Lt. Ain, Capt. E. H. Still, H. Callahan, V. Nardi, J. Cummings. Second Row (L. to R.)-J. Heiland, M. Blangero, M. Gaspard, M. Francis, N. Routt, I. Phelan, M. Merelman, E. Williams, E. Reilly. Third Row (L. to R.)­F. Zakrzewski, A. Burnett.

CODE 1851
First Row (L. to R.)-M. A. Dodson, R. B. Wells, J. M. Miller, G.McMines, F. G. Barwick, A. B. Ray, J. W. Rettew, M. B. Fairchild, E. I. Pfeil, H. B. Swain. Second Row (L. to R.)-J. E. Twist, J. Allan Y1·c, M. Garbarino Sp (X) 2-c, L. D. Reynolds, L. Pizzirusso, A. G. Kenney, D. Eastin, L. Miller, D. Bowers, B. E. Rule, I. F. Stoner, J. Kettlewell, A. Kitchura, R. Blass. Third Row (L. to R.)­D. Oaks, R. P. Bard, D. T. Bartlett, F. Dunwiddie, L. Wagner, A. Lakind, C. Kopp, A. McDaniel, E. L. Pope, M.S. Anderson, I. B. Chase, E. Turner, G. L. Petrides, H. B. Collins. Fourth Row (L. to R.)-S. M. Rodgers, E. M. Smart, B. J. Sampley, O. Ritter, M. P. Hackney, D. Waid, B. L. Manis, M. L. Bzura, M. Greenawalt, M. McCray, A. Cox

CODE 1855, 1856, 1857, 1858, 1859
First Row (L. to R.)-Lt. Calbert, Lt. Barnes, Lt. Bain, Lt. Miller, Lt. Ferriday, Lt. Sharkey, Lt. Norris, Lt. Neal, Lt. Edmonson, Lt. Shipley, Lt. Popp. Second Row (L. to R.)-E. Marchman, Keenan, R. Morgan, Miller, R. Valla, B. Loser, Baumgarten, H. Butts, M. Azevedo, V. Albin. Third Row (L. to R.)-B. Quackenbush, M. Carnvale, E. Butcher, R. Nolan, E. Brown, M. Rush, L. Shew, E. Nolte, N. Wittnam, H Kozimor, A. Stevenson. Fourth Row (L. to RJ-Lemmon, Loder, E. Diekmeier, G. Johnson, Paire, I. Xander, Wooley.

CODES 1860, 1861, 1862, 1863, 1865
Front Row (L. to R.)-Lt. J. R. Farrell, Lt. (jg) H. LeClaire, Lt. R. B. Stotz, Lt. Cdr. C. H. Bartlett, Cdr. H. A. Henry, Lt. Cdr. J. K. McAffee, Lt. (jg) T. E. Canfield, Lt. L. M. Bernstein, Lt. W. W. Shipley. Second Row (L. to R.)-E. Burke, A. Carr, L. Lassow, S. Ogurak Sl·c, E. Crabb,L Barbee, W. Gibbs, M. Flynn Sl·c, J. Broderick, L. Janelle Sl·c, E. Hope, K. Scoville. Third Row (L. to R.)-M. G. Hughes, B. O'Neil, G. Mansell, O. Ray Y2·c, M. Pellegrino, I. Miller Y2-c, L. Easter SK3-c, M. Summers, L. Barter Y3-c, R. Thrasher, D. Wilson, M. R. Griffra, F. Dodge.

First Row (L. to R.)-L. Wilson, J. Adams, H. Jameson, C. Brackett, Lt. J. S. England, George Rice, V. Russell, M. Molick. Second Row (L. to R.)-S. Gilbert, B. Bontz, E. Turner,· I. Poindexter, R. McCullough, J. Potocki, E. ·Elton, J. McMahan, L. Snodgrass, M. Howe, N Doran Y3-c, K. Wells, B. Miller K. Gaughan. Third Row (L. to R.)-1. Mann, L. Spivey, L. Gluck S1-c, L. Meredith, M. Queen, E. Marshall, C. Riley, M. Brown, L. Sears SK3-c, A. Naylor Y2-c, J. Yukish.

First Row (L. to R.)-M. O. Williams, Lt. H. E. King,Lt. S. A. Shry, Lt. (jg) R. W. Marshall, L. S. Brown Jr. Second Row (L. to R.)-M. Lucas SK3-c, B. M. Sheets SI-c, I. B. Norstog, G. Lovelace, N. L. Gilbert, T. W. Anderson SI-c C. A. Walsh SI-c M. C. Pflum SK2-c, R. H. Gilde.a Y2-c, G. H. Burke. Third Row (L. to R)-C. Linkins, J. L. Schmitt Y3-c: D. M. Clendenen: L. Clark, A. B. Yeates, M. Maraash SK3-c, C. Yates, J. B. Story SI-c, G. Ttkotsky

CODES 1874, 1875
Front Row (L. to R.)-H. Mcintyre, Jr., D. C. Worley, E. W. Gaffield, E. A. Curtis, Lt. B. A. Rhoades, Jr., Lt. L. R. Awtrey, Lt. Cdr. P. R. Larimer, Lt. Cdr. R. F. Schumacher, Lt. R. F. Hogan, Lt. (jg) E. G. Patten, I. E. Stolberg, W. J. Reilly, G. L. Kvapil, R. B. Martinson. Second Row (L. to R.)-J. M. Martyn, W. C. Marsh, V. L. Mize, O. A. Zadoretsky, C. R. Kvapil, H. C. Blumenthal, C. L. Davis, D. M. Maloney, M. E. Lanham, A. E. Poloway, L. H. Williams, R. R, Horwitz, K. B. Wilson, J. M. Miller, D. A. Bifulk, F. L. Hurt, P.M. Francis, D. J. Bilquist, H. M. Fortier. Third Row (L. to R.)-A. L. Bierhals, G. R. Nocnan, L. R. Johnson, A. G. Green, H. L. Swartz, V. G. King, H. W. Smith, L. V. Prescott • M. M. McCarthy, R. Partain, M. E. McFadden, R. O. Krouse. Fourth Row (L. to R.)-K. M. Adams, M. F. Weidenbener, M. B. MCCann, G. A. Borkowski, M. M. Irwin, G. A. Amundson, J. T. Morris, E. V. Beck, F. H. Ingram, N. C. Blanton, M. F. Clarke, M. R. Hooper


CODES 1867, 1867A. 1868, 1869
Front Row (L to R.)-M. Crawford, H. Butts, D. Shade, W. Moore, APC B. B. Burr, Lt. K. R. Giddens, Lt. E. C. Ferriday, Lt. H. C.
Holland, Lt. M. G. Low.., E. Dery. Second Row (L. to R.)-J. Ciesla, E. Hoffeld, J. Guthrie, M. Earle, M. J. Maffeo, G. McKel!han, A. Pollidore, A. Hughl!s, C. Palma, G. Davis, S. Jones, F. Lethbridge, L. Reilly, V. Kluk. Third Row (L. to R.)-M. Crahan, E. Handler, F. Linneman, L. Levich, V. Bieber, V. Persson, R. Hall, M. Miller, R. Johnson, G. Hornick, E. Phillips, L. Midolo, E. J. Banes.

CODES 1874, 1875
First Row (L. to R.)-W. G. Ellis, B. T. Washington, Lt. (jg) M. E. Feeney, Lt. F. L. Hill, Ens. E. S. Leovy, Lt. B. A. Rhoades Jr., Lt. Cdr. P. R. Larimer, Lt. Cdr. R. F. Schumacher, Lt. E. J. Pope, Lt. E. A. Oberhuber, Lt. C. D. Gull, W. J. Reilly, C. L. Hardin Jr. Second Row (L. to R.)-A. N. Gustafson, R. M. Moller, I. E. Downey, L. Thomas, E. M. Essex, F. E. Myers, J. Gundy, C. L. Murphy, E. V. Delp, O. L. Prater, M. J. Higgins, D. C. Carr, Clara M. Fate, H. D. Strong. Third Row (L. to R.)-A. S. Johnson, A. A. Johnson, B. E. Nodier, M. E. McCullough, M. L. Moore, A. C. Joyce, R. M. Ruhl, N. B. Smith, E. M. Fuldner, L. C. O'Neill, M. L. Lee, B. G. Sharpe, R. G. Green. Fourth Row (L. to R.)-L. E. Cannon, J. M. Miller, H. V. Taylor, M. C. Koetting, M. Lawrence, K. AbeL. C. Danford, D. E. Dugdale, R. B. Hooper, F. M. Raines.


CODE 1877
First Row (L. to R.)-J. D. Bell, Lt. (jg) B. A. Beeland, Lt. (jg) V. E. Pearson, Lt. L. N. Dorsett Cdr G. E. Peterson, Lt. F. Muller Jr., Ens. M. R. Sullivan, Lt. (jg) N. A. Bercaw, G. M. Miller. Second Row (L. to R.) A. M. Laicher, P. A. Simone,S1-c, E. Rinaldi S1-c, M. Z. Lewis, L. F. Pendergrass, L. R. Dunn, L. T. Klosterman SK3-c R. E. Zimmerman S1-c, H. I. Floyd, E. B. Bradford, T. M. Kidwell, C. B. Green, B. J. Drahos Y2-c, R. R. McCoy. Third Row (L. to R.) A. L. Pokomo, M. M. Donato, A. A. Griel, B. J. Fenske, A. K. Bell, E. Marx Y3-c, L. Smith, F. Milner, A. A. Johnson, A. B Moses, L. M. Burnett, E. M. Slaughter. Fourth Row (L. to R. M. M. Stankavich, I.M. Gunning Y3-c, F. L. Lanham, V. M. Mellwood, C. W. Howie, M. J. Noorman, J. O. Farley Y3-c, N.C. Twiss, H. A. Wemhoff.

CODE 1878
First Row (L. ot R)-Ens. J. Driscoll, Ens. M. Lynch, Ens. B. Fincke, Lt. W. McMaster, Lt. H. Olson, Cdr. G. Robillard, Lt. H. Hogan, Lt. W. Hansard, Lt. W. Visnius, Lt. (jg) H: Diers, Lt. (jg) N. Austin. Second Row (L. to R.)-N. Joseph, E. Marshall, C. Godwin, R. Marchildon Sl·c, M. Bauer Y2-c, L. Rammer, A. Slattery, K. Blevins, I. Yost, L. Melink, V. Bruns, J. Poppe!, D. Toomer, H. Shalett. Third Row (L. to R.)-Lt. G. Farquharson, Lt, H. Bergs, M. Meyers SI-c, M. Alsen Y3·c, M. Mitchell, J. Kapuscik Y2·c, C. Cohen Y3-c, S. Snowberger, B. Terrell, Lt. (jg) J. Maley, Ens. H. Klinkenberg. Fourth Row (L. to R.)-A. Boyle, V. Niagro, Lt. J. Powers, Lt. H. Litchfield, Lt. A. Cocke, Ens. G. Potus, R. Woody.


Ship-Technical Branch


First Row (L. to R.)-Capt. R. L. Rowan (58L9). Capt. F. L. Tedder (5820), Capt. P. F. Lee (5800), R. Adm. C. L. Brand 300), Capt. E. W. Sylvester (5805), Capt. R. A. Awtrey (5806), Capt. W. P. Mowatt (5818). Second Row (L. to R.)-Lt. Cdr. E. B. Coulter (5816), Capt. F. W. Walton (5803), Capt. F. Slaven (5813), Capt. G. C. Weaver (5815), Capt. F. A. Edwards (5814), Cdr. N. W. Edson (5800), Cdr. D. M. Coffee (5817), Cdr. J. W. Row (5812)

Capt. P. F. Lee, USN
Head Ship-Technical Branch.

CODES 5800, 5806, 6I2, 5820
First Row (L. to R.)-Lt. Cdr. E. D. Patterson, Lt. Cdr. C. Brook, Cdr. R. J. Sumner; Lt. Cdr. N. W. Edson, Cpt. R. A. Awtrey, Capt. E. W. Sylvester, Capt. F. W. Walton, Cdr. J. A. Guard, Lt. J. L. Weller, Lt. E. H. Tumpson. Second Row (L. to R.)-H. A. Holzer Y2-c, M. Madie, L. F. Verssen Y3-c, F. Wisniewski, M. W. Gatewood, B. B. Zulick, A. V. Myers Y3-c, R. Hanbury, R. Waugerman, E. Bozic SI-c, E. B. Hall, R. S. Templeton, H. J. Gilbert. Third Row (L. to R.)-W. M. Coward, J, L. Maguire, J. L. Lynch, Lt. D. H. White, Lt. (jg) J. M. Carney, Lt. (jg) H. R. Miles, Lt. J. O'Flaherty, L. Williams, I. Tobin, D. Jones, F. Dunn.

CODE 5814
First Row (L. to R.)-Lt. F. X. Passmore, Lt. R. W. Clements, Lt. Cdr. R. L. Skone, Cdr. R. B. Madden, Lt. Cdr. E. G. Thorin, Capt. F. A. Edwards, Capt. E. E. Paro. Lt. Cdr. J. W. Price, Lt. H. C. Downer, Lt. Cdr. K. H. Beeson. Second Row (L. to R.)-Lt. E. P. Hubbell, M. Jones, J. Jurgensen SI-c, M. Carroll, P. Davison, C. Lucas, E. Moller, S. Brown Y3-c, B. Bailey Y3-c, M. Longacre, R. Shedd, I. Wagner, Lt. J. V. Levy. Thtrd Row (L. to R.)--C. Hamtlton, L. Marfist SI-c, E. Elstad, J. Dickson, P. Gregg, A. Niessen, G. Lair, E. Doty, M. Waterbury Y3-c, M. Earle, P. MitchelL. Fourth Row (L. to R.)-J. S. Miller, F. J. Oliver, L. N. Willman, S. Pinn Jr., T. W. Headrick, B. H. Marcy, P. T. Burton, G. B. Estes, J. P. Jordan Jr. 62L

CODE 5812
First Row (L. to R.)-Lt. Cdr. W. S. Ginn, Lt. J. D. Joslin, Cdr. E. G. Kintner Jr., Cdr. J. E. Halligan, Cdr. J. W. Roe, Cdr. R. C. Gazlay, Lt. Cdr. R. W. Cromie, Lt. N.J. Landry, Lt. K. W. Miller. Second Row (L. to R.)-D. L. Wallin Y2-c, H. M. Boyda SK2-c, E. W. Salsbury, P. M. Whitehead, M. Doan,P. E. Clark, J. E. Jeffrey, J. Walker Y3-c, M. E. Huesmann Yl-c, M. F. Rasmussen SI-c, G. M. Brooks, P. I. Forsythe. Third Row (L. to R).-J. E. Poulos, H. L. Lowe, H. J. lsted, H. F. Sipe, M. F. Dinneen, G. B. Ward, F. Phillips, M. Rabineau, S. J. Levine.


CODES 5811, 5813
Front Row (L. to R)-Lt. K. Shoemaker, Lt. (jg) L. Minevitch, Lt. Cdr. W. H. Kordt, Cdr. H. A. Fravel, Capt. F. W. Slaven, Cdr. A. C. Veasey, Lt. Wm. J. Rivers. Second Row (L. to R.)-L. M. Howard, S. Cohen, I. Malin, L. V. Cummings, N. Swartz Y3-c, C. E. Fites Y3-c, M. E. Goldsberry Y3-c, E. Glenn, M. H. Simmons, M. M. Bell, B. L. Lefler. Third Row (L. to R)-H. L. Miller, B. F. Treat, C. W. Avery, R. W. Barrett, J, P. Cushman, R. A. Miller, J. R. Harris.


CODES 5815, 5818
First Row (L. to R)-Lt. (jg) H. J. LeTart, Lt. (jg) S.C. Partel, Lt. G. N. Bolton, Lt. W. A. Stiles, Capt. G. C. Weaver, Cdr. G. W. Underwood, Cdr. R. V. Gregory, Cdr. J. L. Wisenbaker, Lt. J. M. Burnham, Lt. (jg) M. Z. Seborer. Second Row (L. to R)-Lt. (jg) A.M. Arceneaux, M. J. Sidener Y3-c, P. R. Delfner, Lt. (jg) J. N. Bolton, J. M. Town, R. A. Dooley, A. B. Teeter Y3-c, M. E. Hasson Y3-c, M. M. Tibbits, L. D. Garrett, S. M. Weinberger, I. Garnjobst Yl-c. Third Row (L. to R.) E. C. Smith, L. Nelson, M. Chazin, Lt. A. T. Loew, E. L. Winslow, Lt. W. B. Tate, Lt. C. R. Stockhus, Lt. (jg) W. S. Symonds, J. F. Conley, Lt. C. C. Garrett, G. J. H. Sausele, W. J. Cartin.


CODE 5816
Front Row (L. to R.)-Lt. Cd~. C. M. Cox, Lt. Cdr. F. G. Hubeny, Lt. (jg) W. R. Winkler, Lt. Cdr. D. E. Thompson, Capt. J. C. Lester, Lt. F. J. Crowley, Lt. (Jg) J. E. Butler, Lt. Cdr. G. V. Reynolds, Lt. H. H. Vanaman. Second Row (L. to R.)-J. Wilkes, E. Sundquist, J. Linderman, R. Sullivan, N. Behan, E. Bailey, M. Clelan Y3-c, B. Plummer Y2-c, R. Riley Y3-c, R. L. Rudder, f Frigione, N. Munger, S. A. Peters. Third Row (L. to R.)-J. Courtner, L. A. Mason, L. C. Ellis, Lt. Cdr. Wm. B. Steedman, Lt. A. B. Potter, Lt. Cdr. R, L. D. Davidson, Lt. (jg) F. W. Koenen, S. Christenfeld, J. C. Wilson, W. C. KarL.

CODE 5817
First Row (L. to R.)-Lt. M.G. Zeigler, Lt. G. G. Burner, Lt. E. S. Stem, Cdr. R. W. Schurr, Cdr. P. H. Brady, Capt. C. L. Waters, Capt. L. Anderson, Cdr. D. M. Coffee, Lt. A. B. Kurz, Lt. R. S. Lunn, Lt. C. H. Steiling. Second Row (L. to R.)-Lt. (jg) M. S. McComb, M. K. Oney, F. L. Wilcoxen Y3-c, M.G. Collins Y3-c, S. J. Mitke Y3-c, F. A. Guelden Y3-c, B. M. Parks, M. R. Petavine, M. A. Corum YI-c, D. Kreycik, R. A. Mullen, M. G. Diehl Y3-c, Ens. E. E. Petitfils, S. Rubinsky. Third Row (L. to R.)-L. H. Fryer, J. R. Wichman, J. M. Lewit, W. Bowes, V.I. Caprin, N. L. Fay Y3-c, M. K. Henkles Y3-c, R. F. Nebehay YI-c, Lt. (jg) M. E. Griffith, H. M. Ault, F. D. Johnston, W. J. Blackwood, T. M. Ramsey;. Fourth Row (L. to R.)-S. C. Rubinstein, W. W. Manville, C. P. Yeomans, H H. Haire, W. S. Pullen Jr., C. G. Kramer, J. O. Buck Jr., J, H. Purcell, R. N. S. Arnesen, W. E. Carroll.


CODE 5817
First Row (L. to R.)-Lt. D. L. Fincher, Lt. Cdr. J. B. Edwards, Cdr. W. E. Baranowski, Cdr. P. H. Brady, Capt. C. L. Waters, Capt. L. Anderson, Cdr. F. Ronne, Cdr. E. B. Howell, Lt. Cdr. R. D. Ballantyne, Lt. J. L. Spencer, Lt. L. A. Stapleton, Lt. G. P. Zimmer. Second Row (L. to R.)-H. Schwartz, S. A. Weinberger, E. S. Smith SI-c, J. Hartman, S. I. Rhine, E. A. Ball SI-c, O. M. Kasouf, D. L. Drew Y3-c, M. Hochderlfer, D. E. Turner, N. J. Dippold, L. F. Sauer Y3-c, V. S. Davis SK3-c, G. M. Lardier Y3-c, N. M. Donn Y2-c, L. E. Hiner Y2-c, G. W. Teackle, L. Wexler, R. C. Holweck. Third Row (L. to R)-Lt. P. J. Fritsch, J. M. Morris Y3-c, S. R. Gerson Y3-c, B. B. Lennon Y3-c, A. M. Freese, E. A. Hurrell, M. M. St. Louis, E. L. Rammer, J. Roberts, Ens. C. T. Harden, L. J. Andrew S2-c, Lt. L. J. Clark, Lt. G. R. Runke. Fourth Row (L. to R.)-T. E. Myers, F. R. Manning, E. R. Bouvier, Q. Ruiter, B. G. Mooney, A. A. Abernethy, C. B. Frye, W N. Ewing, K. P. Chenoweth, C. S. Revell.

CODE 5819
First Row (L. to R.)-Capt. E. D. Payne, Capt. R. L. Rowan, Capt. W. H. Leahy, Cdr. F. B. Hays, Cdr. H. M. Devereux. Second Row (L. to R.)-Lt, J. W. Boucher, Lt. Cdr. R. F. Schmick, Lt. J. Benedict, D. Baker, H. Meese, V. Leak, N. Gruver, J. Downs, B. Donavan, V. Hayes, Ens. W. L. McHenry, J. Melnick, C. Coco, L. Woodson, D. Coons, I. Salcedo, D. Geremicca, Lt. R. F. Haglund, Lt. (jg) P. F. Stewart, J. Burroughs, J. Pressman, A. Amory, B. CrandalL. Third Row (L. to R.)-W. A. Owens, A. Oliver, C. E. Miller, L. Barr, P. Saffle, D. Riddle, N. Turner, H. Becker, M. Riordan, B. Perelli, A. Schwertfager, H. Perryman, M. Hastings, S. Simmonsen, S. Thomas, Ens. M. Ashcom, A. Hunt, E. Ludt, R. Alewine, K. Stello, M. Zigo, F. Craven, E. Gooch, Lt. (jg) M. Parker. Fourth Row (L. to R.)-Lt. M. Hemmerdinger, Lt. J. W. Williamson, C. Werback, H. Tobey, C. E. Burns, I. A. Wagner, L. Bester, F. Toman, W. C. Smith, Lt. R. H. Spear, Ens. O. S. McKnight, Ens. A. M. Main Jr., R. Fyfe, C. Morgan, Lt. A. F. Echenrode, Ens. E. J. Moeckel, Lt. R. L. Weston, Lt. M. W. Arthur, Lt. (jg) R. S. Moore, D. A. Kohr. Fifth Row (L. to R.)-Lt. E. C. Vallen, A. F. Bird, R. Neill, E. G. Murray, Lt. Cdr. J. S. Ragland, Lt. A. H. Keyes Jr., Lt. J. W. Schiffel, Lt. Cdr. L. B. Lovitt.


CODES 610A, 610B, 610C, 610C
First Row (L. to R.)-M. P. Junghans, S. L. Cohen, Lt. (jg) J. W. Deeble, Lt. Cdr. J. F.Vyverberg, J. W. Robicheau, C. E. Martin, H. C. Campbelle. Second Row (L. to R)-F. E. Burgess, F. Walker, B. Simms, G. Martin, F. Korn, D. Yockey, H. Frazier, D. Freeman. Third Row (L. to R.)-C. Schonhoff, E. Surface, T. Lee, H. House, R. Coughlin, J. Cartner, R. Wallace.


CODES 610A, 610B, 610C, 610D
First Row (L. to R.)-M. Gilliland, E. Baroffio, V. Vincent, S. L. Cohen, C. Tatham, Lt. (jg) J, W. Deeble, Lt. Cdr. J, F. Vyverbert, J. W. Robicheau, P. A. Barba, C. E. Martin, J. A. Radford, J. Slota. Second Row (L. to R.)-M. Mack, L. Trozzo, E. J. Gardner, D, Ohmann, J. Depner, C. L. Gundling, M. R. Crumb, M. E. Blakely, D. K. Poe, E. S. Campbell, W. Dyrdahl, B. Procter, O. McDavid, C. E. Soper, M E. Benjamin. Third Row (L. to R.)-S. Miridokis, C. Banks, A. E. King, G. Rincher, M. L. F. Martin, F. Mann, M. Gilling, J, DesMarais, J. Sussman, B. Hawkins, P. A. Saunders, L. Thomas, P. E. MarshalL. Fourth Row (L. to R.)­A. Thomas, R. J. G. Bethea, E. M. Clark, V. M. Rowland, E. Steinke, J. Woodard, P. E. Fogleman, P. Smith, M. E. Spoonamore, R. T. Lenahan.

First Row (L. to R.)-Lt. E. M. Murphy, L.t (jg) J. Bogardus, L. Graybeal, Lt. J. Starkey. Second Row (L. to R.)-Delia F. Brabham (1925-), H. Abraham, G. Senecal, M. Masse, K. Hoffman, P. Pasdernick, P. Hill, M. Hutchison, M. Stragand, A. Reeder. Third Row (L. to R.)-L. Butler, N. Reed, R. Oliver, L. Jackson, M. Crowley, S. Coe, E. Hansen; D. Burg, G. Shapmas, W. Washington


CODE 620
First Row (L. to R.)-Lt. R. G. Gurnham, Ens. J. T. Tate, Lt. C. P. Hurley, Lt. W. C. Larsen, Lt. Cdr. J. T. Reed, Cdr. F. H. Frost, Capt. H. C. Sexton, Lt. Cdr. J. F. Shriver, Lt. N. T. Burdine, Lt. V. L. Hoffman, Lt. J. R. Potter, Lt. (jg) A. D. Bridgeman Jr. Second Row (L. to R.)-E. G. Swafford, Lt. C. F. M. Kinahan, B. J. Percy, Z. C. Farrar, M. E. Myers, S. V. Buffett, L. Ruhl Y2·c, M. R. Wenker, Lt. (jg) B. J. Woodson, B. A. Meverden SI-c, B. E. Young, Ens. B. R. Monczynski, R. M. Burkholder, C. A. Lehman, R. K. Reber. Third Row (L. to R.)-M. Kurtz, R. E. Woltz, F. C. Pettepit, M. C. McKnight, D. J. Johnson, B. L. Keegan, R. A. Sheridan YI-c, Lt. M. W. Greene, E. M. Smith, J. L. Viehmeyer, Lt. (jg) M. Bradley, D. M. Darcy, L. A. Riddell, E. E. Warner. Fourth Row (L. to R)-R. M. Mark, R. E. Ferdig, H. C. Peterson, Lt. P. M. Smith, Lt. R. L. Myerson, Lt. R. C. Wilkins, Ens. L. Beck, Lt. W. S. Nadler, G. M. Roe, J. M. Smith.



CODES 631, 633
First Row (L. to R.)-W. U. Varney, Q. Smith, Lt. (jg) C. C. Carte, Lt. R. W. Black, Lt. Cdr. C. E. Dowling, Cdr. R. Mandelkorn, Cdr. H. Z. Senif, Lt. (jg) I. G. McNayr, Lt. (jg) R. B. Murphy, T. D. Munn, C. W. Cuffley. Second Row (L. to R.)-J. W. Brown, J . Whitehead, E. Williams, R. V. Picard Y2·c, D . E. Cotten Y2-c, E. Smith, E. I . Turnidge Y3·c, V. H. Pusz, L. L. Norton, B. Matheny Y2-c, B. V. Ford, D. Burke, A. S. Schoenmalcer. Third Row (L. to R.)-J. Brown, W. H. Bell, A . S. Bussey, A. J. Ward, J. J. Peszynski. J. A. Nugent., J. M. Faulconer, P. M. Robertson, J. Schnall, E. Rucker. Fourth Row (L. to R.)-T. K. Morgan, O. J. Clavelli, N.C. Wiley, E. W. Pritchett, A. Albre, B. Von Sassensc:heid, R. M. Coakley, G. C. Thom, W. R. Chance Jr.

CODE 634
First Row (L. to R.)-Lt. R. E. Ferry, Lt. H. O. Bennett, Lt. R. C. Small, Lt. (jg) V. Johnson. Lt. Cdr. L. C. Giard, Capt. S. P. Smith, Lt. E. H. Wallace, Lt. K. W. Benckert, Lt. R. R. Kouba, Lt. (jg) W. C. Savage. Second Row (L. to R.)-G. Fortini, J. Coven, R. Raynor, M. Robertson, H. Mann, F. I. Smith, A. P. Jones, K. Rasmussen, G. Olsen, P. Crofoot, L. Messink, M. Pari, M. Risdon. Third Row (L. to R.)-Lt. G. W. Ogden Jr., Lt. S. W. Johnson, Lt. W. L. Smith, L. Teichmenr, V. Rydholm, A. Wood, R. Pohutsky, B. Spoonamore, C. O. Bennett, W. Miller, L. C. Mackrill.


CODE 638
First Row (L. to R.)-S. A. He1der, A. N. Petrilli, Emanuel Haynes, R. C. Swanson, Capt. T. H. Urdahl, Lt. Cdr. L. L. Landauer, R. A. Heindel, C. M. Hamblin, D. C. McCutcheon, B. Rubin. Second Row · (L. to R.)-E. W. Murrin, M. Guerin, J. L. Bunker Y3-c, S. E Anderson, M. V. Lowery, Z. M. Osweiler Yl-c, E. O. Hunter, L. E. Barner Y2-c. L. E. Williams, M. T. Moakler Y3-c. Third Row (L. to R.)-C. DeW. Herreshoff, S. Fortson.

CODE 641
First Row (L. to R.)-Lt. E. A. Harang, Eris. L. M. Trefethen, Lt. Cdr. T. C. Allen, Capt. C. C. Shute, Cdr. L. J. Knight Jr., Lt. A. P. Kellogg, Lt. (jg) P. Tanzella, Lt. S. W. Sullivan. Second Row (L to R.)-L. Murrell SK3·c, Lt. (jg) M. Dinsmore, F. Gallagher, M. Abbett, M. Williams Y2·c, E. Ingram, D. Fenstermacher Y2-c, A. Arpino, M. Perzel, J. Taylor. Third Row (L. to R.)-R. E. Dubois, R. M. Alexander, B. B. Milner, R. M. Lowman, R. J. Fox, H.J. Ball, C. C. Atkinson, L. S. Stutzman, B. Johnson, A. Bennett. Fourth Row (L. to R.)-E. C. Smith, A. A. Powell, B. W. Field, W. F. White, B. C. Dennison, E. G. Erickson, J. Boxer, M.S. Berg, D. Hull.

CODES 640, 692
First Row (L. to R.)-W. W. Mize, T. W. Styles, S. E. Sanfilippo, J. R. McClendon, W. H. Bailey, Cdr. J. C. Blake, Capt. F. F. Agens, Lt. C. W. Guthrie, F. M. Brewer, J. P. Lorek, J. G. Walsh, A. L. Lee, A. G. BisselL. Second Row (L. to R.)-George W. Waterman, H. Kraut, M. L. Rogers, E. Randall, L. M. Kleinschmidt, T. Decoteau, H. V. Campfield, D. I. Bendixen, B. L. Craig, M. M. Jacobs Y2-c, M. J. Doolan, M. F. Uhazie, F. B. Waterman, R. E. Callahan, W. M. Wilkinson. Third Row CL. to R)-E. C. Lloyd, E. A. Muller, J. C. Rirter, R. E. Lyons, H. C. Bright, A. A. Katcher, C. A. Loomis, C. A. Edmonds, D. E. Woodling, L. E. Mcintyre, G. B. Grable, F. W. TurnbulL. Fourth Row (L. to R)-L. E. Bluhm, T. J. Griffin, F. P. Rossomondo Jr., E. B. Stecher, A. I. Bronwick, F. C. Christian, J. H Shibley, O. Bessio.


CODE 643
First Row (L. to R.)-Lt. Oxford, Lt. Schum, Lt. Harris, Cdr. Netting, Cdr. Fitzsimmons, Cdr. Griep, Cdr. Marks, Cdr. Brown, Cdr. Delaney, Lt. Cdr. Sparks, Lt. (jg) Davies, Lt. Gillie, Lt. Hockwalt. Second Row (L. to R.)-Bradley, Fisher, Ward, Keenan, Lt. (jg) Heck, Collins, Smail, Merry, Andrick, Howell, Ortendahl, Mitchell, Siegert, Lt. (jg) English, Brown. Third Row (L. to R)­Kuehn, Shavkin, Caldwell, Baker, Lt. Cronin, Lt. Farkas, Davis, Bradley, Braund, Crowley. Fourth Row (L. to R)-Reinertson, Parker, Shulman, Schrader, Stettner.

CODE 643
First Row (L. to T.)-Lt. Minor, Lt. (jg) Bowie, Lt. (jg) Redmon, Lt. Stevens, Cdr. Fitzsimmons, Lt. Holmes, Lt. (jg) Nordenson, Lt. Cdr. Blades, Lt. Cdr. Bottom, Lt. Terrell. Second Row (L. to R.)-Lt. Kimbro, Weightman, Coleman, Reho, Boss, Stevens, Schneider, Darnall, Warthen, Wiebusch, Tate, Powell Kamrass, Stirni, Broege. Third Row (L. to R.)-Baugh, Pittman, Ridgeway, McKegney, Donlon, Hill, Minerd, Lt. (jg) Thomas, Privett, Ens. Boyle, Shive. Fourth Row (L. to R.)-Swindle, Hammerly, Stankoff, Linten, Magdeburger, Pearsall, Luek, Hayes.

CODE 645
Front Row (L. to R.)-H. Shipley, Lt. Cdr. C. D. Ely, Lt. A. E. Bubser, Lt. E. W. Baier, Cdr. W. S. Domer, Capt. E. M. Waldron, Lt. C. L. Willard, Lt. E. C. Crook, Lt. W. J. Cresson, T. Walker. Second Row (L. to R.)-5. Chase, M. Hood, J. Camarca, Lt. (jg) A. Durley, V. Malley SI-c, B. Hanson, V. Harmon, C. Esher, R. Collins, M. McClain Yl·c, Lt. (jg) C. Paciotti, H Gillera~. Third Row (L. to R.)-F. Wilmoth SK2·c, V. Alexander, K. Gempler, D. Sotzsky, J. Handel Yl-c, B. Darr, E. Hanna, N. Davis, C. Adams, M. Holt, Ens. B. Kritchbaum. Fourth Row (L. to R.)-E. B. Arney, W. Rasbornick SI-c, P. Bunker, R. Shanley, G. Wassmer, J. Hayes.

CODE 647
First Row (L. to R.)~C. Aszling SKI-c, Lt. S. Piskur, Lt. R. Knudson, Cdr. R. Fable, Capt. T. Dantzler, Cdr. E. W. Lamons, Lt. Cdr. B. Randall, Lt. (jg) W. Thompson, Lt. T. Mathews, Lt. Cdr. J. Metzgar, R. Klein Yl-c. Second Row (L. to R.)-R. Newlond, V. Kraemer, C. Murphy SI-c, O. Amick SK3-c, Stetson, M. Midolo, D. Cutsinger, E. M. Smith, J. Weaver SK3-c, G. Emmett, K. Gensch Y3-c, J. Jardine Yl-c, A. Duff Y3-c, I. DietzeL. Third Row (L. to R.)-G. Leonhardt, Lt. W. Barnes, F. Majerus Yl·c, V. Wilson Y2-c, V. Coates, A. Link. Y3-c, J. Rogers, A. Kirk Y3-c, V. Deptulski Y3·c, Lt. V. Steele, J. Weist. Fourth Row (L. to R.)­Lt. E. Wilhelm, Lt. J. Craig, Lt. (jg) J. Dolben, Lt. C. Lacy, Lt. F. Watson, Lt. A. Soderholm, Lt. D. Nelson.

CODE 647
First Row (L. to R.)-F. L. Donnally, G. Ober, T. E. Norton, Capt. T. T. Dantzler, S. Gunderson, R. P. Adams, A. M. Hanke, N. G. Brace, D. Jenks. Second Row (L. to R.)-S. Falconett, C. Pemper, B. Floyd, E. M. Smith, M. Bunnell, N.C. Hovland Y2c, B. Christopherson, D. East, I. E. Jenkins, R. Stein, V. Pino, C. F. Bland. Third Row (L. to R.)-A. Flint, F. C. Hoy, M. Green, H. Kingsbury, V. Remigailo, j. F. Scheidy, F. F. Young, D. Pearce, W. E. Stine, j. J. Lang. Fourth Row (L. to R.)-C. G. Throckmorton, N. L. Bowman, F. Yarnall, E. Mackert, N. Wenger, K. Swenson, R. R. Towers.

Code 648
First Row (L. to R.)-Lt. J. W. Overend, Lt. (jg) C. A. Johnson, Lt. (jg) H. Surrey, Lt. E. C. Clark, Lt. J. W. North, Lt. G. J. Bina, Cdr. S. D. Fulton, Lt. E. S. Keirn, Lt. A. C. Wilbur, Ens. W. V. Smith, Lt. F. W. Bennett, W. S. Clegg. Second Row (L. to R.)-W. F. Widman, M.D. Heller, Lt. J. G. Sterling Jr., M. Malamut, A.M. McKenzie, E. H. Vandegrift, R. F. Cleaves, W. T. Downing, J. J. Hart, N. I. Stein, L. Grossman. Third Row (L. to R.)-O. M. Jackson, Ens. N. C. MaDah, V. H. Johnson Sl·c, M. I. Platis Y3-c, M. E. Krohm Y3-c, M. M. Rose, R. J. Wagner, N.J. Land, B. D. Comeau, L. Lueck, A. Corriveau, M. C. Dion Y3-c, G. H. Johnson. Fourth Row (L. to R.)-L. Gold, M. T. McNaught SK3-c, M. E. Anderson, A.M. Kingsley, H. E. Helberg Y2-c, E. M. Holter Y2-c, J.D. Hall, E. Rishkowski, F. Winthrop, P. L. Howell, E. G. Grannis Y2-c, R. Beardsley Y3-c, E. J. Petersen. Fifth Row (L. to R.)-B. Fraser, S. P. Johnson, D. T. Pepper, E. L. Cox, P. S. White, J. R. Hawkins, O. M. Deer, R. J. Thompson, W. B. Sarraf, H. S. Shipp.

CODES 651, 654
First Row (L. to R.)-J. T. Schmick, A. Keighley, F. Walker, J. Springer, Lt. N. Tiedeman, Capt. R. B. Lair, Lt. R. Williams, Lt. F. Braun, Lt. J. Santos, J. Reid, N. Brazel, W. McCoy. Second Row (L. to R.)-M. Martensson, G. M. Hotz, N. P. Oldson, M. Corbin, Lt. (jg) M. Hodtwalker, C. Kolkosky, H. Brown, L. Cracroft, E. Haines, D. Davis, E. G. Preston, C. Wahl, S. J. Cassarino, S. D. Miller, J. L. Mershon. Thtrd Row (L. to R.)-F. R. Hock, A. O'Brien, M. M. Flanigan, M. Hart, R. Marsh, L. Landrum, D. Williams, M. Birch, M. Nabors, H. Emery, A. Burwell, M. Counsil, L. Goldenberg, J. H. Schombert.


CODE 660
First Row (L. to R.)-R. E. Lloyd, J. L. Green, J. Guidry, P. Scheer, Cdr. R. L. Moore, Capt. R. E. Cronin, Lt. I. H. Mandil, C. S. Nunan, E. P. Carpenter, J. P. Overman, R. E. Warren. Second Row (L. to R.)-G. E. Saunders, L. Goodman, J. I. Cohen, H. King, L. Pruitt, E. E. Long, C. Burroughs, J. Bricker, R. Ribakoff, D. C. Fielder, F. E. Anderson, G. L. Skrim, R. Panoff. Third Row (L. to R.)-N. B. Michel, W. C. Wells, H. M. Koslow, P. L. Howard, A. B. Eilbeck, C. F. Janes, S. Eidensohn, Marvin W. Osborn, M. Jurick, W. H. Fifer, N. T. Jucciarone, J. D. Pierce.

CODE 660
First Row (L. to R.)-E. M. Levis, O. H. Hunt, L. H. Spargo, A. Damberg, E. A. Buckmaster, P. Baker, Lt. H. C. Tabler, Cdr. R. L. Moore, CWO H. Koch, H. G. Skuse, M. Chase, E. W. Blinn, J. N. Moore, W. F. Gardner, H. L. Andrews. Second Raw (L. to R.)-A. J. Nichols, L. Turner, B. Pople, E. P. Noble, P. R. LeVasseur, L. E. Booher, P. M. Halderman, M.A. Charles, M. L. Mojkowski, M. M. McGuire, A. Breslow, M.A. Papenheim, M. Howe, R. W. Fitts. Third Row (L. to R.)-M. H. Meyer, M. Haskins, N. R. Calhoun, E. Trevino, R. Sack, L. Griffin, A. H. Stuetz, E. M. Fletcher, M. E. Mangelsdorf, D. S. White, F. Betker, L. Ailstock. Fourth Row (L. to R.)-L. T. Smith, A. A. Jones, K. S. Gibson, J. J. Hagood, D. M. Seig, E. G. Orr.

CODE 660 First Row (L. to R.)-C. A. McHarg Jr., A. S. Deming Jr., G. W. Culbertson, R. J. Murphy, Lt. C. F. Kucera, Cdr. R. L. Moore Jr., Capt. R. E. Cronin, Cdr. W. B. Armstrong, Lt. (jg) L. A. Thompson, C. M. Barnes, C. F. Whitney, E. W. Lusby, W. B. Moran, H. D. Pogue. Second Row (L. to R.)-F. M. Welsh, B. P. Johnson, M. S. Pruitt, H. Buckland, A. M. O'Malley, S. A. Jetty, C. Washburn, S. Stadlan, E. Tasman, L. Cutsinger, R. Robinson, L. K. Winker, J. M. Dillon, I. L. Helman, J. M. Apples, Y. Hunsader. Third Row (L. to R.)-S. S. Browne, J. E. Hogan, L. J. Keiser, J. B. Friauf, B. Goldforb, J G. Burns, W. Koidan, J. DiNunno, J. C. Andreas, L. E. Peterson, C. O. Kunde, A. G. Gower, E. R. Hahn, V. B. Smith, W. M. Venson. Fourth Row (L. to R.)-T. O. Roberts, L. Decker, C. L Kleemann, W. P. McVickar, J. J. Schwab, J. R. Cole, M. W. Freeland, N. J. Patterson Jr.

CODE 660 First Row (L. to R.)-D. Molella, E. R. Lindauer, Lt. S. F. Karpe, Lt. A. W. Fraps Cdr. R. L. Moore, Capt R. E. Cronin, Cdr. J. M. Fluke, R. L. Haney, R. B. Lisbakken, W. C. Fisher, R. H. Small. Second Row (L. to R.)-F. C. Reutenauer, M. Smith, C. F. Rudolph, S. Stigora, H. J. Cole, C. C. Sedlachek, I. Pulhan. P. M1glas, B. Leary, M. Bortnichak, T. D. Cooper, D. Ginsberg, P. R. Sprowl. Third Row (L. to R.)-.H. E. Jensen, J. O. Storry, L. A. Lovejoy, V. E. Gardner, G. R. Sloan, G. Fegen, L. W. Hodges, J. C. Gr1gg, E. L. O. Patten, L. Costrell, G. R. Wagner, G. M. Vanlear.

CODE 660
First Row ( R.) I-M. N. Goldberg, L. Dunkelman, Lt. (jg) H. E. Hird, Lt. F. B. Isakson, Cdr. R. L. Moore Jr., Capt. R. E. Cronin, Cdr. J. M. Fluke, Lt. (jg) M. N. Colen, P. H. Scherf, C. S. Stansbury, J. T MengeL. Second Row (L. to R.)-R. S. Estey, S. E. Dorsey, C. S. Woodside, T. Labecky, F. M. Mullins, E. Rittenhouse, B. A. Miller, J. Guichot, V. J. Reed, I. Jones, J. M. Hottenstein, H. W. Middlecoff, J. J. Neidhart. Third Row (L. to R.)-G. B. Buck, H. N. Hayward, D. C. Wycoff, A. D. Hitt Jr., L. S. Buechler, A. Lovoff, C. V. Strain, C. Doremire, W. P. Welch, M. J. Stolaroff, H. W. Conn, R. J. Havens

CODE 660
Front Row (L. to R.)—B. Morgan, T. Huddleston, M. H. Lowe, Cdr. R. L. Moore Jr., Lt. W. T. Woods, C. R. Antilla, E. M. Hughes, A. Palander. Second Row (L. to R.)—V. Hays, C. L. Kail, K. G. Barkow, H. E. Madsen, R. Smillie, J. B. Brick, C. Daugherty, I. M. Hastings, H. L. Peterson, V. L. Ditto. Third Row (L. to R.)—W. D. Miller, T. S. Willets, E. H. Bastedo, J. F. Carroll, W. D. Parker, R. L. McCreery, W. Watson, E. H. Sisk, S. S. Stack, T. Rothman.

CODE 665
Front Row (L. to R.)—Lt. (jg) Wingerd, A. Radlcowsky, Lt. (jg) Powell, M. G. Kingsley, F. J. Johnson, J. H. Link, E. S. Henning, M. M. Portnoy, Cdr. P. H. Horn, Capt. J. B. Dubal Jr., L. M. Flaherty, M. Talley, I. C. Weidig, N.C. Cummings, R. K. Whitford, G. L. Baggerman, H. L. Day, L. M. Deckelmann. Second Row (L. to R.)—Lt. W. F. Roberts, Lt. J. C. Carney, M. Jeske, J. Johnson, W. E. Winters, F. Buford, B. Wallace, M. Walsh, C. Myrland, B. Bartholomew, W. Taylor, M. Merrell, M. Ratner, A. Schnettler, E. Winkelman, A. Lind, B. Rhudy, D. Herdman. Third Row (L. to R.)—H. C. Cohen, Lt. Lampinen, J. Smith, L. Judd, A. Smithe, E. Olsen, V. Bergstrom, D. Hefte, Ens. Gwyn, G. Windham, P. S. Tradup, B. A. Sweeney, J. N. Tronson, L. Sutter, B. Nimeroff, Lt. L. H. Jenkins, R. A. Filliez.

CODE 665

Front Row (L. to R.)—Lt. R. E. Bookman, Lt. H. J. Zygmunt, E. A. Gough, M. M. Portnoy, Cdr P. H. Horn, Capt. J. B. Duval Jr., L. M. Flaherty, M. J. Block, R. L. Stephens, Lt. W. R. Sokel, A. Marans. Second Row (L. to R.)—E. J. Finch, J. R. Smith, F. A. Caldwell, C. Ketcherside, G. Polanski, C. Wandel, M. C. Wildt, A. Erwin, V. T. Goryl, B. Collins, M. A. Peele, C. C. Beattie, A. McMullin, L. Weber, B. L. Rose, V. E. Nedly. Third Row (L. to R.)—P. J. Densberger, C. K. Smith, B. L. Norris, S. Whitcomb, F. M Connell, M. M. Lane, L. E. Tobiasen, G. N. DeMoss, R. C. Ellis, J. K. Lewis. Fourth Row (L. to R.)—J. Lautz, P. J. Weber, H. B. Schmid, R. E. Finch, P. E. Shook, W. H. Lyon.

CODE 688
Front Row (L. to R.)—Lt. (jg) E. R. Behnke, Lt. A. L. Blair, Lt. M. P. Jones, Lt. Cdr. D. V. Freret, Lt. Cdr. E. A. Scanlan, Capt. P.M. Curran, Capt. C. G. Christie, Cdr. H. J. Burke, Lt. J. Leckie, Lt. (jg) R. M. Bryant, Lt. W. Frietag, Lt. R. S. Scott. Second Row (L. to R.)—Ens. V. B. Sample, H. Thigpen, F. Shloss, L. Hancock, L. Kimball S1-c, D. Balog S1-c, L. Hollub, Y. McManus Y2-c, D. G. Jones Yl-c, M. Martinez, A. Chessrown, D. Ithaca, Ens. M. Shannon. Third Row (L. to R.)—R. Murdoch, P. Owens, F. Hobson, R. Friend Sp(X)2-c, F. Mockabee, R. Queisser, I. Rutke, J. Springman, E. Stocking, J. Davison, E. Swenson.

CODE 646
Front Row (L. to R.)—Lt. (jg) L. C. McGorven, Lt. W. S. Edwards, Lt. S. W. Tucker, Capt. T. J, Bay, Lt. (jg) D. R. Dewey, Ens. P. H. Seaver, Lt. E. M. Kurtz, Lt. (jg) C. H. Hendricks. Second Row (L. to R.)—A. L. Laskowy Y3-c, V. M. Koranda SK-2, J. L. Roseman, B. B. Crovin, M. L. Stuflebean Y3-c, H. Q. Endres Y3-c, E. E. Wamke Y3-c, A. M. Lola, E. M. Dryden Y3-c. Third Row (L. to R.)—R. F. Dudeck, R. T More, P. E. Dumire, D. J. Croake, M. C. Presley, H. E. Bethon, G. B. Emerson, R. K. Lootens.


Naval Shipyard Division

Top: R.Adm. S. S. Kennedy, USN, FormerAssistant
S.Chief of Bureau for Naval Shipyards

Bottom right:R.Adm. N. L. Rawlings, USN, Present Assistant
Chief of Bureau for Naval Shipyards.

Seated (L. to R.)—R. Adm. S. S. Kennedy, Capt. P. W. Hains. Standing (L. to R.)—Cdr. H J. Wright, Capt. P. Lemler, Capt. R. E. Jones, Capt. M. E. Eaton, Cdr. J. W. Goodhue, Cdr. R. B. Jones.

CODES 700, 701, 703, 740, 780, 781, 782, 783
Front Row (L. to R.)—Lt. (jg) J. F. Nichols, M. W. Jackson, Ens. J. I. Armstrong, G. H. Thomas, Cdr. R. B. Jones, R. Adm. S. S. Kennedy, Capt. P. W. Hains, Lt. Cdr. E. P. Moore, H. Johnson, Lt. (jg) H. B. Bent, Lt. Cdr. A. L. Beall. Second Row (L. to R.)—C. H Jordahl, E. J. Fox Y3-c, J. N. Batty, H. M. Ross, B. M. Piper, E. C. Kraus, A. M. Kunzler, A. M. Vojtko Y2-c, F. Rabkin, B. E. Wisdom.

CODES 760, 760A, 760B, 760CR, 762, 762A, 763, 765
Front Row (L. to R.)—Lt. E. J. Montgomery, P. Fisher, G. W. Thomas, Lt. J. C. Mullen, A. C. Brown, Lt. Cdr. B. Thorne, Capt. I. L. Lind, Capt. P. Lemler, Capt. R. E. Jones, Cdr. P. R. Chambers, Lt. Cdr. A.M. Johnson, C. A. Reams, Ens. J. L. Derby, D. L. Lane, Lt. Cdr. C. P. Washburn. Second Row (L. to R.)—T. Cooper, I. Holiday, P. J. Kneeland, E. Lanham, Lt. V. S. Chewning, M. Adams, I. Parker Y1-c, F. Aleshire, L. Nichols, F. Kraemer, M. Pitts, C. Tew, G. Allen, R. Gautier, E. Sedorovich, R. Morisette, A. Harvey Y2-c, V. Kinne Y2-c. Third Row (L. to R.)—Lt. R. L. Hogue, Lt. (jg) M. D. Wright, Lt. Cdr. M.A. Gordon, Lt. Cdr. S. D. I. Emerson, Lt. V. W. Anderson, S. T. Woal, J. Defeher, P. W. Wilson, A. L. Burnett, H. Hyle, Lt. R. M. Wells. Fourth Row (L. to R.)—N. L. Merriman, W, C. Prins, M. W. Whaley, L. T. Alden, G. H. Thomas, Lt. H. D. Philips, Lt. T C. Ward.

CODES 760C, 761, 764, 764B, 764D, 767
Front Row (L. to R.)—R. K. Lyon, E. C. Kimball, W. B. Swingle, C. W. Schmidt, S. B. Scott, C. F. Lloyd, J. P. Englert, P. Lemler, R. B. Jones, G. L. Porche, E. Staub, J. J. Dockman, R. B. Remagen, B. J. Nees, C. A. Callander, J. A. Murray, N. R. Faucette. Second Row (L. to R.)—D. Miller, M. Janes, V. L. Fridley, G. Totman, M. Doyle, L. Morris, S. Brown, H. Hanson, E. Johnson, A. Brown, M. L. Kaylor, M. Lindberg, M. Clellan, D. Bassmess, M. Brebb, P. Wachtel, P. KimbalL. Third Row (L. to R.)—G. B. Clumm, D. P. McPherson Jr., E. L. Koberg, K. Reder, C. Hall, J. H. Finefrock, E. F. Hoyer, M. Coffin, P. White, J. Jarrett, F. Bailey, M. Luck, C. Dominowski, N. J. Ely, I. J. Miller, H. R. Benson, E. P. Dameron.

CODE 766
Front Row (L. to R.)—Lt. J. A. Bradner, W. Culbertson, Lt. F. L.. Neuhauser, Lt. (jg) T. E. Speake, Lt. Cdr. W. L. Jackson, Capt. P. Lemler, Capt. R. E. Jones, Ens. W. L. Beth, Lt. D. L. Archibald, Lt. (jg) T. Gibbs, Lt. (jg) R. Munson, Lt. R. Miller. Second Row (L. to R.)—D. Stephens, P. Turley S1-c, I. Ferris, Ens. E. Miller, M. Snyder, H. Crowley, C. Chesley, E. Wyrick Y3-c, M. Yeck, H. Green, F. Downey, B. Parr, H. Woolsey, J. Bloedel. Third Row (L. to R.)—J. Waldo, P. Annas, J. Shirah, Ens. Macon, E. Eng, L. Dean, D, Harwick, J. Lehman, M. Barnum Yl-c, I. Cecil, C. Parker Sl-c. Fourth Row (L. to R.)—J. Dram, T. Kelley, G. Mattfeldt, P. Holveck, J. Mullen, D. Carlson, R. Bickford.CODE 766
Front Row (L. to R.)—Lt. J. A. Bradner, W. Culbertson, Lt. F. L.. Neuhauser, Lt. (jg) T. E. Speake, Lt. Cdr. W. L. Jackson, Capt. P. Lemler, Capt. R. E. Jones, Ens. W. L. Beth, Lt. D. L. Archibald, Lt. (jg) T. Gibbs, Lt. (jg) R. Munson, Lt. R. Miller. Second Row (L. to R.)—D. Stephens, P. Turley S1-c, I. Ferris, Ens. E. Miller, M. Snyder, H. Crowley, C. Chesley, E. Wyrick Y3-c, M. Yeck, H. Green, F. Downey, B. Parr, H. Woolsey, J. Bloedel. Third Row (L. to R.)—J. Waldo, P. Annas, J. Shirah, Ens. Macon, E. Eng, L. Dean, D, Harwick, J. Lehman, M. Barnum Yl-c, I. Cecil, C. Parker Sl-c. Fourth Row (L. to R.)—J. Dram, T. Kelley, G. Mattfeldt, P. Holveck, J. Mullen, D. Carlson, R. Bickford.

CODE 766
First Row (L. to R.)—L. Scofield Y3-c, M. Roper, V. Smith, M. Gilliam Y1-c, Lt. Cdr. W. L. Jackson, Capt. P. Lemler, Capt. R. E. Jones, G. Martin, Lt. (jg) H. Newlin, R. Ferguson, P. Filler, W. Waddington. Second Row (L. to R.)—E. Jones, J. Darnell, E. Goode, F. Gregg, B. Bailey, D. Stover, B. Oney, M. Culbertson, A. Pyron, R. Genge, H. Ryan, T. Hamlin, Dutchess Y2-c. Third Row (L. to R.)—E. Mark, N. Carlson, E. Peterson, M. Owen, R. Lechlider, M. Scalise, J. Williams, J. diBiasi, F. Wallace.

CODES 790, 791, 792, 793, 794
Front Row (L. to R.)—Lt. E. J. Smith, Lt. W. J. O'Malley, Lt. J. H. Kovarik, Lt. T. S. Garges, Lt. J. F. McClain, Lt. A. V. Rheaume, Cdr. R. E. VanLiew, Capt. M. E. Eaton, Lt. Cdr. J. B. Scott, Lt. E. P. Langan, Lt. A. A. Remmen, E. A. Bending, Lt. V. F. Essi, Lt. R. N. Glasgow, Lt. N. F. Sayers. Second Row (L. to R.)—Lt. C. C. Smith, M. B. Doyle Y2-c, Lt. (jg) L. E. Pedersen, D. M. Treachout Sp(l)3-c, P. R. Snapp Y2-c, E. H. Brown SK3-c, M. L. Shaw, E. W. Searcy, C. A. Holes, D. L. Goodwin, O. L. Douglas, J. Moffit SK3-c, G. L. Canty Y3-c, A. J. Slane, Lt. J. C. Wright, Lt. E. C. Hock. Third Row (L. to R.)—Lt. F. B. Harrison, M. T. Geary Y2-c, R. E. Foreman, C. A. Adams, Lt. (jg) E. Comtois, L. E. Bell, V. Knoblock, M. E. Sadler Y3-c, D. L. Hein Y3-c, L. A. Hittl, E. R. Johnson Sp(l) 1-c.


Commodore J. B. Dow, USN, Assistant Chief of Bureau for Electronics.

Seated (L. to R.)—Capt. R. Bennett, Capt. D. R. Hull, Commodore J. B. Dow, Capt. H. E. Bernstein. Standing (L. to R.)—Lt. Col. B. E. Hargrove, Lt. Col. F. Ramsey Jr., Cdr. H. J. Waters, Capt. P. K. Leberman, Capt. J. W. Guider, Cdr. B. L. Bailey, Lt. Cdr. E. P. Eldridge.

CODES 902C, 902F, 902M, 902J, 902S, 903, 904, 905, 906
Front Row (L. to R.)—Lt. J. A. Dearborn, Lt. O. R. Aspegren II, Lt. (jg) J H. Gilliland, Lt. J. H. Monson, Maj. B. E. Hargrove, Ens. W. E. Weeks, Comm. J. B. Dow, Capt. D. R. Hull, Lt. Cdr. J. R. Bland, Lt. E. P. Eldridge, Lt. C. E. Johansen, Lt. J. C. McElhany. Second Row (L. to R.)—Lt. W. K. Graves, L. B. Strong, E. Groover, M. J. McCarthy, Lt. (jg) C. R. Norton, Lt.(jg) I. Wolensky, E. E. Dunn Y2-c, E. Durkin Y3-c, V. A. Namyst Y3-c, R. Kershaw, H. R. Lovern Y2-c, Lt. (jg) C. C. Stevens, J. Gleeson, Lt. J. C. Forney. Third Row (L. to R.)—Lt. L. M. Johnson, E. J. Kirkegaard, H. H. Haber, Lt. (jg) P. L. Shearer, E. M. Scobey.

CODES 901B, 964, 902
Steno Pool
Front Row (L. to R.)—Lt. (jg) V. L. Mellencamp, Ens. J. Kutz, Lt. (jg) M. A. McCarrel, Lt. C. B. Seton, Lt R. H. Sproul, Lt. M. O. Poultney, Lt. (jg) S. E. Hawley, Lt. (jg) F. W. Mahoney, Lt. (jg) B. V. Bridges. Second Row (L. to R.)—E. D. Loftin, D. Grace Y3-c, D. M. Willet Sl-c, L. R. Neuman, M. Walko Y2-c, C. Leach, E. E. Boswell, L. Albee, T. McDermott. Third Row (L. to R.)—F. C. Cross, C. M. Kugel, A. C. Wells, M. E. Peters, A. J. Tate, A. L. O'Conner Y2-c, L. W. Doemberg Y2-c, H. S. Ray.

CODES 911, 930B-C
Front Row (L. to R.)—Lt. O. W. Addington, Lt. J. H. Phillips, Lt. Cdr. E. Braddock, Lt. Cdr. J. H. Allen, Cdr. J K. Kyfe, Cdr. T. W. Rogers, Lt. Cdr. F. C. Brewer, Lt. Cdr. J. V. Cosman, Lt. Cdr. G. L. MacLane, Lt. D. M. May, Lt. W. H. Moffat. Second Row (L. to R.)—J. L. McElfresh, P. J. Folk, A. D. Barber, C. D. McCarty, F. N. Wood, M. B. Cummings, M. I. Theis, A. E. Baxter, M. Kessel, S. I. LaCour, J. White, L. N. Richmond, M. J. Hecksher. Third Row (L. to R.)—S. Garlock, L. W. Thomas, J. W. Miller, H. R. Wallace, R. B. McDowell, F. C. Twiss, J. F. Day, A. P. Richards, R. F. Tschannen, Lt. H. C. Bryson.

CODES 912, 918
Front Row (L. to R.)—Lt. J. E. Blower, Maj. M. Abramowitz, Lt. F. Mansur, Lt. Cdr. Diamond, Capt. A. B. Chamberlain, Capt. R. Bennett, Lt. J. D. Gilbert, Lt. C. H. Colledge, Lt. E. J. Harrington, Lt. E. A. Owen. Second Row (L. to R.)—Lt. (jg) W. L. Cogsdill, D. Trammelle, R. Shoemaker, F. Kirschner, C. Gardner, A. Minutoil S1-c, M. Black CY, R. Vogel Y3-c, D. Naroff SK3-c, A. Poynter, V. Case Y3-c, E. Allan 2-c, Lt. (jg) J. Forbes. Third Row (L. to R.)—Lt. H W. Grissler, Lt. G. K. Glass, Lt. Cdr. W. A. Dempsey, J. Weis, C. Marshburn, L. N. Higgins, A. H. Cubero, 1st Lt. E. V. Roberts, Lt. (jg) J. H. Brown, Lt. Cdr. R. F. Stevens. Fourth Row (L. to R.)—J. G. Kolkedy, I. C. Lantz, C. H. Jackson, L. H. VanArsdale, J. A. Apuli.

CODES 914, 925
Front Row (L. to R.)—Lt. H. A. Dorschug, Lt. (jg) M. E. Toms, W. C. Coombs, J. H. Gough, Capt. R. P. Houlihan, Cdr. A. E. Krapf, J. M. Coe, Lt. (jg) F. E. Knight, 1st Lt. W. W. Smith, Lt. L. N. Hatfield, Howard P. Gates. Second Row (L. to R.)—J. A. Sloga, R. M. Chapman, A. L. Starke, J. C. Dooley, S. E. Sekora Y2-c, S. Skwarto, G. M. Freeland, E. J. Mahan, M. I. Sauer Y3-c, F. E. Beeler, K. E. Goynes S1-c, M. E. Gangelhoff, S. I. Fishlyn, C. T. Isley. Third Row (L. to R.)—F. Gluck, J. M. Glass, I. L. Mattson, Lt. P. M. Erlandson, Lt. (jg) E, J. Cavanagh, Lt. W. S. Ames, M. L. Story, J. D. Sdagl, A. L. Vantme, O. A. Anderson.

CODES 915, 916, 917, 919
Front Row (L. to R.)—Lt. Cdr. A. F. Starbuck, Lt. Cdr. R. H. Duval, Lt. Cdr. D. S. Wicks, Lt. Cdr. I. L. McNally, Cdr. H. A. Booth, Maj. H. C. Hazel, Lt. Cdr. R. J. Edwards, Lt. H. T. Boeker, E. G. Lapham, R. C. Winterbottom, Lt. C. R. Douglass, Lt. (jg) O. A. Starcke, F. J. Russ, Lt. H. S. Johnson, Lt. R. D. Lagle, J. S. Ramer, Lt. J. Leiper, R. Heckaher. Second Row (L. to R.)—Lt. (jg) M. K. Stem, N. B. Smith Y2-c, Lt. (jg) F. M. Levy, 1st Lt. C. T. Rauch, J. E. Slimak, H. R. Huey Y2-c, J. A. Reithmiller Y3-c, B. M. Beal Y1-c, B. M. Pearson, Lt. (Jg) N. L. Reckhow, Lt. M. L. Murphy. Third Row (L. to R.)—J. E. Meade, J.D. Foley, Lt. J. Donahue, W. R. Jansen, Lt. G. D. Greenwood, N. K. Zelazo, Lt. G. C. Carson Jr., Lt. M. H. Mackenzie, Lt. P. L. Lumnitzer, Lt. W. G. Bryce.

CODES 920, 935
Front Row (L. to R.)—Lt. M. M. Hickenlooper, Lt. W. E. Theile, Lt. R. L. Frank, Lt. E. M. Fox, Lt. Cdr. D. G. Cowie, Lt. Cdr. R. E. Mathes, Lt. Cdr. J. Weber, Lt. J. K. Sterrett, Lt.(jg) L. Resnick, Lt. J. G. Lewis, Lt. (jg) M. Kniazuk. Second Row (L. to R.)—Lt. J. M. Bridger, Lt. (jg) S. S. Currier, C. W. Hall, Lt. (jg) D. R. Clancy, D. Newlin Y2-c, L. Gudenau Y2-c, N. Jenkins Y2-c, R. Beck Yl-c, M. Lockwood Y2-c, R. Rosenthal Yl-c, M. Sandham Y2-c, Lt. G. C. Ruehl, Lt. J, H. Sanger. Third Row (L. to R.)—G. R. Flyer, M. C. Bly, Lt. C. S. Helldoerfer, Lt. A. W. Andrews, Lt. R. K. Guthrie, Lt. P. B. McAdam, Lt. E. T. Johnson, Lt. H. U. Scott, Lt. (jg) W. T. Lyona, F. A. Kolster.

CODES 930, 930A, 930E, 930F, 930G, 930H
Front Row (L. to R.)—Lt. (jg) J.P. Kearney, Lt. M. Bakst, Lt. C. J. Koenig, Cdr. J. H. Neher, Lt. Cdr. K. W. Miles, Lt. C. R. Pickell, Lt. G. S. Jackson, Lt. H. E. Fish. Second Row (L. to R.)—S. E. McDonald, H. Patterson, E. W. Michler, J. E. Whitehouse, H. M. Doniphan, O. Rzeczkowski, R. A. Loose Y3-c, D. Kraft, F. R. Darne, C. L. McCright, I. Atktnson Y2-c, E. J. Utts. Third Row (L. to R.)—A. Santos, J. N. Hall, R. C. Williams, E. A. Mroz, H. Pokomo, H. C. Gavens, B. G. Olfenbacher, A. A. Dowers, C. W. Doremus, C. Concelman, A. H. Young. Fourth Row (L. to R.)—E. Knoderer, L. Showen, W. N. Schink, H. Easterson.

Front Row (L. to R.)—W. W. Brantley, Sgt. A. Kinge, D. C. Rooney, E. J. Nucci, Lt. (jg) D. F. Colburn, Lt. (jg) H. C. Bailey, Lt. (jg) J. W. Trumbo, Ens. J. L. Flanagan, B. C. Paganelli, J. Sacks, M. S. Rossheim,

Second Row (L. to R.)—S. M. Happy, M. Walters, E. Mabrey, Ens. D. M. Zimmer, A. Marsh, Ens. E. K. Pinkham, I. Rodgers, J. Haas, B. J. Clark Y3-c, M. Todd, Ens. A.M. Sullivan, N. Waddy, V. Lewis, O. G. Frederick. Third Row (L. to R.)—M. T. McDade, A. Ludington, Ens. M. Starbuck, Ens. J. C. Dwight, E. K. Peterson, R. Still, Ens. R. Fitzpatrick, Ens. E. G. O'Mara, E. Berndt, H. Cahill, L. M. Gorsuch.

CODE 930
Front Row (L. to R.)—Lt. Cdr. S. L. Diggle Jr., Cdr. P. G. Haas, Lt. Cdr. F. Saphir, Lt. Cdr. L. Murray. Second Row (L. to R.)—A. R. G. Albright, Lt. (jg) C. I. Elliott, Ens. J. G. Warner, R. T. Friebus

CODES 938, 940
Front Row (L. to R.)—Lt. W. J. Fleig, Lt. M. I. Lapp, Cdr. J. C. Myers, Cdr. Roger Revelle, Lt. Cdr. C. L. D. Allen, Lt. M. Sargent, Lt. C. Charski. Second Row (L. to R.)—Ens. J. Gallo, M. Scher Y3-c, B. Hood, R. M. Cleary, C. Edge, F. E. Chromulak Y3-c, D. Blum Y3-c, E. Bach, C. Reiser, L. Ayer, M. Butler, Ens. V. D. Schmid. Third Row (L. to R.)—I. Allen, S. Lefkor, E. Campton, J. Aitchison, C. Rischer, P. Russell, W. T. Grumbly, Dr. R. F. Humphreys, Dr. Edward Gerjuoy. Fourth Row (L. to R.)—Dr. Lyman Spitzer Jr., Dr. A. Wikstrom, H. Abbey.

CODE 945
Front Row (L. to R.)—Lt. Cdr. J. A. Skinner, L. D. Whitelock, Lt. Cdr. J. J. Kelley, Cdr. R. I. Meader, Lt. Cdr. W. S. Terriberry. Second Row (L. to R.)—L. P. Morrow Y2-c, V. King Sp(Q)2-c, M. C. McGurn, M. E. Bellmore Y2-c, S. Kushinorr Y3-c. Third Row (L. to R.)—Lt. J. R. Rutter, Lt. J. Summerfield, Lt. E. P. Taylor, Lt. C. H. Will. Fourth Row (L. to R.)—Lt. R. E. Kraft, Lt. (jg) H. L. Heibeck, Lt. W. A. Haynes, Lt. (jg) H. W. King. Fifth Row (L. to R.)—Ens. H. O. Collins, Lt. F. R. Reutiman, J, A. Krcek, Lt. W. S. Lanterman, H. V. Crandall, Lt. (jg) C. M. Wheeler.

CODES 948, 949
Front Row (L. to R.)—Lt. A. J. Kauder, Lt. (jg) G. Lipscomb, Gordon Walter, Lt. Cdr. S. J. Bishop, Lt. H. D. Randall, Lt. C. W. Service, Lt. W. R. Hamel, Lt. Cdr. J. T. deBettencourt, Lt. W. R. Voigt, C. P. Young, W. R. Bigger, Lt. (jg) J. A. Salin, Lt. J. A. Lomba. Second Row (L. to R.)—Lt. R. L. Foote, Lt. L. L. MacDonald, T. Frizone SK2-c, R. Kelleher SK3-c, D. Digby S1-c, B. Gwin, P. McFadden, I. Bereston, E. Richling, A. Warren Y2-c, Ens. H. E. Johnson, Lt. R. J. Hurt Jr., Lt. F. F. Rohne, Lt. (jg) R. S. Sargent, J. R. Meachem. Third Row (L. to R.)—W. Duncan, G. E. Shea, D. Bain, Lt. J. J. Ormston, Lt. C. M. White, Lt. (jg) G. L. Reynolds, Lt. G. L. Gunter, O. M. Green, H. A. Colby,?? W. Smith, A. Applebaum, M. R. Dunaj.

CODE 945
Front Row (L. to R.)—Lt. Cdr. J. A. Skinner, L. D. Whitelock, Lt. Cdr. J. J. Kelley, Cdr. R. I. Meader, Lt. Cdr. W. S. Terriberry. Second Row (L. to R.)—L. P. Morrow Y2-c, V. King Sp(Q)2-c, M. C. McGurn, M. E. Bellmore Y2-c, S. Kushinorr Y3-c. Third Row (L. to R.)—Lt. J. R. Rutter, Lt. J. Summerfield, Lt. E. P. Taylor, Lt. C. H. Will. Fourth Row (L. to R.)—Lt. R. E. Kraft, Lt. (jg) H. L. Heibeck, Lt. W. A. Haynes, Lt. (jg) H. W. King. Fifth Row (L. to R.)—Ens. H. O. Collins, Lt. F. R. Reutiman, J, A. Krcek, Lt. W. S. Lanterman, H. V. Crandall, Lt. (jg) C. M. Wheeler.

CODES 950, 954, 960, 961, 963
First:Row .(L. to R.)-Lt. J. H. Thompson, Lt. K. Wall, Lt. T. M. Johnston, Lt. Cdr. C. W. Hammett, Cdr. G. C. Norwood, Capt. J. W. Gu1der, Lt. Cdr. J. S. Kaufmann, Lt. J. F. Galv1n, Lt. S. D1mond, Ens. V. J. Ford, Lt. Cdr. H. C. Briggs. Second Row ( R.)-E. M. Chatterton Y3-c, S. Pasat Y2-c, M. J . Pratt.Y2-c, C. T. Davis Y2-c, M. Wolke, R. Steinberg Y2-c, B. Belott Y2-c, M. T. Webb, M. Kress, M. V. Gilpin, M. Goodson Y3-c, M. Eb1e Y2·c, K. Lund SI-c, I. Koski Y3-c1 B. M. Jones Y3-c. Third Row (L. to RJ-Lt. C. Allen, Lt. W. P. Davison, R. Loveday YI-c, M. L. Ladendorf Y2-c, M. McDowell, D. V. Sturtevant Y3-c, A. Car­son Y3-c, L. Smith Yl-c, J.P. Beaver, Lt. A. H. Hammann, Lt. M. R. Stoecker. Fourth Row (L. to R.)-Lt. (jg) M. R. Long, I. B. Potter, Lt. H. Gabrilove, Lt. A. G. Montgomery, Lt. (jg) R. J. Beeman, J. F. Thompson.


CODES 95I, 957, 969 First Row (L. to R.)-C. H. Williams, Lt. A. O. Dority, Lt. J, H. Bliss, Lt. J. Hudgins, Lt. Cdr. G. R. Bush, Lt. Cdr. G. H. Hnery, Maj. H. C. Lattimer, Lt. Cdr. E. F. Bunce, Lt. H. F. Messina, Lt. B. T. Brennan, Capt. M. Adams, 1st Lt. M. B. Sledd. Second Row (L. to R.)-B. Haller YI-c, C. V. Zocchi, Ens. B. Faris, B ;J. Wavering, H. Swiderska, D. Silva SI-c, A. Gherardi SI-c, F. O'Brien Y2-c, E. Larson, W. J. Hughes Y2-c, Lt. (jg) J. E. Stanton, K. T. Bates, A. Freeman Y3-c, M. Sherman. Third Row. (L. to R.) E. Carpenter, R. Schepis Y3-c, C. S. Bartel Y2-c, D. L. Yarbrough Y2-c, J. Berrard, M. Vierbuchen, K. A. Bachmayer, M. B. O'Flaherty, L. Casper, M. C. Goedde Y2-c, Ens. M. E. Ligon, R. Fedus SKI-c. Fourth Row (L. to R.)-H. G. Higbie, K. A. H. Smith.

CODES 955A, 955C
Front Row (L. to R.)—Maj. J. E. Lampe, Lt. J. F. Linsley, Lt. G. J. Darst, Lt. (jg) A. A. Shostak, Lt. B. S. Solomon, Lt. Cdr. R. B. Whittredge, Lt. A. L. Arnold, Lt. (jg) O. F. Miller, Lt. R. H. Thompson Jr., CRE M.G. Shults, Lt. (jg) W. R. Fickas. Second Row (L. to R.)—F. E. Bouchard SK3-c, B. R. Griffith Y3-c, Lt. (jg) H. F. Seeley, J, M. Houchens SI-c, M. Skidmore Y3-c, H. A. Gotto, B. T. Shaw, W. A. Rathburn, H. C. Poisel, D. T. Davis, J. L. Smith Y1-c, S. A. Swick, D. L. Klingel Y3-c, L. M. Gadway Y1-c, V. S. Chorebanian S1-c. Third Row (L. to R.)—L. M. Muszynski Y2-c, M. E. Eberly S1-c, C. M. Fitzpatrick S1-c, G. E. Roberts S2-c, M. R. Wampler, L. E. Layne Y3-c, J. K. Maybin, Lt. (jg) N. Hickman, E. A. Hepburn, E. R. Pearcy, E. V. Raney, M. O. Krebs Y2-c. Fourth Row (L. to R.)—N. A. Bailey, J. J, O'Neill, M. M. Rantapaa, Ens. M. R. Skeehan, H. L. Price, H. J. Singer.

CODES 955B, 967
Front Row (L. to R.)—Lt. (jg) K. C. Bowers, Lt. Cdr. P. K. Beisel, Lt. Cdr. C. Irwin Fonger, Lt. H. M. Stainton, Lt. F. W. Brown, CWO J. P. Freeman. Second Row (L. to R.)—R. K. Hagan Y2-c, E. Shade Y3-c, Ens. A. Firelli, F. L. Brown, A. R. Taylor, Lt. E. Sass, T. Twardowski S1-c, S. A. Murphy Y1-c, Lt. (jg) M. Morris, Ens. M. B. Early, S. M. O'Brien Y2-c, Lt. (jg) B. I. Brown, J. L. Nichols, B. J. Heath. Third Row (L. to R.)—F. M. Rooks S1-c, Lt. (jg) E. Quicksall, Lt. (jg) H. Thomasson, N. Berto, A. Taylor, Lt. (jg) K. Yost, Lt. (jg) R. G. Anderson, W. C. Inchalik Y2-c, P. D. Kramer Y2-c, B. J. Dickinson Y2-c. Fourth Row (L. to R.)—T. R. King, G. J. O'Boyle, A. F. Lange, A. N. Anderson, R. S. McKnight, R. F. Culbertson, S. A. Greenleaf, V. P. McCool.

CODES 956, 952
Front Row (L. to R.)—CRE E. R. Caldwell, Lt. M. M. Noa, Lt. W. A. Stevens, Lt. C. B. Dollins, Lt. Cdr. H. Hurvitz, Capt. J. W. Guider, Lt. Cdr. E. Riley, Lt. R. M. Haskins, Lt. J. L. Lisk, Lt. F. Marden., Lt. O. R. Buchanan, Lt. M. M. Hasse. Second Row (L. to R.)—H. Weiner, D. Voeltz, Ens. B. K. Hammerle, D. Gingras, E. Moe, Lt. (jg) A. M. North, L. Glaze, G. Reese, B. Trenaman, T. Shiamone, Ens. G. Ross, M. Hirschbert, L. Hamlet, I. Cascetti, E. Hollis. Third Row (L. to R.)—Lt. (jg) M. Murray, M. Christensen, Ens. F. Cisna, E. Sklarsky, D. Bowes, J. C. Teszak, M. Rogers, J. W. Smith, M. Billings, M. V. Wheatley, D. Twaddell.

CODES 958, 962
Front Row (L. to R.)—A. Brown, M. Chemsak, R. Gingrich, Lt. (jg) R. Roberts, Lt. R. R. Wagstaff, Lt. G. E. Shumate, Lt. H. E. Murdock, Lt. C. B. Seton, Lt. J. Galvin, Lt. H. Griffith, E. Rhodes, C. Brewster. Second Row (L. to R.)—H. I. Stauffer, M. Hursh, A. Dawson, R. Deutsch, M. Hagenah, B. J. Deaton, E. N. Hawk, E. F. Woods, N. Salomon, M. Mortimer, R. Johnson, L. Smith, C. Davin, E. Kelly, C. Sambora, M. Fanning, G. Sellers. Third Row (L. to R.)—J, Sears, A. Kane, G. Laier, J. Quinn, T. Hisey, D. Bixler, M. Wright, Ens. K. Nebel, B. Davidson, L. Moseley, G. Brane, B. Hayes.

CODES 965, 968, 959, 953
Front Row (L. to R.)—Lt. C. B. Sears, Lt. (jg) J. E. Millar, Lt. O. Skinner, Lt. (jg) J. M. Tuttle, Lt. C. A. Fisher, Lt. Cdr. J. W. Blackburn, Lt. (jg) I. Fox, Lt. W. E. Watkins, Lt. H. G. Irion, Lt. C. M. Jones, Lt. J. M. MitchelL. Second Row (L. to R.)—G. Acosta Y3-c, A. Gosnell, M. Murphy, J. Zelik Y2-c, M. Swango, A. Foutts Y2-c, B. Copelan, E. Hawkins Yl-c, H. Boykoff, P. Jones, Lt. (jg) D. Dudley, B. Bowen, L. O'Hara. Third Row (L. to R.)—L. Nance, S. Goodman, J. Parker, D. McKinney, G. Steinbuch, B. Nelson Y3-c, V. Terminello, Ens. V. Johnson, W. Grady, L. Lovett, Wilbur Perine, Lt. M. R. Huse, P. White, N. Abbott, Dean S. Young, A. Brady.

CODES 970, 982
Front Row (L. to R.)—Lt. (jg) McElroy, L. H. Busby, Lt. Cdr. Tufts, Capt. Bernstein, Cdr. Murdoch, Lt. Babel, Lt. Tansell. Second Row (L. to R.)—M. Callahan, L. Mendelson, G. Williams, B. Stover, B. Stewart, M. Harrington, L. Radcliffe, G. Nesheim S1-c, Ens. Rollins, A. Kushman, M. J. Pearcy, Hertzfelt Y3-c, F. Sawicki Y2-c, B. Martin Y3-c. Third Row (L. to R.)—D. Harding, I. Plotkin, Lt. (jg) Haueter, F. Drew Y2-c, A. Hogenson, R. Hopkins, M. Brady Y3-c, J. Walawender, M. Workman, H. Dee, C. Holt. Fourth Row (L. to R.)—G. Cummings, H. Coile, M. Sprinkle, J. Hudnall, C. Worch, H. Werness, R. Beans.

CODES 975, 976, 977, 978, 979 First Row (L. to R.)-Lt. J. H. Broadbent, Lt. C. J. Camp, Lt. M. W. Belsher, Lt. L. A. Ruch, Lt. Cdr. J. C. Walter, Lt. Cdr. J. L. Middlebrooks, Lt. M. E. Powers, Lt. Cdr. L. B. Wheeler, Lt. Cdr. J. A. Heinrich, Lt. C. G. Schucht, Lt. J. L. Richey. Second Row (L. to R.)-L. O'Clery, Lt. G. P. Casper, Lt. C. R. Courtney, K. F. Fisher Y2-c, N. Breeden, T. Balinger, C. A. Pavlides Y2-c, M. E. Thompson Y2-c, E. Peebler, G. Clark, L. Shepperd,_Lt. A. C. V. Diehl, Lt. Col. F. Timmerman, J. M. Stewart, G. R. Sams, W. J. Lee. Third Row (L. to R.)-O. L. Marttn, W. E. Simpson, Lt. H. F. Kane, Lt. M. E. Beard, Lt. V. H. Tonjes, Lt. G. T. DeLaMatyr, CRE G. F. Jacobsen, Lt. D. D. Ritchie, Lt. C. J. Hollis, M. E. Eason, W. A. Ostaff.

CODES 980, 98I
Front Row (L. to R.)—Lt. L. Harlow, Lt. C. Bailey, Lt. W. H. Wilson, Lt. R. Taylor, Lt. H. K. Hudson, Cdr. H. D. Kaulback, Lt. (jg) V. Battani, CRE Johnson, Lt. (jg) F. Andress, Lt. Evans, Lt. G. Denzin. Second Row (L. to R.)—F. J. Roddy, Lt. H. E. Rowe, D. Wadsworth Y3-c, B. Ellington, B. Smith S1-c, B. Gorg S1-c, O. Colson Y3-c, G. Dunkelman Y1-c, I. Szymanski,E. Hughes Y2-c, Lt. (jg) S. Macon, Lt. Twelves, T. D. Hobart. Third Row (L. to R.)—L. Avery, G. Poyet, H. M. Wright, A. M. Perlsweig, R. F. Thews, K. Kesecker, A. D. Tadde, F. S. Agnew, A. B. Groveman.

CODES 983, 984, 985, 986., 987, 988
Front Row (L. to R.)—Lt. Cdr. Gallaher, Lt. Cdr. Eichorn, Capt. L. Howe, Lt. Cdr. Miller, Lt. Cdr. C. Reiter, Lt. Cdr. J. Holland, CRE W. Breuer, Capt. J. Leveque, Lt. E. Sweeney, Lt. D. C. Jones. Second Row (L. to R.)—V. Parks, K. Boortz Y3-c, Ens. P. Gilbert, M. Paris, M. Breeden, M. Rantapaa, H. Livengood, M. Pearsall Y1-c, A. Planishek, R. Culhane Y2-c, A. Bowes Y1-c, V. Barker, A. Schmidt Y2-c, W. Shaup. Third Row (L. to R.)—C. Elwell, P. Lain, Lt. G. Lill, A. Ridgeway, Lt. Cdr. J. Ryder, Lt. C. Leeds, Capt. C. Johnson, Lt. J. Pitman, I. Bergstein, A. Massey.

Front Row (L. to R.)—Lt. Cdr. J. G. Holland, 1st Lt. E. V. Roberts, CRE W. J. Breuer, Lt. E. A. Fredholm, Capt. R. P. Houlihan, Lt. Col. F. A. Ramsey Jr., Maj. H. C. Lattimer, Lt. Cdr. C. H. Reiter, 1st Lt. W. W. Smith, Maj. H. C. Hazel, Lt. E. D. Sweeney. Second Row (L. to R.)—A. Schmidt Y3-c, F. O'Brien Y2-c, A. Bowes Y1-c, R. V. Culhane Y3-c, A. Planishek, S. Skwarto, M. A. Rantapaa, 1st Lt. C. T. Rauch, H. Livengood, J. E. Slimak, E. R. Berry. Third Row (L. to R.)—Capt. C. E. Johnson, 1st Lt. C. L. Parody, Lt. J. F. Ryder, Lt. C. M. Leeds, Lt. Col. E. F. Wann Jr., Capt. M.S. Adams, Capt. L. H. Howe, Capt. J. H. Leveque, Lt. B. M. Gallaher. Fourth Row (L. to R.)—A. P. Massey, P. A. Lain, C. F. Elwell, F. Gluck, W. Shaup, J. M. Glass, I. L. Mattson.

CODES 990, 991, 992, 993, 994, 995
Front Row (L. to R.)—Ens. J. C. Miller, Lt. (jg) E. J. Bjorman, Lt. I. W. Wright, Lt. R. W. Rogers, Lt. W. M. Powell, Lt. Cdr. J. K. Stewart, Cdr. H. E. Thomas, Lt. J. Colhkoff, Lt. C. C. Ijams, Lt. (jg) E. R. Schuler Lt. R. H. Fleming, Ens J. B. Robbins, Lt (jg) A. E. Pignatiello. Second Row (L. to R.)—Ens. A. Robbins, D. Duffy Y3-c, E. D. Monahan Y3-c, L. Ailey, C. Housenfluck, J. S. Thompson, L. Harris, D. Rosner Sp(X)1-c, M. L. Emerson, A. M. Bazan, L. Wilkinson, M. Crosby S1-c, N. Phaneuf Sp(X) 1-c, L. Mtsemer, M. Lee, E. Serepuk. Third Row (L. to R.)—Lt. J. W. Jacobs, Lt. E. M. Grout, Lt. (jg) C. Haynes, Lt. A. L. Vogan, P. G. Mogen, M. Cox Y3-c, D. Searfoss Sp(X)3-c, E. Roberts, N. F. Nazare, G. Green, O. P. Carmi. Fourth Row (L. to R.)—L E Morrisey, L.A. Meadows, J.D. Arnold, G. Lieverman, C. N. Williamson, H. L. Chadbourne, M.A. Rauh.

CODES 913, 946, 947
Front Row (L. to R.)—Lt. D. Olmstead, Lt. T. Bailey, Lt. Cdr. D. Early, Lt. Cdr. L. Goolsby, Lt. Cdr. J. Brearley, Cdr. N. Ball, Lt. Cdr. J. Crowley, C. Stec, Lt. Cdr. L. Wilson, Lt. A. Anderson, Lt. L. Mitchell. Second Row (L. to R.)—T. Frisone SK2·c, R. Sobel, R. Kelleher SK3·c, P. Taylor Y3-c, J. Dornaker SI-c, R. Dewhurst S1-c, B. Kent, H. Ditmore, R. Carter Y3-c, D. Digby Y3-c, Ens. H. Johnson, Lt. R. Ayres. Third Row (L. to R.)—Lt. W. Simmons, Lt. T. Chew, Lt. L. Moffett, Lt. S. John, Lt. L. Johnson, Lt. J. Spencer, Lt. W. Merchant, Lt. A. Robertson, Lt. (jg) N. Jeffers, Lt. (jg) E. Galins. Fourth Row (L. to R.)—J. Glover, H. Shapiro, J. Kirkland, F. Steele, L. Chromak, J. Loeb, L. Aarons, M. Swanson, H. Sheitlman.




Seated (L. to R.)—Capt. N. W. Gokey, R. Adm. F. J. Wille, Capt. E. M. Ragsdale. Standing (L. to R.)—Cdr. A. L. R. Rosenstein, Cdr. R. F. Smith, Capt. H. R. Gary, Cdr. E. L. Crabbe, Lt. Cdr. E. K. Dougherty, Lt. W. P. Curtiss.


Top: CODES 1700, 1701, 1703, 1704, 1705, 159, 1740
Front Row (L. to R.)—Lt. Cdr. W. P. Stewart, L. A. A. Slodden, Cdr. E. L. Crabbe, Capt. N. W. Gokey, R. Adm. F. J. Wille, Capt. H. R. Gary, Lt. A. B. Bower, Lt. G. F. Kasten. Second Row (L. to R.)—Lt. E. Randolph Jr., A. L. Welty, F. L. Ohman, E. L. Landry, E. Fribush, D. Allen, B. Shields, M. L. Simpson, M. R. Hanscom, Lt. J. Beuscher.

Bottom group: CODES 1710, 1719
Front Row (L. to R.)—Lt. G. Sangster, Lt. C. T. Williams, E. I. Dye, Lt. W. C. Jackson, Lt. D. Buckingham, Capt. E. M. Ragsdale, Lt. H. L. Walker, Lt. (jg) R. W. Barrett, Lt. R. R. Cole, Lt. (jg) C. Friedman. Second Row (L. to R.)—J. A. Henderson, B. M. Sconyers, R. M. Halpin, E. L. Blaschak, V. Williams, F. L. Hoge, N. DeMaria, Lt. (jg) K. C. Graff, R. M. Donahue Y3-c, B. L. Tarry Y3-c, R. M. Jackamo, McDonald, W. H. Floyd. Third Row (L. to R.)—R. H. Stout, Lt. A. L. Lindley, Lt. (jg) S. T. Orton, Lt. F. C. Nash, Lt. C. E. Tremen, Lt. J. F. Curley, Lt. A. E. Allen, Lt. D. M. Cummings, Lt. (jg) C. A. Herbst, R. Peuticotf.




CODES 1720, 1721, 1725, 1726, 1727, 1728
Front Row (L. to R.)—L. Thompson, P. Vallaincourt, A. Vida, H. Lee, Lt. M. Zoll, Lt. M. Madson, Lt. Cdr. E. K. Dougherty, Lt. Cdr. J. F. Whitehead, Lt. R. A. Wallace, A. Trout, M. Frum, N. Thompson, E. H. Bowie. Second Row (L. to R.)—R. Friedman, K. Payne, P. Silcox, C.,Brasseau, E. McGuire, K. Casey, M. Bernhardt, I. Nally, B. McFarlane, B. Breslaw, E. Feldman, B. Hart, L. Bennett, P. Ashbridge. Third Row (L. to R.)—R. Gotto, B. Draper, W Kendall, R. Sartain, K. McKaig, D. McKimmey, M. Jacobs, J. Lewis, R. Patten, E. Cohen, E. McMullen, R. Moyer. Fourth Row (L. to R.)—R. Hochstein, K. Pullman, C. Dunn, K. Veit, E. Walsh, D. Lilley, S. Goodman, B. Reynolds, R. Denson, D. Denekas, L. Rittenhouse.

CODES 1722, 1723, 1724
Front Row (L. to R.)—1. Larson, A. Zaklukiewicz, R. Belaska, D. Longback, L. Krueger, R. Butcher, Lt. F. C. Gebhart, Lt. D. C. Herring, Lt. A. L. Brault, Lt. B. S. Rogerson, L. E. Pyles, F. McGinnis, L. Bettinazzi, C. Camilli, D. Quigley. Second Row (L. to R.)—M. Coppin, N. Bradley, E. Wells, B. Pecararo, S. Donnell, K. Donovan, D. McDaniels, G. Fisher, E. DuRay, A. Friedman, E. Wilson, V. Cheesman, M. Wexler, R. Gray, G. Walker, D. Ensminger, E. Bonsall. Third Row (L. to R.)—Lt. N. P. Papson, D. Holden, G. Weese, M. Tibbs, A. Applewhite, M. Mercer, R. Hurley, D. Tucker, D. Addison, T. Shepperd, N. Hayes, D. Godbout.

CODES 1730, 1738
Front Row (L. to R.)—Lt. Cdr. G. M. Jones, Lt. Cdr. J. R. Brasel, Lt. G. W. Talburtt, Lt. Cdr. J. Davis, Cdr. R. F. Smith, Lt. (jg) D. C. Marquez, Lt. Cdr. G. L. Bouteiller, Lt. C. E. Johnson, Lt. P. W. Longstreet. Second Row (L. to R.)—D. L. Vaill Y1-c, L. E. Marks, M. Hamon Y3-c, B. B. Kelley, J. L. Curtis, A. B. Hope, R. Hedjuk Y2-c, A. B. Peck.

CODES 1760, 1761, 1762, 1763, 1764, 1765, 1766, 1767, 1768
Front Row (L. to R.)—Lt. G. W. Rule, Lt. M. Leva, Lt. (jg) D. Luck, Lt. W. Bopp, Lt. S. Eaton, Lt. (jg) R. S. Weiss, Cdr. A. L. Rosenstein, Lt. W. W. Yeager, Lt. R. D. Mercer, Lt. J. H. Creekmore, Lt. D. C. Kerr, Lt. L. Allen, Lt. (jg) T. F. Wilson. Second Row (L. to R.)—Lt. H. S. Mills, Lt. Cdr. G. E. Messer, B. Wertz Y3-c, F. Gaudiosi Y2-c, J, Goetz, E. Shields, L. Raiche, D. Thomas, S. Smith, D. Hausman Y3-c, V. Bendler, R. Drischler, R. Lucia, Y3-c, M. Moroney Y3-c, H. Teague, Lt. (jg) A. Turner, Lt. (jg) P. C. Reardon. Third Row (L. to R.)—Lt. J. L. Snook, Lt. A. F. Oehman, O. Kross, V. James, M. Olson, Lt. M. Martin, S. Good, L. Comstock, N. Barker, M. Chapman Y2-c, Lt. S. R. Yates, Lt. (jg) L. D. Prescott.

CODES 1770, 1773A-B, 1774, 1776, 1779
Front Row (L. to R.)—E. B. Jackson, A. B. Simpson, A. M. Jenkins, R. E. Katen, M. E. Lentz, B. M. Sweet, L. T. Harrison, Lt. W. P. Curtiss Jr., Lt. C. B. Cornelius, M. L. Castile, H. R. Hale, R. Jones, A. M. Dinkins, B. D. Nicholson. Second Row (L. to R.)—V. M. Sullivan, N. Evans, N. Lee, M. B. Snedeker Y3-c, B. Gladden, E. H. McFadden Y2-c, M. Mayberry, K. Chamberlain, M. Conniff, R. Newmark S1-c, Rhea Smiley, E. Peterson, M. Marrs, D. Bauer Y2-c, H. Bearr, M. Robinson, B. Harris. Third Row (L. to R.)—J. Stanford, D. Grossini Y3-c, E. S. Wagner, K. Worsham, D. Brown, J. A. Johnson, R. A. Apple, M. C. Joyner, E. L. Brandimarte, L. Whitney Y3-c, M. E. Mcintyre, E. Morley, E. Shreve, E. Lain. Fourth Row (L. to R.)—D. Lusher SK3-c, E. Gumee Y3-c, L, Smith, V. Coates, D. Mapston, G. Goins, R. Murphy, E. Kirk, H. Thompson, D. Roth, J. Stockwell Y1-c, W. Marchant.

CODES 1770B, 1773C, 1775, 1776, 1777
Front Row (L. to R.)—Lt. W. P. Curtis, H. A. Engler, Lt. Cdr. W. F. Whitehead. Second Row (L. to R.)—R. Griffith, F. R. Stevens, L. Garton, R. Kerwin, M. Gunning, C. Dunlap, M. Adams, M. Coleman, D. Ellingson, S. Putteet, D. Watrous, I. Mattson, E. Holtz, C. Moore Y3-c. Third Row (L. to R.)—R. Taylor, E. Wescom, M. McCaffrey, E. Cole, R. Harper, O. Glije, E. Owen, G. Becton, E. Young, L. Jesse, A. Stoner, D. Norwood.












Bureau Ships Officer Indoctrination Class


Bureau of Ships Officer Awards



Baker, David, 977;
Beeler, Elizabeth, 205;
Biggerstaff, Neil B., 643;
Cabot, Charles C., 279;
Carter, Helen, 110;
Cooper, Sol Saul, 447;
Epstein, Leon S., 638;
Fate, Clara M., 1875;
Fleisher, Harry, 336;
Gates, Albert, 638;
Gates, Howard P., 925;
Haynes, Emanuel, 638;
Higgs, Sarah V., 241;
Hunter, Frances E., 233;
Johnson, Meredith, 447;
Kronstadt, Nathan, 449;
Lathrop, Russell L., 5813;
Leitzer, Jane, 224;
Osborn, Marvin W., 660;
Owens, Lenora, 1875;
Perine, Wilbur, 965;
Player, John L., 911;
Porter, Carl W., 638;
Rice, George, 860;
Roberts, H. C., 447;
Smiley, Rhea, 772;
Smith, William L., 949;
Sparing, William, 660A;
Springer, Clarence, 451;
Stuhman, H. L., 766;
Sullivan, George E., 631;
Swindle, Jess, 1875B;
Utrecht, Elsie M., 451;
Walter, Gordon, 949;
Waterman, George W., 692;
Wehmeyer, Carl J., 5813;
Wilkenloh, Charles, 449;
Willard, Irma S., 9 93;
Young, Dean S., 965;


Photographic and editorial work by Photographic Group, Code 225, Lt. Comdr. Kenneth Shaftan, USNR, Head of Group. Layout and photographic compilation by William F. Walter, Miss Zara Bybee, and Lt. (jg) M. M. Patterson.

Sales and distribution by Employee Relations Section, C. E. Auvil, Head of Section; and by Incentives Unit, Code 268b, Elmer Seger, Head of Unit. Mail campaign conducted through the cooperation of Capt. R. F. Yager, USN, Head, Naval Personnel Branch, and Mr. L. E. James, Head Civilian Personnel Branch, and their staffs.

Below are some organizational charts that were loosely in the copy of the yearbook.





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Index of Names


Index of names appearing in the yearbook. A few individuals only have their surname listed. A name appearing multiple times in the index indicates multiple appearances in the yearboo. To find the person in the yearbook you can use the Find function in your browser. For example, in Safari, hit Command+F and type the name in the box. For PC users, hit Control+F and type the name in the box. Another method is to look under Edit in your browser menu for the Find command.

Most of the work to create this index was done by Lois Holt Mallory. Her work made this addition possible.


NAME Complete Name
Abel  K. Abel
Abendschein  A. Abendschein
Ables  C. M. Ables
Abucewicz  M. A. Abucewicz
Adams  V. Adams
Adams  B. Adams
Adams  Lt. R. L. Adams
Adams  W. A. Adams
Adams  J. Adams
Adams  K. M. Adams
Adler  B. Adler
Ain  Lt. Ain
Akin  C. Akin
Albin  V. Albin
Albright  D. Albright
Aldridge  Capt. Aldridge
Aldridge  Capt. E. T. Aldridge
Alexander  U. Alexander
Alfers  J. B. Alfers
Allan  J. Allan
Allcock  D. Allcock
Allen  F. B. Allen
Allen  M. Allen
Allen  F. Allen
Allers  M. Allers
Allwine  P. M. Allwine
Allwine  J. M. Allwine
Alsen  M. Alsen
Alston  J. Alston
Alter  M. Alter
Altman  B. Altman
Aluise  R. R. Aluise
Ames  Lt. (jg) R. H. Ames
Amorosi  A. A. Amorosi
Amundson  G. A. Amundson
Anderson  M. Anderson
Anderson  M. Anderson
Anderson  A. Anderson
Anderson  J. Anderson
Anderson  C. D. Anderson
Anderson  Capt. C. C. Anderson
Anderson  M. S. Anderson
Anderson  T. W. Anderson
Anderson  Capt. L. Anderson
Andognini  R. Andognini
Andrews  Cdr. G. A. Andrews
Andrich  D. J. Andrich
Angelides  M. Angelides
Angle  E. Angle
Anstett  Lt. D. G. Anstett
Anstutz  O. Anstutz
Appleton  Lt. Cdr. J. W Appleton
Arant  N. Arant
Arceneaux  Lt. (jg) A.M. Arceneaux
Archer  J. Archer
Armstrong  W. J. Armstrong
Arnell  K. Arnell
Aronson  Lt. A. H. Aronson
Arsenault  M. J. Arsenault
Arthur  H. Arthur
Ashbee  S. J. Ashbee
Ashby  E. A. Ashby
Atkinson  Ens. S. H. Atkinson
Atkinson  N. Atkinson
Ault  H. M. Ault
Austin  Lt. (jg) N. Austin
Avery  Capt. F. B. Avery
Avery  C. W. Avery
Awtrey  Lt. L. R. Awtrey
Awtrey  Capt. R. A. Awtrey
Awtrey  Capt. R. A. Awtrey
Azevedo  M. Azevedo
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Babel  A. J. G. Babel
Baber  Lt. Cdr. W. C. Baber
Babin  Lt. (jg) J. Babin
Back  F. Back
Baier  M. Baier
Bailey  R. Bailey
Bailey  W. H. Bailey
Bailey  B. Bailey
Bailey  E. Bailey
Bain  D. Bain
Bain  Lt. Bain
Ball  Lt. Ball
Ballard  F. Ballard
Bambrick  D. Bambrick
Banes  E. J. Banes
Baney  M. Baney
Banks  W. F. Banks
Barbee  L. Barbee
Bard  R. P. Bard
Bardeen  E. S. Bardeen
Bardouche  E. Bardouche
Bares  Lt. R. Bares
Barker  H. Barker
Barnes  T. D. Barnes
Barnes  Lt. Barnes
Barr  C. Barr
Barrett  R. W. Barrett
Barricklow  A. G. Barricklow
Barrus  E. Barrus
Barry  D. J. Barry
Barter  L. Barter
Bartlett  D. T. Bartlett
Bartlett  Lt. Cdr. C. H. Bartlett
Bartolomeo  M. Bartolomeo
Barton  Lt. Wm. Barton
Barwick  F. G. Barwick
Barzottini  T. Barzottini
Baskerville  L. Baskerville
Bass  Rear Admiral I. E. Bass
Bass  R. Adm. I. E. Bass
Bassett  E. Bassett
Bateman  M. Bateman
Bauer  M. Bauer
Baumgarten  Baumgarten
Bawolek  B. Bawolek
Beach  G. Beach
Beale  E. Beale
Beale  D. C. Beale
Beam  B. Beam
Beatty  J. Beatty
Beaver  L. Beaver
Beck  E. V. Beck
Beeland  Lt. (jg) B. A. Beeland
Beeson  Lt. Cdr. K. H. Beeson
Beeton  J. Beeton
Behan  N. Behan
Bein  D. Bein
Bell  J. Bell
Bell  J. D. Bell
Bell  A. K. Bell
Bell  M. M. Bell
Benbow  L. Benbow
Bennett  Lt. D. A. Bennett
Bennett  V. Bennett
Benoit  M. Benoit
Benoy  M. Benoy
Benscoter  F. L. Benscoter
Benton  N. S. Benton
Benzow  B. Benzow
Bercaw  Lt. (jg) N. A. Bercaw
Berger  D. Berger
Bergs  Lt. H. Bergs
Bernard  R. Bernard
Berndt  D. Berndt
Bernfeld  T. Bernfeld
Bernstein  Lt. L. M. Bernstein
Berry  H. Berry
Besant  S. Besant
Beverly  M. Beverly
Bibus  K. Bibus
Bieber  V. Bieber
Bierhals  A. L. Bierhals
Bifulk  D. A. Bifulk
Biggers  A. B. Biggers
Bilquist  D. J. Bilquist
Bismark  C. Bismark
Bitner  Lt. Cdr. W. H. Bitner
Bittinger  Cdr. C. Bittinger
Black  W. Black
Blackwell  L. Blackwell
Blackwood  W. J. Blackwood
Blair  L. R. Blair
Blangero  M. Blangero
Blanton  N. C. Blanton
Blass  R. Blass
Blatcher  A. M. Blatcher
Blevins  Ens. M. Blevins
Blevins  B. Blevins
Blevins  K. Blevins
Bloedell  J. Bloedell
Blogg  Lt. Cdr. J. Blogg
Bloom  E. Bloom
Bloom  Ens. M. J. Bloom
Blum  Lt. W. Blum
Blumenthal  H. C. Blumenthal
Boatwright  G. M. Boatwright
Boaz  Cdr. R. M. Boaz
Boehly  H. W. Boehly
Bollman  C. Bollman
Bolton  Lt. G. N. Bolton
Bolton  Lt. (jg) J. N. Bolton
Bonsall  Lt. Bonsall
Bontz  B. Bontz
Boone  L. D. Boone
Borkowski  G. A. Borkowski
Born  W. L. Born
Boswell  L. Boswell
Boswell  M. Boswell
Boteler  H. W. Boteler
Bottemiller  Lt. H. L. Bottemiller
Bowden  V. Bowden
Bowers  P. S. Bowers
Bowers  Capt. Bowers
Bowers  D. Bowers
Bowes  W. Bowes
Box  D. Box
Boyd  H. E. Boyd
Boyda  H. M. Boyda
Boyle  A. Boyle
Bozic  E. Bozic
Brackett  C. Brackett
Bradford  E. B. Bradford
Bradley  C. Bradley
Brady  Cdr. P. H. Brady
Branch  L. Branch
Branch  L. Branch
Brand  R. Adm. Brand
Brand  R. Adm. C. L. Brand
Brand  R. Adm. Brand
Brand  R. Adm. C. L. Brand
Brandimarte  M. Brandimarte
Brann  B. G. Brann
Brasier  V. P. Brasier
Bratt  A. M. Bratt
Braun  C. Braun
Breickner  I. Breickner
Brennan  E. W. Brennan
Brent  I. M. Brent
Bresk  A. Bresk
Brien  A. O' Brien
Briggs  B. Briggs
Brimmer  O. Brimmer
Briner  Cdr. H. V. Briner
Broderick  J. Broderick
Brook  Lt. Cdr. C. Brook
Brooks  D. L. Brooks
Brooks  G. M. Brooks
Broshek  Adm. Broshek
Broshek  R. Adm. J. J. Broshek
Broshek  Adm. J. J. Broshek
Broshek  R. Adm. J. J. Broshek
Broughton  Lt. (jg) F. Broughton
Broughton  Lt. (jg) F. L. Broughton
Broughton  Lt (jg) F. Broughton
Broughton  P. Broughton
Broughton  P. Broughton
Brouk  Lt. B. O. Brouk
Broussard  Lt. G. Broussard
Brown  Lt. (jg) R. Brown
Brown  M. Brown
Brown  M. Brown
Brown  B. J. Brown
Brown  Lt. J. J. Brown
Brown  M. Brown
Brown  J. L. Brown
Brown  M. J. Brown
Brown  Lt. P. I. Brown
Brown  J. T. Brown
Brown  E. Brown
Brown  M. Brown
Brown  L. S. Brown
Brown  S. Brown
Browne  Lt. W. L. Browne
Bruce  B. A. Bruce
Brugge  Lt. A. P. Brugge
Brundage  W. Brundage
Bruner  Capt. R. W. Bruner
Bruns  V. Bruns
Brunswick  K. Brunswick
Bruser  Capt. R. W. Bruser
Bryce  L. Bryce
Buchanan  B. Buchanan
Buchanan  D. R. Buchanan
Buckelew  V. L. Buckelew
Buckles  H. Buckles
Bukzin  E. A. Bukzin
Bullock  H. Bullock
Bultemeyer  A. Bultemeyer
Bunch  M. M. Bunch
Bundy  M. Bundy
Bunnell  Lt. J. Bunnell
Burdette  F. Burdette
Burke  E. Burke
Burke  G. H. Burke
Burner  Lt. G. G. Burner
Burnett  A. Burnett
Burnett  L. M. Burnett
Burnham  R. Burnham
Burnham  ­R. Burnham
Burnham  Lt. J. M. Burnham
Burr  B. B. Burr
Burritt  Lt. S. G. Burritt
Burton  P. T. Burton
Bushinski  L. E. Bushinski
Bushrod  M. Bushrod
Butcher  E. Butcher
Butler  Lt. Butler
Butler  B. Butler
Butler  Lt. (jg) J. E. Butler
Butts  L. Butts
Butts  H. Butts
Butts  H. Butts
Bybee  Zara Bybee
Byrnes  M. Byrnes
Bzura  M. L. Bzura
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Cabot  C. C. Cabot
Cadwallader  E. Cadwallader
Calbert  Lt. Calbert
Callahan  S. Callahan
Callahan  P. A. Callahan
Callahan  H. Callahan
Cameron  A. P. Cameron
Campbell  Cdr. C. H. Campbell
Campbell  Cdr. C. H. Campbell
Campbell  M. Campbell
Campbell  W. A. Campbell
Campbell  L. Campbell
Campbell  M. Campbell
Canfield  Lt. (jg) T. E. Canfield
Cannon  Lt. Cdr. E. W. Cannon
Cannon  L. E. Cannon
Cantwell  M. Cantwell
Caperton  V. R. Caperton
Caprin  V. I. Caprin
Carlson  Lt. N. E. Carlson
Carlson  R. Carlson
Carney  Lt. (jg) J. M. Carney
Carnvale  M. Carnvale
Carpenter  E. Carpenter
Carr  L. Carr
Carr  J. Carr
Carr  J. Carr
Carr  A. Carr
Carr  D. C. Carr
Carrigan  Ens. E. F. Carrigan
Carroll  S. O. Carroll
Carroll  M. Carroll
Carrte  J. Carrte
Carson  Lt. J. Carson
Carson  M. Carson
Carter  N. O. Carter
Carter  D. M. Carter
Carter  M. J. Carter
Carter  Lt. Carter
Cartin  W. J. Cartin
Carton  A. Carton
Cassey  T. E. Cassey
Cassidy  F. Cassidy
Cassidy  Lt. (jg) E. M. Cassidy
Castagna  ­F. C. Castagna
Cato  C. Cato
Catts  V. Catts
Cavin  F. E. Cavin
Cenmello  C. Cenmello
Cerenzia  L. Cerenzia
Chandler  A. Chandler
Chaput  V. Chaput
Chase  I. B. Chase
Chavez  M. Y. Chavez
Chazin  M. Chazin
Chen  A. B. Chen
Chermack  E. Chermack
Cherry  G. Cherry
Chevalla  C. H. Chevalla
Chieri  M. Van Chieri
Chilcote  J. H. Chilcote
Childs  Lt. (jg) M. E. Childs
Chite  F. Chite
Christenfeld  S. Christenfeld
Christensen  K. H. Christensen
Christian  L. I. Christian
Christiansen  Lt. F. A. Christiansen
Christman  S. Christman
Christoph  Lt. Cdr. J. H. Christoph
Ciesla  J. Ciesla
Cigledy  E. S. Cigledy
Clark  L. Clark
Clark  J. H. Clark
Clark  V. Clark
Clark  J. Clark
Clark  T. M. Clark
Clark  L. Clark
Clark  P. E. Clark
Clarke  M. F. Clarke
Clelan  M. Clelan
Cleland  M. Cleland
Clements  Lt. R. W. Clements
Clendenen  D. M. Clendenen
Cline  K. Cline
Close  Ens. C. R. Close
Cloud  R. Cloud
Clough  L. M. Clough
Clutts  Lt. Cdr. Charles Edward Clutts
Clutts  Lt. Cdr. Charles Edward Clutts
Coates  C. Coates
Cobb  J. D. Cobb
Cochrane  V. Adm. Cochrane
Cochrane  H. P. Cochrane
Cocke  Lt. A. Cocke
Cockerham  L. Cockerham
Code  S. Code
Coffee  Cdr. D. M. Coffee
Coffee  Cdr. D. M. Coffee
Cohen  A. S. Cohen
Cohen  S. Cohen
Cohen  R. Cohen
Cohen  C. Cohen
Cohen  S. Cohen
Coile  M. Coile
Coleman  J. M. Coleman
Colfelder  Lt. J. C. Colfelder
Colledge  Capt. A. W. Colledge
Collins  C. Collins
Collins  H. B. Collins
Collins  M.G. Collins
Collins  R. Collins
Coltrane  W. Coltrane
Cone  D. Cone
Conley  J. F. Conley
Connolly  E. J. Connolly
Conway  Edna L. Conway
Cook  M. A. Cook
Cook  Lt. Cook
Cook  M. Cook
Cooley  A. Cooley
Coon  J. L. Coon
Cooper  K. Cooper
Cooper  J. M. Cooper
Cooper  L. Cooper
Cooper  Sol Saul Cooper
Copeland  L. Copeland
Corkum  F. G. Corkum
Corrick  M. B. Corrick
Corriveau  A. Corriveau
Corum  M. A. Corum
Cosby  M. Cosby
Costello  J. P. Costello
Coulter  Lt. Cdr. E. B. Coulter
Courtner  J. Courtner
Coveny  M. J. Coveny
Coward  W. M. Coward
Cox  B. Cox
Cox  A. Cox
Cox  Lt. Cdr. C. M. Cox
Coyle  N. V. Coyle
Crabb  E. Crabb
Crabbe  R. P. Crabbe
Cradduck  Z. M. Cradduck
Crahan  M. Crahan
Crawford  M. Crawford
Creighton  Cdr. W. H. Creighton
Crisp  F. Crisp
Cromie  Lt. Cdr. R. W. Cromie
Crone  Maj. R. C. Crone
Crookshank  Lt. C. C. Crookshank
Crosby  S. B. Crosby
Cross  R. Cross
Crouch  E. Crouch
Crowley  Lt. F. J. Crowley
Crumb  S. Crumb
Crump  R. Crump
Crux  J. E. Crux
Cuervo  A. Cuervo
Culberson  M. Culberson
Culver  L. Culver
Cummings  J. Cummings
Cummings  L. V. Cummings
Currie  Lt. Cdr. F. Currie
Curtis  E. A. Curtis
Cushman  J. P. Cushman
Cyr  L. G. Cyr
Czachurski  A. B. Czachurski
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D'Elicio  S. D'Elicio
Dagaett  E. Dagaett
Daggett  E. Daggett
Dahlen  S. Dahlen
Dalecki  M. Dalecki
Dalton  A. Dalton
Dalton  Capt. Dalton
Dalton  Capt. C. M. Dalton
Damon  Lt. Cdr. M. O. Damon
Danaghev  A. Danaghev
Dandridge  F. Dandridge
Danford  L. Danford
Danford  C. Danford
Dankers  G. A. Dankers
Danse  Lt. R. A. Danse
Darden  D. Darden
Dark  E. Dark
Daubert  A. C. Daubert
Davenport  G. Davenport
Davey  M. Davey
Davidson  Lt. Cdr. R. L. D. Davidson
Davis  G. Davis
Davis  A. Davis
Davis  M. Davis
Davis  J. Davis
Davis  C. Davis
Davis  T. Davis
Davis  P. Davis
Davis  M. Davis
Davis  C. L. Davis
Davis  G. Davis
Davison  P. Davison
Davisson  Lt. Davisson
Dawson  K. Dawson
Day  Lt. J. E. Day
Day  L. J. Day
Debiasi  L. Debiasi
Decko  E. Decko
Dega  Lt. D. Dega
DeGroff  Cdr. R. L. DeGroff
DeLand  L. M. DeLand
Delfner  P. R. Delfner
Deligans  J. Deligans
Delp  E. V. Delp
Demonja  A. Demonja
Dennis  C. Dennis
Dent  F. Dent
Dery  E. Dery
Devere  R. Devere
Devine  W. Devine
Devine  E. Devine
Dickson  J. Dickson
Diehl  M. G. Diehl
Diekmeier  L. Diekmeier
Diekmeier  E. Diekmeier
Dieleman  F. Dieleman
Dierkoph  L. Dierkoph
Diers  Lt. (jg) H. Diers
Dietrich  W. Dietrich
DiMartino  R. DiMartino
Dimpfl  L. Dimpfl
Dinneen  M. F. Dinneen
Disston  S. Disston
Dittmann  L. Dittmann
Diuguid  Lizzie Mae Diuguid
Diuguid  Walter Diuguid
Dixon  Lt. R. Dixon
Dixon  H. M. Dixon
Doan  L. Doan
Doan  M. Doan
Dodge  F. Dodge
Dodson  L. Dodson
Dodson  M. A. Dodson
Doerr  H. Doerr
Doherty  J. J. Doherty
Donald  Capt. H. G. Donald
Donald  Capt. H. G. Donald
Donald  Capt. H. G. Donald
Donaldson  S. Donaldson
Donato  M. M. Donato
Donavan  B. Donavan
Dooley  R. A. Dooley
Doran  N. Doran
Dorsett  Lt. L. N. Dorsett
Dorsey  M. Dorsey
Doty  M. H. Doty
Doty  E. Doty
Dow Commodore J. B. Dow
Dow  H. H. Dow
Dowd  Capt. W. R. Dowd
Dowd  Capt. R. A. Dowd
Dowdy  G. Dowdy
Dowe  L. Dowe
Dowling  F. R. Dowling
Downer  M. Downer
Downer  Lt. H. C. Downer
Downey  I. E. Downey
Drahos  B. J. Drahos
Drain  M. F. Drain
Driscoll  Ens. J. Driscoll
Dues  M. Dues
Duff  A. Duff
Duffy  D. Duffy
Dugdale  D. E. Dugdale
Duli  M. Duli
Duncan  Lt. Duncan
Dunn  M. Dunn
Dunn  L. R. Dunn
Dunn  F. Dunn
Dunwiddie  F. Dunwiddie
Duplinsky  M. D. Duplinsky
DuVal  Lt. (jg) M. G. DuVal
Dye  O. Dye
Dye  M. Dye
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Eagles  E. Eagles
Earle  M. Earle
Earle  M. Earle
Eason  V. Eason
Easter  A. J. Easter
Easter  L. Easter
Easterling  O. M. Easterling
Eastin  D. Eastin
Eddingfield  M. Eddingfield
Eddy  B. Eddy
Edmonson  Lt. Edmonson
Edmunds  V. Edmunds
Edson  Cdr. N. W. Edson
Edson   Lt. Cdr. N. W. Edson
Edwards  Capt. F. A. Edwards
Edwards  Capt. F. A. Edwards
Egge  Lt. Egge
Eikelberg  A. Eikelberg
Eimers  Ens. M. L. Eimers
Eklund  S. Eklund
Elavsky  A. Elavsky
Elchynski  R. Elchynski
Ellis  W. G. Ellis
Ellis  L. C. Ellis
Ellison  C. Ellison
Elstad  E. Elstad
Elton  E. Elton
Embody  Lt. D. R. Embody
Emmett  C. G. Emmett
Endelman  H. Endelman
Engel  R. Engel
England  Lt. J. S. England
Erickson  E. Erickson
Erkila  E. Erkila
Essetf  A. M. Essetf
Essex  E. M. Essex
Estep  C. Estep
Estes  G. B. Estes
Evans  G. Evans
Evans  L. Evans
Evans  A. Evans
Evans  Cdr. R. L. Evans
Evans  W. J. Evans
Ewing  W. N. EWing
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Fabing  I. Fabing
Fadden  H. J. Fadden
Fague  V. Fague
Fairchild  M. B. Fairchild
Fairs  H. Fairs
Fang  Lt. Cdr. O. E. Fang
Farler  P. F. Farler
Farley  J. O. Farley
Farquharson  Lt. G. Farquharson
Farrell  Lt. (jg) M. Farrell
Farrell  Lt. (jg) M. Farrell
Farrell  Lt. J. R. Farrell
Fate  Clara M. Fate
Faulkner  A. Faulkner
Fay  N. L. Fay
Fee  Cdr. J. J. Fee
Feece  M. Feece
Feeney  Lt. (jg) M. E. Feeney
Feinberg  Lt. M. R. Feinberg
Feit  R. Feit
Feldman  R. Feldman
Felker  H. B. Felker
Fellows  N. Fellows
Fellows  E. K. C. Fellows
Felton  M. Felton
Fencl  Lt. F. Fencl
Fenske  B. J. Fenske
Ferguson  B. M. Ferguson
Ferguson  M. Ferguson
Ferguson  F. Ferguson
Fernstrom  L. B. Fernstrom
Ferriday  Lt. Ferriday
Ferriday  Lt. E. C. Ferriday
Ferris  L. W. Ferris
Ficklin  F. Ficklin
Fincke  Ens. B. Fincke
Fischer  A. W. Fischer
Fisher  D. Fisher
Fisher  J. E. Fisher
Fisher  J. E. Fisher
Fisher  J. E. Fisher
Fisher  F. W. Fisher
Fisher  D. H. Fisher
Fisher  M.A. Fisher
Fites  C. E. Fites
Fleisher  Harry Fleisher
Fleming  Lt. (jg) D. M. Fleming
Flemmings  E. Flemmings
Fletcher  W. Fletcher
Floberg  Lt. F. Floberg
Floyd  H. I. Floyd
Flynn  C. Flynn
Flynn  M. Flynn
Folz  P. J. Folz
Fones  E. Fones
Fonger  G. F. Fonger
Fontain  M. Fontain
Footen  E. Footen
Foran  M. J. Foran
Ford  M. Ford
Ford  I. Ford
Ford  M. E. Ford
Ford  M. A. Ford
Ford  Lt. (jg) G. S. Ford
Fordyce  J. Fordyce
Forney  M. J. Forney
Forsythe  P. I. Forsythe
Fortier  H. M. Fortier
Foshay  W. W Foshay
Foster  J. Foster
Foster  A. Foster
Foster  M. Foster
Fowler  B. Fowler
Frager  Lt. A. Frager
Francione  E. Francione
Francis  M. Francis
Francis  P. M. Francis
Franczak  A. Franczak
Franklin  W. H. Franklin
Franz  F. C. Franz
Fravel  Cdr. H. A. Fravel
Frazier  Lt. J. K. Frazier
Freeman  T. Freeman
French  W. E. French
French  C. A. French
Frey  E. Frey
Fried  L. A. Fried
Friedman  R. K. Friedman
Friend  S. Friend
Fries  M. T. Fries
Frigione  F. Frigione
Frix  G. Frix
Frost  G. E. Frost
Fryer  L. H. Fryer
Fuldner  E. M. Fuldner
Fuller  Lt. Cdr. W. R. Fuller
Fulwood  M. L. Fulwood
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Gable  D. O. Gable
Gaffield  E. Gaffield
Gaffield  E. W. Gaffield
Gaffney  M. E. Gaffney
Gager  C. C. Gager
Gaines  D. Gaines
Galindo  Lt. Cdr. H F. Galindo
Galloway  V. E. Galloway
Gambini  A. Gambini
Gammon  Lt. R. Gammon
Gammons  Lt. R. S. Gammons
Gangelhoff  M. Gangelhoff
Gantt  F. M. Gantt
Garbarino  M. Garbarino
Gardner  Lt. E. F. Gardner
Garnett  F. L. Garnett
Garnjobst  I. Garnjobst
Garrett  L. D. Garrett
Garrett  Lt. C. C. Garrett
Garrison  E. Garrison
Garvin  H. Garvin
Gasiorek  G. Gasiorek
Gaspard  M. Gaspard
Gastineau  Lt. R. L. Gastineau
Gatewood  M. W. Gatewood
Gaughan  B. Miller K. Gaughan
Gazlay  Cdr. R. C. Gazlay
Gerlach  Cdr. C. H. Gerlach
Gibbs  G. L. Gibbs
Gibbs  W. Gibbs
Gibson  E. Gibson
Giddens  Lt. K. R. Giddens
Gilbert  S. Gilbert
Gilbert  N. L. Gilbert
Gilbert  H. J. Gilbert
Gildea  R. H. Gildea
Gilfix  Lt. C. Gilfix
Gill  Lt. J. K. Gill
Gill  V. Gill
Gilpin  M. V. Gilpin
Gindorff  M. Gindorff
Ginn  Lt. Cdr. W. S. Ginn
Gleason  P. Gleason
Gleason  B. Gleason
Glenn  L. C. Glenn
Glenn  E. Glenn
Glosten  Lt. Cdr. L. R. Glosten
Glover  C. Glover
Gluck  L. Gluck
Gnam  M. L. Gnam
Godwin  C. Godwin
Goldenberg  L. Goldenberg
Goldie  J. Goldie
Golding  C. Golding
Goldsberry  M. E. Goldsberry
Golightly  V. Golightly
Golightly  V. Golightly
Gomberg  P. R. Gomberg
Good  A. Good
Goodenow  R. M. Goodenow
Gorham  Lt. E. Gorham
Gorham  Lt. Gorham
Gorham  Lt. Gorham
Gorman  E. Gorman
Gosey  R. Gosey
Goss  B. J. Goss
Goss  B. J. Goss
Gracely  L. Gracely
Graham  D. Graham
Graham  D.P. Graham
Graham  W. E. Graham
Grant  D. Grant
Grant  L. Grant
Granville  M. Granville
Granville  V. Granville
Granville  V. Granville
Grauman  R. R. Grauman
Graves  I. Graves
Grawey  E. Grawey
Gray  A. Gray
Graze  Lt. (jg) G. Graze
Green  Lt. (jg) M.A. Green
Green  R. Green
Green  F. M. Green
Green  A. G. Green
Green  R. G. Green
Green  C. B. Green
Greenawalt  M. Greenawalt
Greenfield  V. Greenfield
Greenwald  M. Greenwald
Gregg  P. Gregg
Gregory  G. Gregory
Gregory  Cdr. R. V. Gregory
Grenander  Lt. (jg) M. W. Grenander
Griel  A. A. Griel
Grier  F. Grier
Grieser  M. M. Grieser
Griffin  Z. B. Griffin
Griffith  Lt. (jg) M. E. Griffith
Griffra  M. R. Griffra
Grisby  J. Grisby
Gross  Lt. R. T. Gross
Grulee  Lt. L. K. Grulee
Guard  Cdr. J. A. Guard
Guelden  F. A. Guelden
Gull  Lt. C. D. Gull
Gundy  J. Gundy
Gunning  I.M. Gunning
Gustafson  A. N. Gustafson
Guthrie  J. Guthrie
Gutmann  J. D. Gutmann
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Haag  E. J. Haag
Haar  A. Haar
Hackney  M. P. Hackney
Haddow  B. Haddow
Hagner  T. R. Hagner
Haire  H. H. Haire
Hall  Lt. D. W. Hall
Hall  R. Hall
Hall  E. B. Hall
Halligan  Cdr. J. E. Halligan
Halverson  D. Halverson
Ham  M. Ham
Hamilton  D. Hamilton
Hamilton  Lt. C. Hamilton
Hamilton  Lt. H. L. Hamilton
Hamilton  C. Hamilton
Hanbury  R. Hanbury
Handler  E. Handler
Hanley  Ens. L. F. Hanley
Hanlon  P. J. Hanlon
Hann  M. Hann
Hanna  G. Hanna
Hanrahan  R. J. Hanrahan
Hansard  Lt. W. Hansard
Hansen  E. Hansen
Hanson  J. Hanson
Hanson  J. Hanson
Hardin  C. L. Hardin
Harding  G. C. Harding
Hare  M. P. Hare
Hare  M. Hare
Hare  D. E. Hare
Harmon  E. Harmon
Harmon  R. E. Harmon
Harper  J. Harper
Harris  E. Harris
Harris  C. Harris
Harris  D. Harris
Harris  S. Harris
Harris  P. Harris
Harris  M. Harris
Harris  J. R. Harris
Harrison  B. Harrison
Harrison  J. R. Harrison
Harrison  W. L. Harrison
Harrison  E. Harrison
Hart  Lt. Cdr. C. M. Hart
Harvey  Nettie K. Harvey
Haskin  M. Haskin
Hasson  M. E. Hasson
Hastings  B. N. Hastings
Hathaway  S. Hathaway
Haugen  L. T. Haugen
Hausmann  H. Hausmann
Hausmann  Cdr. L. Hausmann
Hawchildt  M. R. Hawchildt
Hawkins  A. G. Hawkins
Hawkins  B. Hawkins
Hayes  E. Hayes
Haynie  Lt. P. M. Haynie
Hays  Lt. Cdr. Wm. Hays
Hazelwood  O. Hazelwood
Headrick  T. W. Headrick
Heathcote  N. H. Heathcote
Heflin  M. Heflin
Heichelbech  M. Heichelbech
Heiland  J. Heiland
Heimer  A. K. Heimer
Heine  J. Heine
Heiner  D. Heiner
Heise  W. M. Heise
Hemphill  T. M. Hemphill
Henderson  M. Henderson
Henderson  R. B. Henderson
Hendrix  Lt. (jg) M. K. Hendrix
Henkles  M. K. Henkles
Henoch  M. Henoch
Henry  Cdr. H. A. Henry
Herr  H. Herr
Herring  A. Herring
Hetrick  M. Hetrick
Heyward  C. Heyward
Hicks  H. Hicks
Higgins  M. J. Higgins
Higgs  Sarah V. Higgs
High  M. C. High
Higham  Lt. M. S. Higham
Hill  E. Hill
Hill  E. Hill
Hill  Lt. F. L. Hill
Hisey  J. Hisey
Hitchcock  H. Hitchcock
Ho!lins  M. Ho!lins
Hobbs  Lt. (jg) A. K. Hobbs
Hober  C. B. Hober
Hoddinott  Lt. W. B. Hoddinott
Hodge  M. Hodge
Hoffeld  E. Hoffeld
Hofmann  Lt. A. J. Hofmann
Hogan  Lt. R. F. Hogan
Hogan  Lt. H. Hogan
Hokanson  P. Hokanson
Holland  Lt. H. C. Holland
Holmes  R. B. Holmes
Holtzworth  Cdr. E. C. Holtzworth
Holub  L. Holub
Holzer  H. A. Holzer
Holzinger  E. Holzinger
Honabach  A. Honabach
Hooper  M. R. Hooper
Hooper  R. B. Hooper
Hooton  R. Hooton
Hoover  G. A. Hoover
Hope  E. Hope
Horn  Lt. G. Horn
Horn  A. J. Horn
Horne  Ens. H. Horne
Horner  E. E. Horner
Hornick  G. Hornick
Horstman  Lt. W. B. Horstman
Horwitz  R. R. Horwitz
Hosely  E. Hosely
Hotz  Lt. H. Hotz
Houck  W. G. Houck
Hough  A. V. Hough
Hough  Lt. S. Hough
Houghtby  F. Houghtby
Houghten  M. L. Houghten
Howard  Lt. H. Howard
Howard  M. Howard
Howard  L. M. Howard
Howe  Lt. C. A. Howe
Howe  Lt. C. Howe
Howe  Lt. C. A. Howe
Howe  M. Howe
Howie  C. W. Howie
Howse  T. E. Howse
Howse  T. E. Howse
Hoyt  O. Hoyt
Hubbell  L. Hubbell
Hubbell  Lt. E. P. Hubbell
Hubeny  Lt. Cdr. F. G. Hubeny
Hudgins  J. Hudgins
Hudgins  C. B. Hudgins
Hudson  C. Hudson
Huesmann  M. E. Huesmann
Huff  G. Huff
Hughes  G. Hughes
Hughes  M. G. Hughes
Hughes  A. Hughes
Huhn  Lt. (jg) F. C. Huhn
Humansky  J. C. Humansky
Hungate  L. Hungate
Hunt  M. J. Hunt
Hunt  M. Hunt
Hunt  Lt. Hunt
Hunter  Frances E. Hunter
Hurley  V. V. Hurley
Hurst  D. Hurst
Hurst  A. D. Hurst
Hurt  G. Hurt
Hurt  F. L. Hurt
Hussey  I. Hussey
Hutchings  R. L. Hutchings
Hyatt  H. Hyatt
Hyer  C. S. Hyer
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Ihrig  Lt. D. H. Ihrig
Ingram  F. H. Ingram
Irvine  P. Irvine
Irwin  Lt. Irwin
Irwin  M. M. Irwin
Isaksen  H. Isaksen
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Jackson  C. W. Jackson
Jackson  A. Jackson
Jackson  B. Jackson
Jackson  L. Jackson
Jackson  P. Jackson
Jacob  Lt. W. C. Jacob
Jameson  H. Jameson
Jamula  F. Jamula
Janelle  L. Janelle
Januszewski  A. Januszewski
Jarchow  G. Jarchow
Jeffrey  J. E. Jeffrey
Jeffries  D. Jeffries
Jenifer  E. C. Jenifer
Jenkins  B. T. Jenkins
Jenkins  J. W. Jenkins
Jennings  R. Jennings
Jetty  N.C. Jetty
Jewell  R. Jewell
Job  E. Job
Johnson  C. Johnson
Johnson  V. Johnson
Johnson  L. B. Johnson
Johnson  J. G. Johnson
Johnson  R. M. Johnson
Johnson  M. Johnson
Johnson  Q. Johnson
Johnson  D. Johnson
Johnson  D. Johnson
Johnson  M. Johnson
Johnson  Lt. Cdr. P. S. Johnson
Johnson  A. Johnson
Johnson  R. Johnson
Johnson  E. Johnson
Johnson  A. M. Johnson
Johnson  G. Johnson
Johnson  L. R. Johnson
Johnson  R. Johnson
Johnson  A. S. Johnson
Johnson  A. A. Johnson
Johnson  A. A. Johnson
Johnston  Ens. B. P. Johnston
Johnston  F. D. Johnston
Jolivet  M. L. Jolivet
Jones  E. Jones
Jones  James Wesly Jones
Jones  W. Jones
Jones  R. J Jones
Jones  S. Jones
Jones  D. Jones
Jones  Cdr. R. B. Jones
Jones  T. F. Jones
Jones  S. Jones
Jones  D. Jones
Jones  M. Jones
Jordan  R. Jordan
Jordan  D. B. Jordan
Jordan  J. P. Jordan
Joseph  N. Joseph
Josephkovitz  L. Josephkovitz
Joslin  Lt. J. D. Joslin
Joyce  A. C. Joyce
Joyner  M. Joyner
Jr.  S. Pinn Jr.
Jung  A. Jung
Jurgensen  J. Jurgensen
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Kagy  S. Kagy
Kaiser  Lt. H. A. Kaiser
Kalchik  M. A. Kalchik
Kaminski  R. Kaminski
Kanatzar  I. R. Kanatzar
Kandt  H. Kandt
Kapuscik  J. Kapuscik
Karl  W. C. Karl
Kasp  C. Kasp
Kay  B. Kay
Keen  Ens. J. L. Keen
Keenan  H. Keenan
Keenan  Keenan
Keith  Capt. R. Keith
Kelley  R. J. Kelley
Kelley  M. Kelley
Kelly  D. Kelly
Kelso  P. Kelso
Kennedy  R. Adm. Kennedy
Kennedy  R. Adm. S. S. Kennedy
Kennedy  Lt. Cdr. W. Kennedy
Kenner  E. Kenner
Kenney  O. Kenney
Kenney  A. G. Kenney
Kerr  E. A. Kerr
Ketdel  L. J. Ketdel
Kettlewell  J. Kettlewell
Keynton  Ens. R. Keynton
Kidwell  T. M. Kidwell
Kilmer  M. C. Kilmer
Kimball  Lt. I. C. Kimball
King  M. King
King  L. King
King  Lt. H. E. King
King  V. G. King
Kinney  R. Kinney
Kinney  P. Kinney
Kinsinger  W. W. Kinsinger
Kintner  Capt. E. G. Kintner
Kintner  Cdr. E. G. Kintner
Kirby  J. Kirby
Kirchoff  J. Kirchoff
Kirchoff  F. D. Kirchoff
Kirke  A. Kirke
Kirsch  Lt. (jg) C. L. Kirsch
Kitchura  A. Kitchura
Klein  I. Klein
Kleinschmidt  Capt. R. V. Kleinschmidt
Kleiter  A. Kleiter
Kleiter  A. Kleiter
Kleiter  A. Kleiter
Klem  F. S. Klem
Klie  J. Klie
Klinkenberg  Ens. H. Klinkenberg
Klinkert  P. A. Klinkert
Klopfer  L. W. Klopfer
Klosterman  L. T. Klosterman
Kluk  V. Kluk
Kmezich  H. Kmezich
Knipp  M. M. Knipp
Kniskern  Capt. Kniskern
Kniskern  Capt. L. A. Kniskern
Kniskern  Capt. L. A. Kniskern
Knoll  Lt. (jg) A. Knoll
Knuth  M. Knuth
Koch  K. Koch
Koch  Lt. W. A. Koch
Koemg  J. R. Koemg
Koenen  Lt. (jg) F. W. Koenen
Koetting  M. C. Koetting
Kohler  B. Kohler
Koons  W. B. Koons
Kopp  C. Kopp
Kordt  Lt. Cdr. W. H. Kordt
Koteen  Lt. B. Koteen
Kozimor  H. Kozimor
Kozimor  H.  Kozimor
Kramer C. G. Kramer
Krapp  H. Krapp
Krause  M. F. Krause
Krebs  R. V. Krebs
Kreitzburger  L. Kreitzburger
Kremer  A. N. Kremer
Kreycik  D. Kreycik
Kroch  Lt. C. A. Kroch
Kron  G. Kron
Krouse  R. O. Krouse
Ksanda  C. F. Ksanda
Kuenzel  J. G. Kuenzel
Kurz  Lt. A. B. Kurz
Kvapil  G. Kvapil
Kvapil  G. L. Kvapil
Kvapil  C. R. Kvapil
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LaBonte  D. LaBonte
LaFave  L. LaFave
Laicher  A. M. Laicher
Lair  G. Lair
Lakata  D. Lakata
Lakind  A. Lakind
Lamb  S. Lamb
Lancaster  M. Lancaster
Lancaster  H. Lancaster
Landers  M. R. Landers
Landry  Lt. N.J. Landry
Langer  Lt. Cdr. R. M. Langer
Langley  N. Langley
Lanham  M. E. Lanham
Lanham  F. L. Lanham
Larabee  E. Larabee
Larimer  Lt. Cdr. P. R. Larimer
Larimer  Lt. Cdr. P. R. Larimer
Larrabee  E. Larrabee
Lassery  M. Lassery
Lassow  L. Lassow
LaTour  Lt. P. L. LaTour
Latrobe  Capt. W. C. Latrobe
Lauman  Capt. Lauman
Lauman  Capt. P. G. Lauman
Lauman  Capt. P. G. Lauman
Lauman  Capt. Lauman
Lauman  Capt. P. G. Lauman
Lauman  Cap. P. G. Lauman
Lawall  W. M. Lawall
Lawrence  M. Lawrence
Lawson  H. Lawson
Lawson  H. Lawson
Laycock  M. Laycock
Lazear  G. Lazear
Lea  N. H. Lea
Leak  C. Leak
LeClaire  Lt. (jg) H. LeClaire
Ledig  Lt. Cdr. A. K. Ledig
Ledig  Lt. Cdr. A. K. Ledig
Lee  Lt. Cdr. E. Lee
Lee  M. V. Lee
Lee  Viola M. Lee
Lee  T. E. Lee
Lee  Capt. Lee
Lee  Lt. Cdr. A. E. Lee
Lee  Capt. P. F. Lee
Lee  M. L. Lee
Lee  Capt. P. F. Lee
Lee  Capt. P. F. Lee
Lefler  B. L. Lefler
Leggett  L. R. Leggett
Lehrer  A. Lehrer
Lemmon Lemmon
Leovy  Ens. E. S. Leovy
Lepley  P. Lepley
Lepper  Lt. (jg) B. A. Lepper
LeSage  R. J. LeSage
Lesser  P. Lesser
Lester  Capt. J. C. Lester
LeTart  Lt. (jg) H. J. LeTart
Lethbridge  F. Lethbridge
Leverette  A. Leverette
Levi  E. Levi
Levich  L. Levich
Levine  S. J. Levine
Levitt  Levitt
Levy  Lt. J. V. Levy
Lewis  M. E. Lewis
Lewis  C. Lewis
Lewis  Lt. A. Lewis
Lewis  M. Z. Lewis
Lewit  J. M. Lewit
Lichtenstein  J. Lichtenstein
Liesegang  W. T Liesegang
Lillie  A. Lillie
Limpert  L. Limpert
Linderman  J. Linderman
Linderoth  R. Linderoth
Lindsay  B. Lindsay
Lingebach  Ens. J. C. Lingebach
Linkins  C. Linkins
Linneman  F. Linneman
Lisowski  V. M. Lisowski
Litchfield  H. C. Litchfield
Litchfield  Lt. H. Litchfield
Livesay  S. Livesay
Lloyd  S. Lloyd
Lloyd  G. Lloyd
lmpellitteri  V. J. lmpellitteri
lnzeo  M. lnzeo
Locke  S. Locke
Loder  Loder
Loew  Lt. A. T. Loew
Loftin  F. Loftin
Logan  M. Logan
London  Lt. A. London
Long  Lt. C. D. Long
Long  E. G. Long
Long  Lt. N. B. Long
Long  D. A. Long
Longacre  M. Longacre
Lora  Lt. Cdr. E. Lora
Lord  M. Lord
Losee  L. K. Losee
Loser  B. Loser
Lovelace  G. Lovelace
Lovell  K. R. Lovell
Lovering  J. Lovering
Low  Lt. M. G. Low
Lowe  H. L. Lowe
Lowery  D. Lowery
Lowther  L. Lowther
lsted  H. J. lsted
Lucas  L. Lucas
Lucas  M. Lucas
Lucas  M. Lucas
Lucas  C. Lucas
Luessenhop  G. W. Luessenhop
Lundy  Lt. Cdr. A. L. Lundy
Lunn  Lt. R. S. Lunn
Lunsford  J. B. Lunsford
Lutz  Lt. (jg) M. Lutz
Lynch  E. M. Lynch
Lynch  Ens. M. Lynch
Lynch  J. L. Lynch
Lyon  Lt. J. A. Lyon
Lytle  R. Lytle
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MacGee  Cdr. A. E. MacGee
MacGowan  V. N. MacGowan
MacGregor  J. MacGregor
Macierowski  F. Macierowski
Macierowski  F. Macierowski
Mack  S. Mack
Mack  B. Mack
MacKay  Cdr. MacKay
Mackay  Cdr. H. Mackay
MacQuarrie  A. MacQuarrie
Madden  Ens. R. C. Madden
Madden  Cdr. R. B. Madden
Maddox  O. Maddox
Madie  M. Madie
Madsen  B. B. Madsen
Maffeo  M. J. Maffeo
Maguire J.  L. Maguire
Magyar  C. Magyar
Mahan  I. J. Mahan
Major  S. R. Major
Makowiecki  F. Makowiecki
Maley  Lt. (jg) J. Maley
Malin  I. Malin
Mallory  Cdr. V. E. Mallory
Mallyck  E. T. Mallyck
Maloney  G. F. Maloney
Maloney  D. Maloney
Maloney  D. M. Maloney
Manis  B. L. Manis
Mann  I. Mann
Manpir  B. Manpir
Manseau  Capt. B. E. Manseau
Manseau  Capt. B. E. Manseau
Mansell  G. Mansell
Manville  W. W. Manville
Maraas  M. Maraas
Marchildon  R. Marchildon
Marchman  E. Marchman
Marcy  B. H. Marcy
Marfist  L. Marfist
Mark  E. Mark
Marr  M. Marr
Marsh  W. C. Marsh
Marshall  H. Marshall
Marshall  H. G. Marshall
Marshall  S. Marshall
Marshall  E. Marshall
Marshall  Lt. (jg) R. W. Marshall
Marshall  E. Marshall
Martin  C. E. Martin
Martin  R. Martin
Martin  S. Martin
Martinson  R. B. Martinson
Martyn  J. M. Martyn
Marx  E. Marx
Mason  G. Mason
Mason  L. A. Mason
Masters  D. Masters
Mater  A. Mater
Mathews  Lt. J. T. Mathews
Matsick  M. Matsick
Matthews  R. M. Matthews
Mayberry  M. Mayberry
Mayer  J. D. Mayer
McAffee  Lt. Cdr. J. K. McAffee
McCall  A. M. McCall
McCann  M. B. McCann
McCarthy  M. M. McCarthy
McClain  L. McClain
McCloskey  Lt. Cdr. J. W. McCloskey
McComb  Lt. (jg) M. S. McComb
McCord  Lt. L. D. McCord
McCorkel  M. McCorkel
McCormack  M. S. McCormack
McCormack  M. S. McCormack
McCormick  J. McCormick
McCoy  R. R. McCoy
McCrary  S. E. McCrary
McCray  M. McCray
McCullough  R. McCullough
McCullough  M. E. McCullough
McDaniel  A. McDaniel
McDorman  E. McDorman
McGonagle  Ens. E. McGonagle
McFadden  M. E. McFadden
McGarry  M. McGarry
McGeehan  M. McGeehan
McGlynn  M. McGlynn
McGown  J. R. McGown
McGuire  W. H. McGuire
Mcintosh  W. C. Mcintosh
McIntosh  Lt. (jg) R. B. McIntosh
Mcintyre  H. Mcintyre
McKee  Capt. McKee
McKee  Capt. L. McKee
McKel!han  G. McKel!han
McKellar  B. McKellar
McKnight  M. N. McKnight
McLain  E. McLain
McLaughlin  R. McLaughlin
McLaughlin  C. McLaughlin
McMagony  E. McMagony
McMahan  J. McMahan
McMaster  Lt. W. McMaster
McMillan  M. McMillan
McMines  G. McMines
McMullin  A. McMullin
McNally  B. McNally
McNeill  E. McNeill
McPherson  B. McPherson
McRae  R. McRae
McVay  J. McVay
Meade  J. Meade
Mears  J. S. Mears
Meeds  E. Meeds
Meer  S. K. Meer
Melink  L. Melink
Mellwood  V. M. Mellwood
Melson  F. B. Melson
Meredith  L. Meredith
Merelman  B. S. Merelman
Merelman  M. Merelman
Merfa  M. C. Merfa
Mesny  A. B. Mesny
Metelak  B. Metelak
Meyer  P. Meyer
Meyer  V. Meyer
Meyers  M. Meyers
Michell  L. Michell
Midolo  L. Midolo
Midyett  M. Midyett
Mikelsen  H. Mikelsen
Milbradt  M. Milbradt
Miles  G. Miles
Miles  Lt. (jg) H. R. Miles
Milhon  V. Milhon
Miller  E. L. Miller
Miller  M. Miller
Miller  C. Miller
Miller  B. Miller
Miller  I. Miller
Miller  F. Miller
Miller  J. Miller
Miller  I. M. Miller
Miller  Lt. Cdr. J. G. Miller
Miller  F. B. Miller
Miller  J. E. Miller
Miller  M. Miller
Miller  J. M. Miller
Miller  L. Miller
Miller  Lt. Miller
Miller R. Morgan Miller
Miller  I. Miller
Miller  J. M. Miller
Miller  M. Miller
Miller  J. M. Miller
Miller  G. M. Miller
Miller  J. S. Miller
Miller  Lt. K. W. Miller
Miller  H. L. Miller
Miller  R. A. Miller
Mills  R. Adm. Mills
Milner  F. Milner
Minchew  H. M. Minchew
Minevitch  Lt. (jg) L. Minevitch
Mink  M. Mink
Mishler  L. Mishler
Mitchell  Wm. Mitchell
Mitchell  L. Mitchell
Mitchell  L. Mitchell
Mitchell  B. Mitchell
Mitchell  M. Mitchell
Mitchell  P. Mitchell
Mitke  S. J. Mitke
Mize  V. Mize
Mize  V. L. Mize
Mo  L. Mo
Moe  M. Moe
Moffitt  E. Moffitt
Mohle  E. I. Mohle
Mohler  M. Mohler
Molick  M. Molick
Moller  L. Moller
Moller  R. M. Moller
Moller  E. Moller
Mollinax  Lt. (jg) G. Mollinax
Monreal  R. Monreal
Montague  K. M. Montague
Monteith  V. Monteith
Moore  M. L. Moore
Moore  C. Moore
Moore  T. Moore
Moore  C. S. Moore
Moore  C. S. Moore
Moore  R. T. Moore
Moore  T. Moore
Moore  W. Moore
Moore  M. L. Moore
Moran  E. Moran
Morasch  M. Morasch
Mordhorst  A. Mordhorst
Morris C. Morris
Morris  J. T. Morris
Morrison  J. Morrison
Morrow  Cdr. L. W. Morrow
Morse  F. Morse
Mortimer  Lt. (jg) R. R. Mortimer
Moses  A. B Moses
Mosher  J. Mosher
Mostow  W. Mostow
Mott  Lt. A. W. Mott
Mottley  Lt. C. M. Mottley
Mowatt  Capt. W. P. Mowatt
Mueller  Lt. R. G. Mueller
Mulany  R. Mulany
Mulcahy  F. Mulcahy
Mullen  R. A. Mullen
Muller  Lt. F. Muller
Mullinax  Lt. (jg) Mullinax
Mullinax  Lt. (jg) G. Mullinax
Mundell  E. Mundell
Mundell  Lt. Cdr. M. C. Mundell
Mundy  J. Mundy
Munger  N. Munger
Munroe  Lt. V. Munroe
Murphy  F. L. Murphy
Murphy  C. E. Murphy
Murphy  C. L. Murphy
Murray  M. Murray
Murray  Lt. T. H. Murray
Muti  Lt. (jg) V. S. Muti
Myers  F. E. Myers
Myers  A. V. Myers
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Nalls  W. V. Nalls
Nardi  V. Nardi
Nathan  L. A. Nathan
Naylor  A. Naylor
Neal  Lt. Neal
Nebehay  R. F. Nebehay
Nellans  Lt. H. Nellans
Nelson  L. Nelson
Neuhasu  H. M. Neuhasu
Neuman  L. Neuman
Newman  Lt. (jg) F. Newman
Newman  R. Newman
Newman  R. Newman
Newton  W. B. Newton
Niagro  V. Niagro
Nichols  M. Nichols
Nicholson  C. Nicholson
Nicholson  Lt. C. M. Nicholson
Nickens  Mary E. Nickens
Niedermair  J. C. Niedermair
Niessen  A. Niessen
Noble  E. Noble
Nocnan  G. R. Nocnan
Nodier  B. E. Nodier
Noe  M. S. Noe
Nolan  R. Nolan
Nolte  E. Nolte
Noorman  M. J. Noorman
Nordberg  D. Nordberg
Norris  Lt. Norris
Norstog  I. B. Norstog
Norwig  E. Norwig
Noyes  Lt. (jg) J. L. Noyes
Nuerenberg  G. B. Nuerenberg
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O'Brien  V. O'Brien
O'Brien  Lt. O'Brien
O'Bryan  H. O'Bryan
O'Dom  M. O'Dom
O'Fallon  Lt. (jg) K. M. O'Fallon
O'Flaherty  Lt. J. O'Flaherty
O'Krogly  H. H. O'Krogly
O'Neal  L. O'Neal
O'Neil  B. O'Neil
O'Neill  H. O'Neill
O'Neill  H. O'Neill
O'Neill  Lt. Cdr. H. B. O'Neill
O'Neill  H. O. O'Neill
O'Neill  L. C. O'Neill
O’Neal  Z. O’Neal
O’Neil  D. O’Neil
Oakley  O. H. Oakley
Oaks  D. Oaks
Ober  M. Ober
Oberhuber  Lt. E. A. Oberhuber
Odell  E. Odell
Odellas  Nellie M. Odellas
Ogden  E. Ogden
Ogurak  S. Ogurak
Olds  Lt. C. W. Olds
Oliver  J. T. Oliver
Oliver  F. J. Oliver
Olsen  C. Olsen
Olson  L. Olson
Olson  E. Olson
Olson  Lt. (jg) K. Olson
Olson  Lt. H. Olson
Oltmanns  M. A. Oltmanns
Oney  M. K. Oney
Otteson  Lt. O. Otteson
Owen  M. Owen
Owens  F. Owens
Owings  M. Owings
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Packard  Lt. Cdr. H. M. Packard
Paire  Paire
Palko  M. Palko
Palma  C. Palma
Palmer  Cdr. C. J. Palmer
Paris  Lt. C. Paris
Paris  M. Paris
Parker  G. E. Parker
Parker  D Parker
Parker  H. Parker
Parker  M. Parker
Parkin  R. Parkin
Parks  A. L. Parks
Parks  B. M. Parks
Paro  Capt. E. E. Paro
Parr  I. Parr
Partain  R. Partain
Partel  Lt. (jg) S.C. Partel
Passmore  Lt. F. X. Passmore
Patchan  M. Patchan
Patten  Lt. (jg) E. G. Patten
Patterson  L. Patterson
Patterson  J. Patterson
Patterson  F. Patterson
Patterson  Lt. Cdr. E. D. Patterson
Payne  Lt. G. H. Payne
Pearse  Lt. B. P. Pearse
Pearson  Lt. (jg) V. E. Pearson
Peck  T. Peck
Peeler  D. Peeler
Peery  D. L. Peery
Pellegrino  M. Pellegrino
Pendergrass  L. F. Pendergrass
Pennifill  H. R. Pennifill
Perkins  M. Perkins
Perry  J. D. Perry
Perrygo  V. Perrygo
Persson  V. Persson
Petavine  M. R. Petavine
Peter  M. Peter
Peters  B. Peters
Peters  Lt. V. V. Peters
Peters  S. A. Peters
Peterson  D. M. Peterson
Peterson  Cdr. G. E. Peterson
Petitfils  Ens. E. E. Petitfils
Petrides  G. L. Petrides
Pettis  J. D. Pettis
Pettis  J. D. Pettis
Pettis  J. D. Pettis
Pettyjohn  E. Pettyjohn
Pfaff  A. L. Pfaff
Pfeifle  L. Pfeifle
Pfeil  E. I. Pfeil
Pfister  H. Pfister
Pfister  I. Pfister
Pflum  M. C. Pflum
Phelan  Lt. Cdr. L. T. Phelan
Phelan  I. Phelan
Phillips  L. Phillips
Phillips  H. G. Phillips
Phillips  E. Phillips
Phillips  F. Phillips
Pierce  L. Pierce
Pilling  Lt. F. N. Pilling
Pino  J. Pino
Pisanella  A. Pisanella
Pizzirusso  L. Pizzirusso
Pleam  G. A. Pleam
Pleasant  P. Pleasant
Plotkin  I. Plotkin
Plummer  B. Plummer
Pogue  J. L. Pogue
Poindexter  I. Poindexter
Pokodner  P. Pokodner
Pokomo  H. Pokomo
Pokomo  A. L. Pokomo
Pollidore  A. Pollidore
Poloway  A. E. Poloway
Pope  E. L. Pope
Pope  Lt. E. J. Pope
Popp  Lt. Popp
Poppe!  J. Poppe!
Porter  Lt. (jg) C. Porter
Porter  F. Porter
Poteet  E. Poteet
Potocki  J. Potocki
Potter  Lt. (jg) R. Potter
Potter  Lt. A. B. Potter
Potts  B. Potts
Potus  Ens. G. Potus
Poulos  J. E. Poulos
Poultney  Lt. M. O. Poultney
Powell  P. Powell
Powell  L. W. Powell
Powers  Lt. J. Powers
Prater  O. L. Prater
Prescher  H. A. Prescher
Prescott  L. V. Prescott
Price  B. L. Price
Price  Lt. Cdr. J. W. Price
Pringle  G. M. Pringle
Pringle  M. Pringle
Probst  J. Probst
Proctor  C. Proctor
Proctor  R. Proctor
Prudhomme  N. Prudhomme
Pruitt  Lt. R. H. Pruitt
Pruitt  L. L. Pruitt
Ptdgeon  A. Ptdgeon
Pullen  W. S. Pullen
Purcell  Lt. J. W. Purcell
Putnam  B. Putnam
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Quackenbush  B. Quackenbush
Queen  M. Queen
Quinley  J. Quinley
Qutermous  L. Qutermous
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Rabineau  M. Rabineau
Rach  A. Rach
Radford  Cdr. J. C. Radford
Radtke  E. Radtke
Raines  F. M. Raines
Ramirez  F. Ramirez
Rammer  L. Rammer
Ramsey  A. K. Ramsey
Ramsey  T. M. Ramsey
Rand  D. Rand
Randolph  Ens. Wm. Randolph
Rands  Lt. J. S. Rands
Ransanici  M. Ransanici
Ransanici  M. Ransanici
Rasmussen  M. F. Rasmussen
Rassman  E. Rassman
Ratliff  M. E. Ratliff
Ratowsky  M. Ratowsky
Ray  A. B. Ray
Ray  O. Ray
Read  B. J. Read
Reed  M. Reed
Reese  I. Reese
Reeveley  N. Reeveley
Reid  E. Reid
Reid  H. A. Reid
Reid  Lt. H. B. Reid
Reilly  E. Reilly
Reilly  E. Reilly
Reilly  W. J. Reilly
Reilly  L. Reilly
Reilly  W. J. Reilly
Reily  M. Reily
Reines  W. E. Reines
Reinmuth  L. Reinmuth
Rempel  L. Rempel
Remski  W. Remski
Renker  Lt. C. L. Renker
Repp  L. Repp
Rercy  E. Rercy
Reskovac  J. Reskovac
Retterath  H. Retterath
Rettew  J. W. Rettew
Reuwer  C. H. Reuwer
Reynolds  J. Reynolds
Reynolds  George J. Reynolds
Reynolds  L. D. Reynolds
Reynolds  Lt. Cdr. G. V. Reynolds
Rhame  E. Rhame
Rhoades  Lt. B. A. Rhoades
Rhoades  Lt. B. A. Rhoades
Rhoder  C. Rhoder
Rice  A. L. Rice
Rice  A. Rice
Rice  George Rice
Richards  F. Richards
Richardson  R. Richardson
Richardson  F. L. Richardson
Richmond  E. Richmond
Ricucci  L. Ricucci
Riddle  D. Riddle
Riggins  F. Riggins
Riley  C. Riley
Riley  R. Riley
Rinaldi  E. Rinaldi
Ripley  K. C. Ripley
Risdon  L. Risdon
Ritter  O. Ritter
Rivers  Lt. Wm. J. Rivers
Rives  Lt. Cdr. D. B. Rives
Robert  B. Robert
Roberts  Lt. H. C. Roberts
Roberts  H. C. Roberts
Roberts  H. Roberts
Robertson  L. Robertson
Robillard  Cdr. G. Robillard
Robinson  D. Robinson
Robinson  I. Robinson
Robinson  R. Robinson
Robinson  F. Robinson
Robinson  M. Robinson
Rocher  L. R. Rocher
Rodgers  S. M. Rodgers
Rodocker  A. F. Rodocker
Roe  Cdr. J. W. Roe
Roeser  M. Roeser
Rogg  Lt. Cdr. Rogg
Rollins  A. Rollins
Rornem  M. B. Rornem
Rosenberg  R. M. Rosenberg
Rosenthal  L. C. Rosenthal
Ross  Lt. E. Ross
Ross  W. Ross
Rossi  D. Rossi
Roth  Capt. Roth
Roth  Capt. E. Roth
Roth  Capt. E. E. Roth
Roth  Capt. E. E. Roth
Roth  Capt. E. E. Roth
Roth  Capt. E. E. Roth
Rouke  M. O. Rouke
Rouse  K. Rouse
Routt  N. Routt
Row  Cdr. J. W. Row
Rowan  M. Rowan
Rowan  Capt. R. L. Rowan
Ruane  Lt. (jg) J. E. Ruane
Rubenstein  T. Rubenstein
Rubey  Lt. (jg) M. Rubey
Rubinsky  S. Rubinsky
Rubinstein  S. C. Rubinstein
Rudder  R. L. Rudder
Ruff  Lt. J. W. Ruff
Ruhl  R. M. Ruhl
Rule  B. E. Rule
Rummig  W. D. Rummig
Rush  Lt. J. E. Rush
Rush  M. Rush
Russ  M. T. Russ
Russell  S. Russell
Russell  H. Russell
Russell  V. Russell
Rutledge  A. Rutledge
Rye  S. Rye
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Saarikoski  L. Saarikoski
Saitta  Lt. (jg) V. F. Saitta
Salerno  M. Salerno
Salisburr  Ens. Salisburr
Salo  E. Salo
Salsbury  E. W. Salsbury
Sampley  B. J. Sampley
Samuels  M. Samuels
Sanders  B. Sanders
Sanguinetti  J. A. Sanguinetti
Sarchin  T. H. Sarchin
Saunders  D. Saunders
Saunders  R. Saunders
Sausele  G. J. H. Sausele
Sawyer  M. Sawyer
Scacewater  B. L. Scacewater
Scheiner  A. Scheiner
Schilling  L. Schilling
Schilling  Lt. A. H. Schilling
Schlaiker  H. J. Schlaiker
Schmalz  A. E. Schmalz
Schmitt  J. L. Schmitt
Schoenfeld  J. Schoenfeld
Schofield  Lt. W. J. Schofield
Schonhoff  C. Schonhoff
Schotts  L. Schotts
Schrock  A. Schrock
Schroeder  E. Schroeder
Schumacher  Lt. Cdr. R. F. Schumacher
Schumacher  Lt. Cdr. R. F. Schumacher
Schurr  Cdr. R. W. Schurr
Scott  H. S. Scott
Scott  P. Scott
Scott  Lt. Cdr. A. T. Scott
Scott  A. Scott
Scoville  K. Scoville
Seal  R. Seal
Sealey  Y. Sealey
Seaman  E. F. Seaman
Sears  L. Sears
Seborer  Lt. (jg) M. Z. Seborer
Sege  D. Sege
Seger  Elmer Seger
Senger  J. Senger
Senger  J. Senger
Senter  B. Senter
Servey  M. Servey
Sever  M. Sever
Shade  D. Shade
Shaeffer  R. Shaeffer
Shaftan  Lt. Kenneth Shaftan
Shaftan  Lt. Cdr. K. Shaftan
Shalett  H. Shalett
Shane  Capt. G. L. Shane
Shapiro  S. Shapiro
Shapiro  Lt. Cdr. Shapiro
Sharkey  Lt. Sharkey
Sharpe  B. G. Sharpe
Shaw  M. V. Shaw
Shedd  R. Shedd
Sheeham  Lt. J. A. Sheeham
Sheets  B. M. Sheets
Shellman  E. Shellman
Shepherd  H. Shepherd
Shepherd  F. Shepherd
Sherman  S. Sherman
Shew  L. Shew
Shimer  S. A. Shimer
Shipley  Lt. Shipley
Shipley  Lt. W. W. Shipley
Shoemaker  Lt. K. Shoemaker
Short  B. Short
Shott  D. Shott
Shreeves  Lt. A. Shreeves
Shry  Lt. S. A. Shry
Shull  M. Shull
Sidener  M. J. Sidener
Sieffert  L. E. Sieffert
Sieker  G. E. Sieker
Silverstein  G. Silverstein
Simmons  I. M. Simmons
Simmons  B. Simmons
Simmons  Lt. Cdr. W. T. Simmons
Simmons  M. H. Simmons
Simms  B. Simms
Simon  M. Simon
Simone  P. A. Simone
Simpson  C. Simpson
Sipe  H. F. Sipe
Skone  Lt. Cdr. R. L. Skone
Slattery  A. Slattery
Slatton  V. Slatton
Slaughter  E. M. Slaughter
Slaven  Capt. F. Slaven
Slaven  Capt. F. W. Slaven
Sloan  P. Sloan
Sloan  E. Sloan
Small  N. Small
Smalley  M. Smalley
Smart  E. M. Smart
Smith  L. Smith
Smith  L. J. Smith
Smith  P. Smith
Smith  Lt. B. Smith
Smith  D. Smith
Smith  B. L. Smith
Smith  W. Smith
Smith  B. Smith
Smith  A. A. Smith
Smith  H. B. Smith
Smith  Capt. H. H. Smith
Smith  Capt. H. H. Smith
Smith  Lt. Smith
Smith  H. W. Smith
Smith  N. B. Smith
Smith  L. Smith
Smith  E. C. Smith
Smothers  M. Smothers
Snipes  A. Snipes
Snodgrass  H. Snodgrass
Snodgrass  L. Snodgrass
Snow  F. S. Snow
Snowberger  S. Snowberger
Snowden  A. Snowden
Snyder  G. Snyder
Sobolewski  I. P. Sobolewski
Soger  N. Soger
Solberg  R. Adm. Solberg
Soltis  E. Soltis
Somers  C. Somers
Soo-Hoo  T. Soo-Hoo
Spadetti  U. Spadetti
Spellman  Lt. J. E. Spellman
Spencer  E. Spencer
Spencer  W. Spencer
Sperduto  C. Sperduto
Spigel  Lt. Cdr. Spigel
Spivey  R. Spivey
Spivey  L. Spivey
Springer  Clarence Springer
Stacey  H. Stacey
Stacy  M. L. Stacy
Stafford  D. Stafford
Stankavich  M. M. Stankavich
Stanton  Lt. E. Stanton
Stanton  Lt. E. Stanton
Stanton  Lt. E. Stanton
Stanton  Lt. E. Stanton
Stanton  Lt. Edgar Stanton
Stanton  B. Stanton
Stanton  B. Stanton
Starks  G. Starks
Statti  M. Statti
Steadman  J. E. Steadman
Stearman  W. Stearman
Steckel  Lt. F. R. Steckel
Steedman  Lt. Cdr. Wm. B. Steedman
Steele  M. Steele
Steele  H. P. Steele
Steffen  A. Steffen
Steiling  Lt. C. H. Steiling
Stein  A. Stein
Steinert  E. E. Steinert
Steinhilber  T. Steinhilber
Stem  Lt. E. S. Stem
Stephens  M. Stephens
Stephenson  P. M. Stephenson
Sterling  Lt. (jg) D. Sterling
Sterling  D. Sterling
Stevens  W. L. Stevens
Stevenson  A. Stevenson
Stewart  C. Stewart
Stiles  Lt. W. A. Stiles
Still  Capt. E. H. Still
Stinebiser  C. Stinebiser
Stockhus  Lt. C. R. Stockhus
Stockton  C. H. Stockton
Stolberg  I. E. Stolberg
Stombock  M. Stombock
Stone  A. Stone
Stoner  I. F. Stoner
Storts  E. Storts
Story  J. B. Story
Stotz  Lt. R. B. Stotz
Stoutamyer  W. E. Stoutamyer
Stoyanoff  M. Stoyanoff
Strandell  J. L. Strandell
Strange  H. Strange
Straus  S. Straus
Strauss  Lt. I. H. Strauss
Strayer  Lt. P. J. Strayer
Street  S. J. Street
Strobel  I. E. Strobel
Strohkarch  H. Strohkarch
Strong  H. D. Strong
Stuckenschneider  C. Stuckenschneider
Stuelsken  C. Stuelsken
Styles  B. Styles
Sulds  Lt. (jg) D. Sulds
Sullivan  M. E. Sullivan
Sullivan  J. Sullivan
Sullivan  George E. Sullivan
Sullivan  Ens. M. R. Sullivan
Sullivan  R. Sullivan
Sumner  Cdr. R. J. Sumner
Summers  M. Summers
Sundquist  E. Sundquist
Supplee  F. Supplee
Suth  M. Suth
Sutton  A. Sutton
Svehla  A. Svehla
Swain  H. B. Swain
Swan  M. E. Swan
Swanton  J. W. Swanton
Swartz  H. L. Swartz
Swartz  N. Swartz
Swenson  A. C. Swenson
Swiggard  R. Swiggard
Sykes  Lt. L. B. Sykes
Sylvester  Capt. Sylvester
Sylvester  Capt. E. W. Sylvester
Sylvester  Capt. E. W. Sylvester
Symanski  J. Symanski
Symonds  Lt. (jg) W. S. Symonds
Syphax  L. J. Syphax
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Talbott  H. Talbott
Talley  J. W. Talley
Taltavull  H. Taltavull
Talvan  Lt. (jg) R. Talvan
Tannenbaum  F. S. Tannenbaum
Tasman  E. Tasman
Tate  A. Tate
Tate  Lt. W. B. Tate
Taylor  Lt. Cdr. T. W. Taylor
Taylor  E. Taylor
Taylor  A. Taylor
Taylor  Lt. Cdr. T. W. Taylor
Taylor  B. Taylor
Taylor  M. Taylor
Taylor  H. V. Taylor
Tedder  Capt. F. L. Tedder
Teeter  A. B. Teeter
Teller  L. Teller
Templeton  B. Templeton
Templeton  R. S. Templeton
Terlizzi  P. M. Terlizzi
Terrell  B. Terrell
Terrill  M. Terrill
Terzo  Lt. (jg) F. Terzo
TeSelle  N. TeSelle
Thatcher  M. Thatcher
Thayer  H. B. Thayer
Theiss  M. Theiss
Thirkell  H. T. Thirkell
Thomas  Lt. J. S. Thomas
Thomas  Lt. R. Thomas
Thomas  Lt. J. S. Thomas
Thomas  A. Thomas
Thomas  D. Thomas
Thomas  N. Thomas
Thomas  C. Thomas
Thomas  J. Thomas
Thomas  M. L. Thomas
Thomas  L. Thomas
Thomas  L. Thomas
Thompson  Lt. W. S. Thompson
Thompson  H. Thompson
Thompson  L. Thompson
Thompson  H. Thompson
Thompson  Lt. Cdr. D. E. Thompson
Thorin  Lt. Cdr. E. G. Thorin
Thornton  C. Thornton
Thrasher  R. Thrasher
Thurston  B. Thurston
Thurston  P. K. Thurston
Thydean  N. Thydean
Tibbits  M. M. Tibbits
Tilburne  Cdr. E. R. Tilburne
Timberlake  B. Timberlake
Tims  B. L. Tims
Tiner  O. Tiner
Tmcher  L. Tmcher
Toady  E. Toady
Tobin  I. Tobin
Todd  G. E. Todd
Tolson  I. Tolson
Tolson  E. A. Tolson
Tomasik  E. T. Tomasik
Tomlinson  Lt. (jg) E. W. Tomlinson
Toner  H. J. Toner
Toner  E. Toner
Toomer  D. Toomer
Touceda  Lt. Cdr. E. G. Touceda
Town  J. M. Town
Trapp  B. Trapp
Travis  Lt. L. H. Travis
Treat  B. F. Treat
Trimmer  H. Trimmer
Trout  G. Trout
Trumble  M. M. Trumble
Ttkotsky  G. Ttkotsky
Tudor  Lt. T. H. Tudor
Tumpson  Lt. E. H. Tumpson
Turner  E. Turner
Turner  A. Turner
Turner  E. M. Turner
Turner  W. Turner
Turner  E. Turner
Turner  E. Turner
Turpin  G. Turpin
Twedt  E. R. Twedt
Twiss  N.C. Twiss
Twist  J. E. Twist
Tyler  I. G. Tyler
Tyler  Annie G. Tyler
Tyler  W. Tyler
Tyler  E. K. Tyler
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Underwood  Cdr. G. W. Underwood
Updike  B. Updike
Ussery  Ens. J. H. Ussery
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Vaillancourt  F. Vaillancourt
Valenti  P. Valenti
Valentino  J. Valentino
Valla  R. Valla
Vanaman  Lt. H. H. Vanaman
VanBriggle  A. VanBriggle
Vance  M. E. Vance
VanDoren  J. A. VanDoren
VanEmden  A. L. VanEmden
VanLoon  M. VanLoon
Vanness  Lt. P. Vanness
Vaughn  M. B. Vaughn
Vaurio  Lt. (jg) A. E. Vaurio
Veasey  Cdr. A. C. Veasey
Venable  R. W. Venable
Venglosky  M. Venglosky
Vermillion  C. O. Vermillion
Verssen  L. F. Verssen
Visnius  Lt. W. Visnius
Vittucci  R. V. Vittucci
VonKieeck  Capt. VonKieeck
Vrabel  H. Vrabel
Vrabel  H. Vrabel
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Wade  L. Wade
Wagner  A. Wagner
Wagner  Capt. W. C. Wagner
Wagner  L. Wagner
Wagner  I. Wagner
Waid  D. Waid
Walker  Ens. Walker
Walker  H. Walker
Walker  Ens. B. Walker
Walker  G. G. Walker
Walker  M. Walker
Walker  E. C. Walker
Walker  J. Walker
Wall  M. Wall
Waller  M. Waller
Wallin  D. L. Wallin
Walsh  M. J. Walsh
Walsh  C. A. Walsh
Walter  William F. Walter
Walton  Capt. F. W. Walton
Walton  Capt. F. W. Walton
Wamsley  B. Wamsley
Ward  S. Ward
Ward  G. B. Ward
Warfel  A. Warfel
Warren  J. Warren
Warren  E. Warren
Warren  F. L. Warren
Warwick  A. Warwick
Washington  L. Washington
Washington  B. Washington
Washington  B. T. Washington
Waterbury  M. Waterbury
Waters  Capt. C. L. Waters
Watkins  W. Watkins
Watkins  Lt. C. F. Watkins
Watson  W. Watson
Watson  M. T.. Watson
Watters  E. Watters
Waugerman  R. Waugerman
Weaver  M. Weaver
Weaver  M. Weaver
Weaver  Capt. G. C. Weaver
Weaver  Capt. G. C. Weaver
Webster  R. W. Webster
Weidenbener  M. F. Weidenbener
Weinberger  S. M. Weinberger
Weiss  P. Weiss
Welch  V. Welch
Welch  V. Welch
Welch  V. Welch
Welch  R. S. Welch
Weldon  C. L. Weldon
Weller  Lt. J. L. Weller
Wells  A. Wells
Wells  R. B. Wells
Wells  K. Wells
Wemhoff  F. Wemhoff
Wemhoff  H. A. Wemhoff
Wendt  H. Wendt
Wendt  H. Wendt
Werkenthin  T. A. Werkenthin
Werthmann  H. Werthmann
Wertz  N. Wertz
Westbrook  H. Westbrook
Westerfield  E. H. Westerfield
Westin  Lt. Cdr. H. C. Westin
Whaley  W. W. Whaley
Whearty  A. Whearty
Whitbred  J. Whitbred
White  J. White
White  E. White
White  L. White
White   L. White
White  E. White
White  Lt. D. H. White
Whitehead  P. M. Whitehead
Whiting  L. Whiting
Whitlock  Lt. W. P. Whitlock
Whitted  E. Whitted
Wichman  J. R. Wichman
Wiggers  S. Wiggers
Wilbur  Lt. S. F. Wilbur
Wilcoxen  F. L. Wilcoxen
Wiley  R. E. Wiley
Wilkerson  M. Wilkerson
Wilkes  J. Wilkes
Wille  R. Adm. Wille
Williams  Capt. R. C. Williams
Williams  Lt. R. E. Williams
Williams  O. Williams
Williams  G. Williams
Williams  J. Williams
Williams  M. Williams
Williams  A. G. Williams
Williams  A. G. Williams
Williams  E. Williams
Williams  M. O. Williams
Williams  L. H. Williams
Williams  L. Williams
Williamson  B. Williamson
Willis  J. Willis
Willis  G. E. Willis
Willman  L. N. Willman
Wilson  D. Wilson
Wilson  B. Wilson
Wilson  V. G. R. Wilson
Wilson  Martha A. Snowden Wilson
Wilson  C. Wilson
Wilson  V. Wilson
Wilson  D. Wilson
Wilson  L. Wilson
Wilson  K. B. Wilson
Wilson  J. C. Wilson
Winch  Lt. R. Winch
Windom  I. W. Windom
Winkler  Lt. (jg) W. R. Winkler
Winnemore  L. P. Winnemore
Winslow  E. L. Winslow
Wise  M. Wise
Wisenbaker  Cdr. J. L. Wisenbaker
Wisniewski  F. Wisniewski
Withers  L. Withers
Witherspoon  L. Witherspoon
Withey  Lt. (jg) M. Withey
Wittnam  N. Wittnam
Woghmuth  O. Woghmuth
Wolcott  E. Wolcott
Wolf  Lt. Cdr. B. M. Wolf
Woltf  R. B. Woltf
Woodley  N. Woodley
Woodruff  M. Woodruff
Woodward  G. Woodward
Woody  R. Woody
Wooley  Wooley
Word  D. E. Word
Worley  D. C. Worley
Wright J.  W. Wright
Wright  Lt. R. E. Wright
Wright  M.A. Wright
Wright  B. Wright
Wright  L. Wright
Wright  C. L. Wright
Wrsemrller  R. Wrsemrller
Wyatt  Lt. R. B. Wyatt
Wyer  E. Wyer
Wynn  H. Wynn
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Xander  I. Xander
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Yager  Capt. R. F. Yager
Yager  Cap. R. F. Yager
Yantis  C. Yantis
Yates  C. Yates
Yaw  R. Yaw
Yeates  A. B. Yeates
Yee  Y. G. Yee
Yeomans  C. P. Yeomans
Yizell  B. E. Yizell
Yost  I. Yost
Young  L. Young
Young  M. Young
Younger  B. Younger
Younkers  D. M. Younkers
Yukish  J. Yukish
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Zadoretsky  O. A. Zadoretsky
Zakrzewski  F. Zakrzewski
Zarrelli  L. C. Zarrelli
Zarrelli  L. C. Zarrelli
Zasada  S. K. Zasada
Zeigler  Lt. M. G. Zeigler
Zett  M. Zett
Zieg  H. E. Zieg
Ziegnhagen  Lt. (jg) M. E. Ziegnhagen
Zimmerman  R. E. Zimmerman
Zulick  B. B. Zulick
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